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Panasonic Lithium Batteries Leaflet Fire Prevention Systems


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FIRE PREVENTION SYSTEMS Applications: smoke detectors, fire door systems, emergency alarm systems, and gas motion sensors As the failure risk of fire prevention systems is not negligible, an extremely robust and reliable battery is required. This battery needs to withstand high temperatures, deliver high pulse currents and offer a long service life with low discharge rates. KEY BENEFITS: ° NO PASSIVATION ° STABLE INTERNAL RESISTANCE ° NO CAPACITOR REQUIRED ° LOW SELF-DISCHARGE ° LARGE TEMPERATURE RANGE Panasonic is the battery manufacturer with the most diverse product spectrum worldwide and more than 85 years of experience in the production of high-quality industrial batteries. Our Lithium batteries are ideal for long-term use in safety-related applications. Due to our time-proven CR technology, which is not affected by passivation, the voltage is retained over a period of many years. As a result of long-term stable internal resistance, the cells always deliver reliable power and high pulse currents for more than 10 years. JAPANESE TECHNOLO

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Panasonic Lithium Batteries Leaflet Fire Prevention Systems - 2

FIRE PREVENTION LITHIUM CYLINDRICAL TYPE BATTERIES CR SERIES IR (INTERNAL RESISTANCE) BEHAVIOUR OF CR-2/3AZ Panasonic CR SERIES Stable internal resistance Excellent pulse discharging characteristics Wide temperature range (-40 to 70°C) PULSE DISCHARGE CAPABILITY (INITIAL) CR-2/3AZ 3.5 Duration (days) Test condition Discharge: 620kΩ at 20°C EXCELLENT PULSE DISCHARGING CHARACTERISTICS OF CR-2/3AZ Wide temperature range (-40°C to 70°C) SUITABLE BATTERIES Specifications Nominal voltage (V) Nominal capacity (mAh) Ambient temperature Smoke detectors Fire door systems Applications Emergency alarm...

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