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TA-WG Series - 1

facilitating weld development "Welding Navigation", easy weld parameter setting! Easy setting through Teach Pendant iKscreen images are subject to change without notice. Iding Navigation" ©Select weld joint Joint image changes SKTorch angle and aiming point also calculated (image of various Joint types) ©Select plate thickness Recommended parameters automatically calculated "Leg length" and "Weld speed" adjustable for further development 3 When weld speed is increase, "Welding Navigation" will automatically recalculate ^Parameters from "Welding Navigation" are for guideline purpose only, does not guarantee welding result All new teach pendant with easier operation Same basic operation procedure with former model Windows based operation realizing easy use •Light weight design under 1 kg (0.99kg) giving you less stress during teaching •Liquid crystal LED back light improving impact resistance •USB and SD memory interface realizing great expandability •Increased number of function keys (four to eight), enabling same action with less key strokes during teaching

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TA-WG Series - 2

Robot controlled welding machine 'High performance manipulator" optimized for the arc we Variety of manipulator for arc welding suitable WGm / rated welding power output: 350 A Duty cycle 80% (pulse 60%) All new controller with advanced perforr^B ^Faster and powerful CPU achieving half a minute quick boot up ( 50% time saving compared with former model) ^Optimum kinematic calculation realizing faster ( Roughly 10% air cut time reduction compared with former model) Better and easier maintenance ! ^Swivel rack mechanism realizing easy maintenance and space saving at the same time. ^Cables...

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TA-WG Series - 3

TAWERS technology Various welding processes! SP-MAG H for mixed gas short-arc weld (Super-imposition Control) Low spatter mixed gas (MAG) process for thin materi Advanced short-arc waveform control greatly reducing spatter! General welder (350GB2) TAWERS (SP-MAG E) Recommended wire SP-MAG II current waveform image Necking Fuse effect lsl General waveform control ©Initial short-circuit control Weld current rapidly reduced after accurate short-circuit detection controlled by secondary switching^ circuit. This process confirms full short-circuit and prevents unexpected chattering which...

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TA-WG Series - 4

TAWERS technology Various welding processes! Normal pulse for super low spatter weld HD-Pulse for high-speed, low spatter weld (Hyper Dip-Pulse Control) Realized high speed pulse welding Preventing undercuts during high speed welding ^Preventing undercuts during high speed welding. )Dip (Short circuit) transfer enabling lower heat input with better gap handling capability. ^Accurately controlled dip timing reducing spatter generation. IHigh speed welding )Base metal: 2.3mmT OWeld current: 300A #Weld speed: 1.1 m/min Preventing undercuts with ideal penetration ! IType of the droplet transfer...

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TA-WG Series - 5

Innovative super (Active Wire Feed Process) Realizing low spatter welding by precisely controlling wire feed speed. AWP is an advanced process combining waveform control and wire feed control technology together enabling limited spatter generation compared even with TAWERS SP-MAG or MTS-CO2. General process Constant speed wire feeding Limit in spatter reduction. Active wire feed process Welding wire fed back and forth continuously. Spatter generation reduced by assuring firm short-arc cycle. Push-pull system enabled accurate wire control Greatly reduced spatter generation! Minimizing s CO2...

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TA-WG Series - 6

Istandard specifications 5K1 : Protruding portions not included 582 : Excluding the Teach Pendant and connecting cable IController (with power unit) iTeach pendant DTPS HI Desk Top Programming & Simulation system DTPS is a program simulation software developed exclusively With this software, users can create and edit robot programs and verify robot motion offline. •Useful edit function (batch conversion, shifting, etc) •Highly-accurate movement simulation •Identical to robot operation •Simple CAD function for work piece shape creation •Graphic import function (standard) •Multiple robot...

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