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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 2

What You Need Is Not Just Devices… Passive Components Sensors Connectors Materials Industrial Devices Factory Automation Devices Compressors Motors Batteries Recording Devices Panasonic's Cross-Value Innovation Panasonic for business. Panasonic is accelerating its BtoB activities in all fields of business. And spearheading those activities is the Automotive & Industrial Systems Company.* Panasonic has cultivated extensive product development know-how in worldwide markets as a comprehensive electronics manufacturer. This know-how is not only concentrated in the individual devices supplied by...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 3

Devices and Know-How That Only Panasonic Can Provide Based on a Wealth of Experience in All Fields of Electronics. From sensors, semiconductors and batteries to materials, Panasonic supplies a diversity of devices. Each and every one of them is packed with the know-how that Panasonic has cultivated and refined as a comprehensive electronics manufacturer. Look for clues to the solutions your company is seeking in Panasonic's vast array of devices and technologies. And let Panasonic's know-how and expertise help your company find the solutions you want. Sensors/Passive Components/Connectors ■...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 4

Total Solutions for Automotive ematics / Car navigation system / ETC System / e-call •Touch Panels • Light Touch Switches • Gyro sensors ^ • Common Mode Noise Filters Multilayer NTC Thermistors Multilayer Varistor, Chip Type ESD Suppressors "PGS” Graphite Sheet Vehicle Audio Integrated LSI HDMI Communication LSIs Cooling Fan for Car Navigation 1-chip LSI for Vehicle DVD Players HMI (Human Machine Interface) Display LSI Microphone Industrial SD Memory Card / micro SD Memory Card / eSD Module / eSD BGA Lithium Batteries Cylindrical Type Primary Lithium Batteries Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 5

Factory Automation/Industry Total Solutions for Factory Automation & Industry Communication / Interface Industrial Devices ・Dual Wavelength ・Aspherical Lenses User Experience ・NFC Tag LSIs / NFC Tag Modules ・Giant Magneto Resistive Sensor ・ “PGS”Graphite Sheet ・LCD Panels ・Optical Imaging Unit ・Resistive / Capacitive Transparent Touch Panels Power Supply ・Light Touch Switches ・Detector Switches ・Switch Modules ・Lithium Ion Batteries ・Primary and Rechargeable Coin Type Lithium Batteries ・Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries for Backup ・LSIs for HMI Display ・ReRAM Built-in MCU ・Micro Speakers...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 6

Medicine Total Solutions for Medicine In-home Medical Equipment ・Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries Devices Line-up   (for Hearing Aids and Electronic Operating Room ・LEDs ・Intraoral Cameras *Not ready to market in Europe (Non MDD approved yet) ・High resolution LCD Panels  for Medical Monitor (Pager for Calling Patients) ・Cylindrical Type Primary ・HEPA Filters Lithium Batteries ・Power Choke Coils Passive Components Connecting Components Recording Devices Industrial Devices Motors / Compressors ・Switches ・Multilayer Varistors, Chip Type ・Nickel Metal Hydride  Batteries   (Blood Glucose Measuring...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 7

Gyro Sensors for Automotive Realized downsizing & low-height by using MEMS Technology. High-precision angular rate detection suitable for electronic stability control, rollover detection and car navigation systems. Pressure Sensors Sensors MA Motion Sensors Active infrared (area reflective) human detection sensor. Certain detection unaffected by the reflectance of the object. Infrared Array Sensors Grid-EYE Thermistor Temperature Sensors In the car / Ambient air Temperature Sensors High precision infrared array sensor based on advanced MEMS technology. Temperature detection achieved on a...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 8

Factory Automation Sensors Photoelectric Sensors Primary Batteries / Rechargeable Batteries Laser Sensors Fiber Sensors Coin Type Lithium Batteries Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries Batteries Ultra-minute Photoelectric Sensor EX-Z: W8 x H14 x D3mm, 50% smaller in volume ratio than conventional model. Enable installation in narrow space. Area Sensors General Purpose & Slim Body Area Sensor NA2-N:The thin resin case type area sensor has a sensing height of 540 mm (28 beam channels). Pressure Sensors Digital Pressure Sensor DP-100 : Dual 3-color display makes...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 9

Passive Components Semiconductors Microcomputers Capacitors Interface & Communication ICs Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Conductive Polymer Tantalum Solid Capacitors Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors Discrete Devices Communication ICs, AV Signal Processing ICs (HDMI V2.0 Communication ICs, NFC Tag ICs, HMI Display ICs, etc.) Opto Electronic Devices Motor Driver ICs, LED Driver ICs, Analog Master Slices, etc. Radio Frequency Devices Electrolytic capacitors No.1 ultra low ESR Low profile 1.0 mm height (Dsize:7343) Low ESL is realized by 3-terminals High voltage...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 10

Passive Components Passive Components / Materials Resistors / Inductors (Coils) Current Sense Resistors Metal Film (Thin Film) Chip Resistors Thin film resistors are suitable for the circuit which requires high stability against the temp fluctuation because of its precise resistance value. Power Choke Coils for consumer use Low DCR and High Power. Low buzz noise due to its gap-less structure. Magnetic shield type by metallic magnetic material. High Power Chip Resistors/Wide Terminal Type Anti-Surge /Anti-Sulfurated Thick Film Chip Resistors Quite high reliability for soldering strength with...

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Device Product Catalog 2018 - 11

Connecting Components Relays “PhotoMOS®” Solid State Relays Semiconductor relay ideal for heater control etc. Automotive Relays Relays for automotive electronics that includes plug-in and PCB type. High-capacity DC cutoff Relays for EV also available. Power Relays Mechanical relay with greater than 2A nominal switching capacity that is ideal for power supply applications. Signal Relays Mechanical relay ideal for signal control, etc., with less than 2A nominal switching capacity High-capacity DC Cutoff Relays DC high voltage switching possible. Up to 300 A current capacity type available. EP...

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