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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés


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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 1

aerospace climate control electromechanical filtration fluid & gas handling hydraulics pneumatics process control sealing & shielding uminium Roller Guid ORIGA - simply the first Parker YOUR □niGA

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 2

The characteristics of ORIGA aluminium roller guides from Parker-Origa are very high performance and low weight. They are quiet and precise in operation. Application Aluminium roller guides provide smooth operation and high load carrying capacity for industrial automation. By the use of lightweight aluͭminium components the mo-ving masses are minimised, travel speeds are increased and actuation energy is saved. Their smooth action and speeds up to 10 m/s make them ideal for widespread use in many areas of application. Product advantages ■ Light weight (aluminium) ■ Smooth operation ■ Speeds...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 3

Application examples examples Aluminium roller guides in a cutting machine for spectacle lenses. Both the work piece carriers and the motorised X-Y table axis are equipped with roller guides. The smooth operation and precision of the equipment ensures a fine cutting action. (Kasch company photo) Aluminium roller guides in an automatic vibrator for flatte-ning printed sheets of paper. To guarantee even pressure on the sheets of paper, the roller bridge is supported by precision roller guides. (Baumann company photo) Handling units for medical equipment. Smooth, easy movement with guideline...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 4

Double Rails Sries GDL-FD Characteristics for Double Rails and Single Rails Characteristic Unit Description Sealing The roller shoe and cassettes are fitted with felt wiper rings, in a clip-on housing. See page 11 for spare wipers Mounting Rails and roller shoes with screw-quality 8.8, washer to DIN 433 Loads See load data in the table. We are happy to calculate loads and service life for you on request Accl驩ration, Decelleration m/s2 max. 40 Installation In any position Adjustment The roller shoes can be adjusted/readjusted by the customer Lengths L = 300 mm to 3,900 mm - For the stainless...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 7

Order Instructions Double Rails Sries GDL-FD Size Version Order-No. Double rail GDL-FD Cassette RK-FD 12 Standard 20929 20931 Stainless - - 15 Standard 20506 20518 Stainless 20897 20882 20 Standard 20507 20519 Stainless 20898 20883 25 Standard 20508 20520 Stainless 20899 20884 35 Standard 20829 20837 Stainless 20900 20885 45 Standard 20830 20838 Stainless 20901 20886 12 Low Cost - 20993 15 Low Cost - 20521 20 Low Cost - 20522 25 Low Cost - 20523 35 Low Cost - 20839 45 Low Cost - 20840 Roller Cassettes Sries RK-FD

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 10

Pair of Single Rail Sries GDL-FE Pair of Roller Shoes Sries RS-FE Order Instructions Size Version Order No. Pair of Single Rails GDL-FE Pair of Roller Shoes RS-FE 12 Standard 20928 20930 Stainless - - 15 Standard 20500 20512 Stainless 20892 20877 20 Standard 20501 20513 Stainless 20893 20878 25 Standard 20502 20514 Stainless 20894 20879 35 Standard 20825 20833 Stainless 20895 20880 45 Standard 20826 20834 Stainless 20896 20881 12 Low Cost - 20995 15 Low Cost - 20515 20 Low Cost - 20516 25 Low Cost - 20517 35 Low Cost - 20835 45 Low Cost - 20836

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 11

Standard Version with wiper Integrated into an additional cover, the felt wiper is impreg-nated with oil. Depending on the degree of contamination, these wipers last for some 6000 km, after which the felt wipers can either be washed or replaced. For optimal functionality, all holes in the guide rails should be filled with the plastic plugs. Order Instructions Wiper-Spares Accessories Standard Version with Wiper for size for version - Standard - Low Cost - Stainless 12 20996 15 20813 20 20814 25 20815 OC 35 20816 45 20817 5 Delivery information: - Scope of supply - 1 pair - with your order,...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 12

Accessories Cap Plugs Cap Plugs Material: wear-free plastic, oil- and ageing rsistant Installation: - place cap plug in screw recesses. - position plastic plate on top and drive caps in evenly. - remove any protruding burr. 0 d Dimensions (mm), Order Instructions for Cap Plugs for size Dimension Order No. Zyl. Schr. DIN 912 0D 12 M3 6 20997 15 M4 8 20524 20 M5 10 20525 25 M6 11 20526 35 M8 15 20841 45 M10 18 20842 Ordering information: When ordering single or double rails, the required number of caps will be inclu-ded in the scope of supply. Limit Stop Screw Limit Stop Screw The sole...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 13

l.Features of the guide system Aluminium roller guides con-sist of double rail and roller cassettes resp. individual rail and roller shoe. Their special features are: light weight, small dimensions, and high speed of disͭplacement. Aluminium roller guides are economical and universal handling compon-ents, which are corrosion-resistant and cost effective. With aluminium roller guides the guide rails and cassettes are made of aluminium. The rollers are running in an antifrictional way on ground or drawn raceways from high alloy spring steel. The special O-arrangement of the running rollers...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 14

Technical Informations 7.2 Double rail and roller cassette For clearance setting first the screws of the cassette plate are slightly released, after-wards the threaded pin which is integrated in the logitudinal side of the cassette is set. Turning the threaded pin effects a displacement of the roller shoe in relation to the cassette plate. After tightening of the cassette plate the slide resisͭtance can be checked. After-wards the mating structure is fixed. 7.3 Single rail and roller shoes When adjusting the assembly, first indentify the stationary and the adjustable roller shoes. (see...

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 15

10. Design hints 10.1 Double rail and cassette With the double track arrangement, prͩcise alignment in terms of parallelism and height is necessary. Technical Informations General information 10.2 Single rail and roller Threaded pin adjustment shoes Aluminium roller guides con-sisting of single rails and roller shoes can be varied in the guide width. They are par-ticularly suitable for assem-bly on profiled aluminium carriers, as their corrosion and temperature behaviour is homogenou^ Stationary side Adjustment side

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Guidages linéaires à rouleaux croisés - 16

Technical Informations 11. Mounting instructions The usable load capacity is influenced by the connection between the guide elements and the mating structure. 11.1 Double rails and cassettes Depending on the load situation double rails should either be screwed or screwed and dowelled, and placed in grooves or against a shoulder. The rails rest against shoul-ders and are screwed or screwed and dowelled to the mating structure. After final checking of the linearity resp. parallelism the screws are tightened alternately from the center outwards to the given torque. Afterwards, the cassette...

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