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350VR1 series - 1

BUSINESS Full Digital COs/MAG Welding Machine Plate thickness Weld Navigation, for weld parameters____ Thickness settings for easier welding You can set weld parameters only by entering plate thickness. You can set weld parameters by setting joint, plate thicknesses, and weld speed.

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350VR1 series - 2

Improved Arc Control in All Current Ranges High welding performance. Various functions. improved arc control in all current ranges achieves stable arc. Spatter generation (CO2) | □ 35OVRI series ] Current model 350GR3 180 A Weld current •Joint: Fillet •Material: Mild steel (SPCC) -Weld speed: 50 cm/min •Wire size: 1.2 mm -Shielding gas: CO2 •Spatter reduction •Stable bead Effective in all current ranges. Note: Characteristics for automatic welding system are also standard.

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350VR1 series - 3

The operation is more intuitive than conventional GR3 series. Activate Weld Set weld Navigation. conditions. THICKNESS 2 ->23mm? weSinospeed -> 0.5 m/min ? Start welding! "Thickness setting" for easier welding Current setting Thickness setting The entered plate thickness determines the weld parameters*. Just adjust the parameters to fit your torch movement. Note: The parameters set by this function are for fillet joint of the same plate thickness. Easy to use even for casual or inexperienced operators *Weld parameters set by "Weld Navigation." or "Thickness setting" are guideline only and...

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350VR1 series - 4

Peripherals for 350GR3 are also supported

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350VR1 series - 5

Connection diagram Welding system configuration Other than this product (Dwelding power source), equipment H to H, and dotted equipment are necessary. Purchase them separately. / '\^ashoseJ ; Control cable __Power_cable_ (Base metal) (Ground wire) (Base metal cable) (Ground wire) Note: Equipment in ( ) and dotted equipment are customer supplied. ■Equipment required for welding ■Options (Purchase as necessary) *1: For 0.9 mm or 1.2 mm wire *2: For 1.2 mm wire *1, *2: To change wire sizes, additional parts are necessary. Consult us for details. Welding system can be built easily in...

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350VR1 series - 6

■ Welding power source *1: For wire sizes of solid wires and flux cored wires, see "Applicable arc characteristics" in manual. *2: Input terminal cover on the back side is excluded. ■Wire feeder *3: Optional parts are required to use the wire sizes in ( ). ■ Torch (CC fitting connection) *Optional parts are required to use the wire sizes in ( ). Safety precautions Panasonic Corporation Process Automation Business Division, Business Inovation Center 1-1,3-chome, Inazu-cho, Toyonaka, OSAKA 561-0854 JAPAN TEL: 81-6-6866-8505 FAX: 81-6-6866-0709 Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales (Thailand)...

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