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S1DXM – miniature multi-range timer - 1

S1DXM-A/M 1 PRODUCT TYPES 1. S1DXM-A multi-range timer No MODE switch, Operation mode (fixed): Power ON-delay MULTI-RANGE ANALOG TIMER S1DXM-A/M Timers Operating voltage Time range Timed-out 2 Form C Timed-out 4 Form C Part number Part number 12V DC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-A2C10M-DC12V S1DXM-A4C10M-DC12V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-A2C30M-DC12V S1DXM-A4C30M-DC12V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-A2C60M-DC12V S1DXM-A4C60M-DC12V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-A2C10H-DC12V S1DXM-A4C10H-DC12V 24V DC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-A2C10M-DC24V S1DXM-A4C10M-DC24V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-A2C30M-DC24V S1DXM-A4C30M-DC24V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-A2C60M-DC24V S1DXM-A4C60M-DC24V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-A2C10H-DC24V S1DXM-A4C10H-DC24V 24V AC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-A2C10M-AC24V S1DXM-A4C10M-AC24V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-A2C30M-AC24V S1DXM-A4C30M-AC24V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-A2C60M-AC24V S1DXM-A4C60M-AC24V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-A2C10H-AC24V S1DXM-A4C10H-AC24V 100 to 120V AC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-A2C10M-AC120V S1DXM-A4C10M-AC120V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-A2C30M-AC120V S1DXM-A4C30M-AC120V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-A2C60M-AC120V S1DXM-A4C60M-AC120V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-A2C10H-AC120V S1DXM-A4C10H-AC120V 200 to 220V AC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-A2C10M-AC220V S1DXM-A4C10M-AC220V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-A2C30M-AC220V S1DXM-A4C30M-AC220V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-A2C60M-AC220V S1DXM-A4C60M-AC220V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-A2C10H-AC220V S1DXM-A4C10H-AC220V 220 to 240V AC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-A2C10M-AC240V S1DXM-A4C10M-AC240V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-A2C30M-AC240V S1DXM-A4C30M-AC240V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-A2C60M-AC240V S1DXM-A4C60M-AC240V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-A2C10H-AC240V S1DXM-A4C10H-AC240V UL File No.: E122222 C-UL File No.: E122222 FEATURES 1. Multiple functions built in The operation mode and time range can be switched by using the MODE and RANGE switches on the front panel. 2. Part number consolidation 1) The lineup consists of 64 easy-tochoose models. 2) An operation mode fixed type (S1DXM-A) and 4-operation mode switching type (S1DXM-M) are available. 3. Cadmium-free contacts used To eliminate environmentally harmful chemical substances, relays with cadmium-free contacts are used. 4. Economically priced 1) Prices set to lower costs. 2) Further cost reduction when used with HJ Relay terminal socket. 5. CE marking supported UL and C-UL approved. 06/2006

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S1DXM – miniature multi-range timer - 2

S1DXM-A/M 2 2. S1DXM-M multi-range timer With MODE switch, Operation mode (switchable): Power ON-delay, Power Flicker ON start, Power Flicker OFF start, Power One-shot PART NAMES OPERATION MODE AND TIME RANGE SETTING Operating voltage Time range Timed-out 2 Form C Timed-out 4 Form C Part number Part number 12V DC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-M2C10M-DC12V S1DXM-M4C10M-DC12V 0.2 s to 30 min S1DXM-M2C30M-DC12V S1DXM-M4C30M-DC12V 0.5 s to 60 min S1DXM-M2C60M-DC12V S1DXM-M4C60M-DC12V 0.05 min to 10 hr S1DXM-M2C10H-DC12V S1DXM-M4C10H-DC12V 24V DC 0.05 s to 10 min S1DXM-M2C10M-DC24V S1DXM-M4C10M-DC24V...

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S1DXM – miniature multi-range timer - 3

S1DXM-A/M 3 OPERATION MODE 1. S1DXM-A multi-range timer Power ON-delay operation • When power is turned on, the output contact operates after the set time. The output contact remains on until the power is turned off. 2. S1DXM-M multi-range timer TIME RANGE SETTING Note: The time setting range is the combination of the time scale (X1 or X10) on the dial and the time unit (s, m, or h). Example: When dial reads 1, time scale is X1 and time units is seconds, then it is 1 second. ORDERING INFORMATION Type Time scale Time unit Min. scale Max. scale Setting range S1DXM-A 10M type X1 X10 s m 0.05 1...

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S1DXM – miniature multi-range timer - 4

S1DXM-A/M 4 SPECIFICATIONS Notes: *1. Unspecified measuring conditions are rated operating voltage (in case of DC type, ripple rate of 5% or less), ambient temp. 20°C 68°F, and power off time 1 second. *2. When using with a transmission wave rectification, vibration resistance and shock resistance properties worsen compared to when using a stabilized power supply. *3. Power one-shot 1 s range: +2% and 10 ms Item Specifications Rating Rated operating voltage 24VAC 100 to 120VAC 200 to 220VAC 220 to 240VAC 12VDC 24VDC Rated frequency 50/60Hz common — Rated power consumption Max. 3 VA (at 24...

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S1DXM – miniature multi-range timer - 5

S1DXM-A/M 5 DIMENSIONS mm inch APPLICABLE STANDARD Safety standard EN61812-1 Pollution Degree 2/Overvoltage Category II (2 Form C type); Pollution Degree 1/Overvoltage Category II (4 Form C type) EMC (EMI)EN61000-4-4 Radiation interference electric field strength Noise terminal voltage (EMS)EN61000-6-2 Static discharge immunity RF electromagnetic field immunity EFT/B immunity Surge immunity Conductivity noise immunity Power frequency magnetic field immunity Voltage dip/Instantaneous stop/Voltage fluctuation immunity EN55011 Group1 ClassA EN55011 Group1 ClassA EN61000-4-2 4 kV contact (level...

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S1DXM – miniature multi-range timer - 7

S1DXM-A/M 7 Precautions during usage 1. Reset periods After unscheduled operations have been completed, or if the timer operation power supply has been turned off at any time during operation, a reset period of at least 0.1 seconds should be allowed before resuming operation. 2. External surge protection External surge protection may be required if the following values are exceeded. Otherwise, the internal circuit will be damaged. The typical surge absorption elements include a varistor, a capacitor, and a diode. If a surge absorption element is used, use an oscilloscope to see whether or...

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