TA/TB Series


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TA/TB Series - 1

6 axis articulated arc welding robot TA/TB Series Digital interface with "Full Digital" welding machine chieving advanced weld performance. Panasonic pursues 0\\\j ^W^in welding

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TA/TB Series - 2

software realizing advanced performance All new controller with advanced performance ! ^Faster and powerful CPU achieving half a minute ^ ( 50 % time saving compared with former model ^Optimum kinematic calculation realizing faster ( Roughly 10 % air cut time reduction compared with former model) All new teach pendant with easier operation Same basic operation procedure with former model Windows based operation realizing easy use •Light weight design under 1 kg (0.99 kg) giving you less stress during teaching • Liquid crystal LED back light improving impact resistance • USB and SD memory...

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TA/TB Series - 3

Digital interfacing with Panasonic "Full Digital" welding machine achieving stable and advanced quality welding results 'High performance manipulator" optimized for the arc welding £ > v integrated type grid improves "accessibility! Torch cable Integrated torch cable creates less interference Improved accessibility Less interference with LBSS intGrfsrenc© with Robust arm with compact wrist design mumpie robot system Collision detection and flex-servo control! Preventing torch miss-alignment Manipulator detects unexpected force Manipulator then to flex-servo mode releasing the force...

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TA/TB Series - 4

Middle arm type|| fc^j ffflM Max. Reach:ihq«mm ^ |Long arm typeM ftjllll Max. Reach:1796 IStandard specifications <Manipulators>

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TA/TB Series - 5

Torch cable integrated type Torch cable integrated type iTeach pendant 581 : Protruding portions not included S&2 : Excluding the Teach Pendant and connecting cable IDimensions of the wrist flange (mm) SSSCommon between all TA types Common between all TB types

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