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AC890PX - 1

climate control process control sealing & shielding Modular Chassis Drive High Power AC Drive 110 kW - 2000 kW ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS.

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AC890PX - 2

WARNING — USER RESPONSIBILITY FAILURE OR IMPROPER SELECTION OR IMPROPER USE OF THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN OR RELATED ITEMS CAN CAUSE DEATH, PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. • This document and other information from Parker-Hannifin Corporation, its subsidiaries and authorized distributors provide product or system options for further investigation by users having technical expertise. • The user, through its own analysis and testing, is solely responsible for making the final selection of the system and components and assuring that all performance, endurance, maintenance, safety and...

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AC890PX - 3

High Power AC Drive - AC890PX Modular Chassis Drive

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AC890PX - 4

Parker Hannifin - the global leader in motion and control technologies A world class player on a local stage Global Product Design Parker Hannifin has more than 40 years experience in the design and manufacturing of drives, controls, motors and mechanical products. With dedicated global product development teams, Parker draws on industry-leading technological leadership and experience from engineering teams in Europe, North America and Asia. Local Application Expertise Parker has local engineering resources committed to adapting and applying our current products and technologies to best fit...

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AC890PX - 5

High Power AC Drive ‑ AC890PX Modular Chassis Drive Overview Description AC890PX Modular Chassis drive is supplied in a kit format for assembly into a standard Rittal TS range industrial enclosure. This enables system integrators and panel builders to add any number of drive sections into their standard electrical control systems, thereby reducing overall enclosure size and complexity. The AC890PX Modular Chassis kit is supplied complete with all of the necessary individual components and fixings required to complete the assembly of the drive. It can easily be assembled by a technician with...

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AC890PX - 6

Range Overview The AC890PX Modular Chassis Drive is a high performance, high power modular drive designed to control 3-phase induction or permanent magnet AC motors, or to be used as an active front-end with power ratings ranging from 110 kW...2000 kW. It can be supplied either in modular kit form, or as a packaged drive system. AC890PX Modular Chassis High Power AC Drive: 110...400 kW The AC890PX Modular Chassis drive has been designed to be sold in kit form for assembly by a system integrator or panel builder. The product is engineered for easy assembly into a standard industrial...

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AC890PX - 7

Product Description The AC890PX Modular Chassis is a modular high power AC drive platform designed for industrial applications with power requirements ranging from 110 kW up to 2000 kW. Available in kit form for integration into a standard control enclosure, or as a packaged standalone air-cooled or 2-phase liquid refrigerent cooled drive, AC890PX Modular Chassis drives can be configured for use in a wide range of applications and industries. Compact Modular Design The plug-in modular nature of the AC890PX Modular Chassis makes it easy to configure the drive to suit a number of alternative...

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AC890PX - 8

Features and Benefits AC890PX Modular Chassis drive can be configured for five modes of operation allowing the appropriate level of control to be selected for the motor and application: • Open-loop V/F speed control This is the simplest form of control available and is ideal for motor speed control where an AC induction motor is controlled by varying the voltage and frequency supplied to the motor. • Sensorless flux vector control A ultra high performance sensorless vector algorithm, delivers a combination of both high torque and close speed regulation without the need for any speed...

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AC890PX - 9

AC890PX Control Module At the heart of the AC890PX Modular Chassis drive is a highly advanced control module that manages all of the drives functions. Taking advantage of leading edge control algorithms running on a fast 150 MHz microprocessor, the drive can achieve very high-bandwidth control loops. This allows you to use the drive for the most demanding of industrial applications. Benefits Integrated safety functionality The integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality offers protection against unexpected motor start-up, in accordance to EN 13849-1 PLe, SIL 3 as standard. Minimal delay...

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AC890PX - 10

Tools Programming / Operator Controls Drive System Explorer (DSE) The AC890PX Modular Chassis drive operator keypad provides access to all pf the drive's functions in a logical and intuitive manner. The backlit display presents all functions in plain language and engineering units. PLClike function blocks for advanced applications. DSE software allows users to program, configure, monitor and diagnose AC890PXM drives with the use of a PC. An easy to use interface guides the user through every step of project creation and implementation. • Multilingual • Quick setup menu • Auto-tuning •...

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AC890PX - 11

Component List Overview The following is an overview of the parts supplied as part of a AC890PX Modular Chassis kit. The actual contents will vary dependant upon the configuration and rating of the product ordered. Qty 1 Description Backplate Busbar Assembly Pair of mounting rails Set of TS8 mounting brackets and assembly screws Vent hood AC890 series control module

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AC890PX - 12

AC890PX Modular Chassis Drive Technical Characteristics Technical Characteristics Power Ratings Model Variant Asynchronous motors PMAC Servo motors Normal Duty [kW/HP] See Ordering Information for full order codes and description

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AC890PX - 13

AC890PX Modular Chassis Drive Technical Characteristics Electrical Characteristics AC890PX Modular Chassis Drive Power Supply Requirements Power Supply Rated Input Voltage Input Frequency Maximum Switching Frequency Overload: Heavy Duty Overload: Normal Duty Output Frequencies Earth Leakage Current Input Power Factor Auxiliary Supply Requirements Auxiliary Voltage Control Module and Fans Tech Cards - Speed Feedback Tech Cards - Communications 600 V Nominal 700 V Nominal 3 Ø 500...575 VAC 3 Ø 600...690 VAC ±10 % ±10 % 45...65 Hz 2 kHz (standard), adjustable to 4 kHz de-rating may apply 150 %...

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