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How important is the supply of nitrogen to your business? For many companies, a reliable supply of nitrogen gas is essential.domnick hunter understands the key rolenitrogen can play and the fundamental need for a reliable and secure supply. For over 40 years domnick hunter has been a world leader in filtration, purification and separation technologies in a diverse range of industries, domnick hunter is universally known for developing high quality products, technical innovation and partnerships with customers. Quality nitrogen gas for:Modified atmosphere packaging Laser cutting Metal heat...

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Convenient, secure supply No growing pains With MAXIGAS, the nitrogen you need is alwaysavailable on demand, 24 hours a day, eliminating the risk of lost production time due to gas running out. The right purity domnick hunters unique modular design simplymeans that extra banks of MAXIGAS can be added as your business grows and gas requirements increase. The safest supply MAXIGAS systems deliver the nitrogen purity your application needs - from 5% to 10ppm oxygen content as standard. Eliminate safety hazards of storing, handling andchanging heavy, high pressure cylinders. Space saver The...

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The award winning MAXIGAS nitrogen generator from domnick hunter offers a unique, innovativesolution to nitrogen gas supply. A reliable, secure source of nitrogen can be produced from your existing compressed air supply, eliminating the need for high pressure gas cylinders or bulk cryogenic liquefied gas. Whats more the design has recently been improved to give an even more energy efficient solution. > Air receiver vessel PNEUDRI pre-treatmentpackage guaranteesclean, oil-free and dryair to the nitrogengenerator Use your existingcompressed air supply or adedicated air compressor MAXIGAS...

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Ambient temperature range: 5 - 50аC 122C > Nitrogen outlet pressure: up to 16.5 barg Min. air inlet pressure: 6 to 18 barg* Inlet air quality:Dewpoint: -40аC Particulate: <0.1 micron Oil: <0.01 mg/m > 3 Electrical supply: 220V/1ph/50Hz Or 110V/1ph/60Hz Inlet/outlet connections: Air G1 / Nitrogen G > 1

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MIDIGAS The MIDI range is designed to offer the mostcompact solution for smaller scale nitrogen requirements. These units are also available with the option of an integral oil-free air compressor, giving a more flexible nitrogen supply with no dependence on your plant air supply. MAXIGAS Modular Concept For higher flow rate applications, MAXIGAS can be multibanked to offer the most cost effective solution.The modular design of the MAXIGAS systemmeans you can simply add extra banks as your business grows and your gas requirements increase. NCM NetworkedCondition Monitor > Secure remote...

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dh and domnick hunter are registered trademarks of Parker Hannifin ltd.Parker Hannifin ltd has a continuous policy of product development andalthough the Company reserves the right to change specifications, it attempts to keep customers informed of any alterations. This publication is for general information only and customers are requested to contact your domnick hunter sales representative for detailed information and advice on a products suitability for specific applications. All products are sold subject to the Companys standard conditions of sale. >

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