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UJ30/35 - 2

Panasonic LED UV systems Most important features Panasonic LED UV systems are very compact, have lower energy consumption than lamp systems and advanced features compared to other LED UV systems. Temperature feedback for stable irradiation The Aicure is equipped with a temperature feedback controller originally developed by Panasonic. Its UV irradiation meets the industry’s highest class of stability. User-friendly interface In addition to its user-friendliness, energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly, these models have a high irradiation intensity power up to 8,600mW/cm2...

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UJ30/35 - 3

Aicure UJ30/35 Two new controller selections Standard model High performance model UJ30 UJ35 Limited to the most necessary and common functions. Provides highly reliable UV irradiation. A variety of functions provide more advanced UV irradiation solutions. User-friendly Easy-to-read display and easy-to-operate panel are as simple to use as a home appliance. Stable irradiation The temperature feedback control (available only from Panasonic) provides excellent irradiation stability. Four-head irradiation Different irradiation power and time can be set for each LED head attached to the...

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UJ30/35 - 4

Aicure XXX UJ30/35 User-friendly interface Quick & easy setup immediately after installation Simple interface Easy-to-read display and easy-to-setup panel Only four steps required for basic settings. CH selection Intensity setting Time setting Completed 1. Choose LED head (CH1 to 4). 2. Set UV irradiation intensity (%). 3. Set irradiation time. 4. Start emission. Four individually controllable heads The irradiation power and time can be individually controlled. With a lamp type model, one process requires one irradiation unit. With UJ30/35, one unit can be used for up to four processes due...

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UJ30/35 - 5

Stable irradiation Strict quality control Prevention of resin curing defects and bonding failures Temperature feedback control Typical characteristics of the high intensity head when our metal attachment is used ±3% or better UV irradiation accuracy 7,200 6,400 (1): When set to 100% (2): When set to 90% (3): When set to 80 % Irradiation intensity (mW/cm²) Each UJ30/35 head is equipped with a temperature sensor, which is continuously monitored by the controller, keeping UV irradiation stable within a range of +/- 3%. UV intensity setting (%) *1 8,000 Continuous lighting time (min) *1: “100”...

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UJ30/35 - 6

Aicure XXX UJ30/35 Environmentally friendly and reliable Long-lasting, cost-effective LED type UV system Standard exible head cables 33-fold Approx. 6.6-fold 100,000 hours ON Approx. ON 20,000 hours ON OFF OFF Approx. 3,000 hours R33 ON ON OFF ø5.5mm OFF ON Lamp type Continuous lighting LED type Continuous lighting LED type ON/OFF control LED technology Flexible cable enables installation on moving parts. Each UJ30/35 LED head is equipped with a high-power UV LED. This means the heads enjoy a lifetime of 20,000 hours on average! Moreover, the LEDs neither require a warm-up nor cooling-off...

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UJ30/35 - 7

Application examples Ideal for preventing distortions from heat & curing Digital home appliances LCD Bonding of lenses to optical pickup heads for personal computers Temporarily bonding of film display boards Medical equipment Digital home appliances Bonding of syringe needles Bonding camera lenses to optical tubes for digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. Bonding from below Printing/Marking Electronic components Curing ink on labels/stickers Curing printing ink on electronic components, sealing degassing holes 05/2011 7

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UJ30/35 - 8

Aicure XXX UJ30/35 Heads and lenses For a wide variety of applications Heads A 365-nm wavelength type and a 385-nm type are available, with a head length of 50mm or 120mm. Directly connectable to the controller without a connection cable Standard head: ANUJ6162 365nm wavelength ANUJ6163 Head lengths selectable according to the installation location conditions When a standard lens is attached, the head is the shortest in its class (50mm). Irradiation intensity: 7,500mW/cm2 The heat generating section has radiation fins, which provide high cooling efficiency. For higher irradiation power or...

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UJ30/35 - 10

Product range XXX UJ30 controller Up to four heads can be connected. With an AC adapter Compatible with a UV sensor (ANUJ3800) Option for UJ35 only Up to four heads can be connected. With an AC adapter Controllers UV sensor UJ35 controller ANUJ3510 ANUJ3010 UV sensor dedicated to UJ35 (cannot be used for UJ30) Standard head (7,500mW/cm²) ø 12mm x 50mm Cable length: 1.9m Connection cable ANUJ62◻◻ For high intensity heads Cable length 1.7m: ANUJ6220 Cable length 3m: ANUJ6230 High intensity head (8,600mW/cm²) ø 12mm x 120mm Cable length: 1.83m Heads & cables Cable length 5m: ANUJ6220 Cable...

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UJ30/35 - 11

Metal head attachment Connection cable Standard/cylindrical lens Rod lens ANUJ6467L Side view lens Lens Standard head High intensity head Connection cable Different types of heads can be simultaneously connected to one controller unit. Input specifications Contact input UJ controller Foot switch Non-contact input Open collector (Tr) or non-voltage input such as a relay Output specifications With external power supply with internal power supply UJ controller UJ controller UJ controller PLC Fiated operation voltage: 5 to 24VDC Safety precautions This LED type UV curing system uses a risk...

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UJ30/35 - 12

Global Network North America Europe Asia Pacific China Japan Panasonic Electric Works Please contact our Global Sales Companies in: Europe ▸ Headquarters ▸ Austria Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG Panasonic Electric Works Austria GmbH PEW Electronic Materials Europe GmbH ▸ Benelux ▸ Germany ▸ Hungary Panasonic Electric Works Sales Western Europe B.V. Panasonic Electric Works Czech s.r.o. Panasonic Electric Works Sales Western Europe B.V. Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG ▸ Ireland ▸ Italy Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd. Panasonic Electric Works Italia...

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