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ES2000 Series - 1

Oil can seriously affect the efficient operation of sewage purification, as well as killing plants and animals. For this reason, very low oil in water discharge limits are permitted and rigid legislation exists in most countries to protect the environment against this type of contamination. International standards such as ISO14001 also require the compressed air user to comply with local environmental legislation and show use of protective systems and After the oily condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system it cannot be discharged directly to the foul sewer without first having the oil content reduced to within legal disposal limits. Parker domnick hunter ES2000 Series Oil / Water Separators are a simple, economical and environmental solution. These oil / water separators are installed as part of the compressed air system and simply reduce the oil concentration in the collected condensate to a level permitted for discharge. This allows the larger volume of clean water, up to 99.9% of the total condensate, to be discharged safely into the foul sewer and the relatively small amount of concentrated oil to be disposed of Discharging oil contaminated condensate from compressed air systems is not only harmful to the environment, it is probably illegal. • Oil spillages from industry do not have to be big • One litre of oil can cover 3500m2 of water surface • One gallon of oil can cover U acres of water Contact Information: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Limited domnick hunter Industrial Division Dukesway, Team Valley Trading Estate Gateshead, Tyne and Wear Email: • Help to protect and maintain water on-site and return up to • Meet trade effluent discharge Rapid payback over conventional disposal methods Simple to install, operate and Will assist you in achieving ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS.

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ES2000 Series - 2

Special Features • Single piece units - reduce overall footprint • Robust, corrosion resistant, polyethylene construction, includes ribbing for extra strength • Large centrifugal inlet chamber provides effective venting of compressed air energy, whilst multiple inlet ports and four inlet chamber positions simplify installation • Large, easily cleaned primary settlement chamber for the accumulation and removal of dirt particles • Large main tank increases settlement time and reduces oil carryover to carbon filter stage • Large internal galleries reduce risk of an internal blockage and...

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ES2000 Series - 3

There are many factors which play a part in the selection of a static oil/water separator, with ambient conditions of the Installation and oil type being the most important. Capacities shown In this literature assume Installation In two of the worlds major climatic conditions. Should the oil/water separator be Installed In conditions other than those shown, please contact your local domnlck hunter outlet or approved distributor/agent for correct sizing. System Conditions Ambient Temperature at Compressor Inlet: 25°C (77T) Compressor Discharge Temperature: 35°C (95°F) System Pressure:...

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ES2000 Series - 4

Parker Worldwide Europe, Middle East, Africa AE - United Arab Emirates, AT - Austria, Wiener Neustadt AT - Eastern Europe, Wiener AZ-Azerbaijan, Baku BE/LU - Belgium, Nivelles CZ - Czech Republic, Klecany FR - France, Contamine s/Arve PT - Portugal, Leca da Palmeira SK - Slovakia, Banská Bystrica SL - Slovenia, Novo Mesto UK - United Kingdom, Warwick ZA - South Africa, Kempton Park North America CA-Canada, Milton, Ontario Asia Pacific AU - Australia, Castle Hill KR - South Korea, Seoul MY - Malaysia, Shah Alam South America AR - Argentina, Buenos Aires BR - Brazil, Sao Jose dos Campos...

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