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Industrial SI ORIGA - simply the first lock Absorbers aerospace climate control electromechanical filtration fluid & gas handling hydraulics pneumatics process control sealing & shielding Parker YOUR □niGA

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Information on application The contents of this catalogue are not binding and are only intended for in-formational purposes and are not to be considered as offer with legal effect. A written confirmation of order from ORIGA is authoritative for the conclusion of a contract; this confirmation is given solely under the respective currently applicable ORIGA General Terms of Sale and Delivery. These are included in our price list and in the Internet at All the products presented in this catalogue are purely for commercial use. None of the information or contents is...

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Table of Contents Industrial Shock Absorber Page Technical informations 4 Survey 16 Non-adjustable Shock Absorber Type SA 10 N, SA 10 SN, SA 10 S2N 20 Type SA 12N, SA 12 SN, SA 12 S2N 22 Type SA 14, SA 14S, SA 14S2 24 Type SA 20, SA 20S, SA 20S2 27 SA 20x25, SA 20Sx25, SA 20S2x25 Type SAI 25, SAI 25S, 30 Type SA 33, SA 33S, SA 33S2, SA 33S3 33 Type SA 45, SA 45S, SA 45S2, SA 45S3 37 Type SA 64, SA 64S, SA 64 S2, SA64S3 41 Adjustable Shock Absorber Type SA 1/4 x 1/2N 44 Type SA 3/8 x 1D 46 Type SA 1/2 x 1M, SA 1/2 x 2M 48 Type SA 1/2 x 1, SA 1/2 x 2 51 Type SA 3/4 x 1, SA 3/4 x 2, SA 3/4 x...

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Industrial Shock Absorbers Adjustable Non-adjustable

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Smooth, Controlled Stopping of Moving Loads ORIGA shock absorbers prevent damage to moving parts and to machines and plant, destructive impact forces are absorbed by controlled linear deceleration. ORIGA shock absorbers let you ■ increase operating speeds ■ increase operating loads ■ increase system performance ■ increase operating reliability ■ reduce stresses on equipment ■ reduce production costs ■ reduce noise levels All moving parts in a produc-tion process have to be stop-ped without damage to them-selves or to the stopping devices of the machines and plant. The high impact forces...

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A Wide Range of Applications High-pressure metallic piston ring High-pressure hardened steel metering tubes ■ knife-edge orifices for high flow efficiency no readjustment if fluid temperature changes Corrosion-resistant return spring as standard Adjustor provides settings from ̈́hard" to soft" and back to Ąhard" in one turn (360°) Ball-type check valve for positive closure Extra-long rod bearing for high side forces and maximum life Wrench flats for easy installation Closed-cell accumulator sponge Precision surfaces guarantee optimum function Large-diameter hardened and chromium-plated...

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Shock Absorption Ordinary shock absorbers, springs, buffers and pneumatic cushioning cannot match the performance of ORIGA shock absorbers. These shock absorbers match the speed and mass of the moving object and bring it smoothly and uniformly to rest. Springs and buffers, on the other hand, store energy rather than dissipate it. Although the moving object is stopped, it bounces back and this leads to fatigue in materials and components which can cause premature breakdown of the machine. Pneumatic cushioning provides a better solution because the energy is actually converted, but because of...

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Slection of Shock Absorber Type ORIGA shock absorbers are available in two main types, to suit diffrent applications and installation requirements. After selection of the appropriate type, sizing is determined by calculation. Compact series with full-length body thread This compact, space-saving series is available in adjustable and non-adjustable versions and can be installed in many different ways, e.g. in a tapped blind hole, in a tapped through-hole, in a clearance hole in a flange or bracket, etc. Accumulators Normally shock absorbers with internal accumulators are used. This...

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The Slection of Shock Absorbers Correct choice of shock absorber The type of shock absorber and its mounting method are mainly determined by the application. In most applications, shock absorbers with internal accumulators are preferred to those with external accumulators. The reason for this is that shock absorbers with internal accumulators are sup-plied prefilled with oil and therefore ready for immediate use, where as shock absorbers with external accumulators require additional equipment, resulting in higher installation costs. Selection criteria ■ Type of shock absorber - with...

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Calculations for Shock Absorber Slection Slection factors ■ How much energy has to be dissipated during each deceleration stroke (cycle) ■ How much energy has to be dissipated during one hour of operation ■ The Effective Mass Effective Mass Effective Mass is a very important factor in correctly sizing a shock absorber. It indicates whether the shock absorber can be adjusted to perform properly. It also prevents under- or over-sizing where propelling forces are involved or velocities are very high or very low. Symbols W1 kinetic energy per stroke; only mass load [Nm] W2 energy/work of...

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Examples of Calculations for Shock Absorber Slection Mass without driving force Formular W1 = m v2 镕 0.5 W2 = 0 W3 = W1 + W2 W4 = W3 X vD = v me = m Example m = 100 kg W1 = 100 Օ 1.52 0.5 = 113 Nm v = 1.5 m/s W2 = 0 x = 500 1/h W3 = 113 + 0 = 113 Nm s = 0.050 m W4 = 113 Օ 500 = 56.500 Nm/h (selected) me = m = 100 kg Mass with driving force Formular W1 = m v2 Օ 0.5 W2 = 0 W3 = W1 + W2 W4 = W3 X vD = v 2 Օ W, me = with vertical movement upwards: with vertical movement downwards: vD2 W2 = (F - m g) Օ s W2 = (F + m g) Օ s Example m = 36 kg *v = 1.5 m/s F = 400 N x = 1000 1/h s = 0.025 m...

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Mass on driven rollers (frictionally engaged) Formular W1 = m v2 Օ 0.5 W2 = m g s W3 = W1 + W2 W4 = W3ՕX vD = v me = ■ _2_Wl vD2 Example m = 250 kg v = 1.5 m/s x = 180 1/h (steel/cast iron) M = 0.2 s = 0.050 m (selected) W1 = 250 1.52 Օ 0.5 W2 = 250 0.2 Օ 9.81 0.05 W3 = 281 + 25 W4 = 306 Օ 180 me = 2 306 : 1.52 281 Nm 25 Nm 306 Nm 55.080 Nm/h 272 kg Swivelling mass with drive torque Formular W = m Օ v2 0.5 = 0.5 Օ J 2 W2 = M s W3 = W1 + W2 W4 = W3ՕX vD = v R L 2 Օ W2 vD2 R me = Example m = 20 kg v = 1 m/s M = 50 Nm R = 0.5 m L = 0.8 m x = 1500 1/h s = 0.012 m (selected) W = 20 12 Օ 0.5...

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