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PV500 Imagechecker Industrial Machine Vision 08/2008

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Increase your productivity with our new milestone of a multi-purpose and compact Machine Vision system Speed PV500 is suitable even for fast production processes • Multi-processor design for high-speed Machine Vision • High-speed image capturing • Partial imaging • Parallel processing of inspection tasks • Fast data and image transfer • High-speed inspection routines Precision PV500 allows the detection of even slightest defects • Up to four 2 megapixel cameras connectable • Digital camera technology for high-quality images • Smart pre-processing filters • Precise inspection algorithms •...

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Imagechecker PV500 Speed 4 Multi-processor architecture The PV500’s amazing performance is a result of five processors sharing processing tasks and computing data simultaneously. Whilst a special custom-made ASIC receives and pre-processes the image data, two digital signal processors (DSPs) synchronously take care for the calculation-intense tasks. The separate graphics accelerator allows the synchronous image display and image output (e.g. via Ethernet). An additional 32bit RISC CPU controls and administers all processes. High – speed image capture Not only the impressive processing speed...

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5 Parallel processing The dedicated hardware architecture of the PV500 allows real pipeline processing. This makes it possible to process one image while the next image is already acquired. With this feature, the total inspection time can be shortened significantly. Fast data and image transfer Using the PV500's Gigabit Ethernet interface, data and images can be transferred quickly to a host system. With the Gigabit Ethernet, you can even transfer large images (e.g. 2 megapixel) in a passable speed. High-speed inspection routines Pipeline (parallel) processing by Penta-Processor and our...

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6 Micro-Imagechecker PV500 Imagechecker PV500 Precision 2 megapixel cameras The 2 megapixel CameraLink™ camera of PV500 has a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The camera offers a high richness in details, wich gives you a significant benefit for example for measurement or surface inspection applications. Even the slightest product deviation or flaw can be reliably detected or measurement in the range of a few microns can be realized. One would need 6 to 8 conventional cameras to achieve the resolution offered by this 2 megapixel camera. CameraLink™ Using digital CameraLink™ cameras, signal...

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7 Precise inspection algorithms Not only the PV500 cameras are suitable for precise inspection, but also the inspection algorithms implemented in the system. Inspection results can be obtained with a resolution of 1/1000 of a pixel. Position / auto-area adjustment If an object cannot be positioned precisely in the camera’s field of view, the position- adjustment function of the PV500 compensates such variations in object position. If, however, not only the object’s position varies, but also its size, the auto-area adjustment will be the right tool to correct the position of the checkers...

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Micro-Imagechecker PV500 8 Imagechecker PV500 Flexibility 3 different camera types / 2 controller types Currently, the PV500 supports three different types of digital (CameraLink) cameras: • Quad-speed camera • 2 megapixel camera • Ultra-compact camera All cameras can be connected in any order to the PV500. Thanks to their PoCl (power over CameraLink) technology, there are no additional power cables needed in addition to the camera cables – installation and service made easy. Further more two different types of controllers (4 camera type and 2 camera type) are available and make it possible...

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9 A wide range of inspection tools The PV500 was designed as a multi-purpose inspection tool. It offers inspection algorithms for a wide range of industrial Machine Vision tasks. Typical fields of application are position detection of goods, product differentiation, presence checking, sorting, pick & place, imprint inspection, surface inspection and others. The setup of the inspection algorithms (called “checkers”) is done with the help of a menu-based software which requires no programming skills and allows fast modifications even if it is utilized only occasionally. Several help functions...

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10 IMmicargoe-cImheacgkeecrh PecVk5e0r0 PV500 Inspection functions Smart matching Checking the quality of imprints plays a significant role in the packaging and pharmaceutical industry. Very often also customers from the automotive industry need to detect even the slightest deviations from the ideal imprint, e.g. on dashboard elements. The PV500 solves such applications with a very comfortable and powerful algorithm called smart matching. It compares reference templates stored in the PV500 with the current camera image and detects differences with a resolution of one pixel reliably. The...

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11 Gray scale window The average gray value data are evaluated in windows of rectangular, circular or polygonal shapes. This function is especially suitable for presence checking, sorting and parts recognition. Gray scale edge detection This precise checker allows dimensional measurement of objects with sub-pixel resolution. The edge coordinates are calculated and output at a resolution of 1/1000. The number of edges can also be counted. Feature extraction This function allows you to obtain object features such as center, area, projection width, angle of the main axis, and boundary length...

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12 Imagechecker PV500 Other useful features Branch execution This function allows inspection programs to be changed quickly, depending on the result of an inspection or status of a trigger input. The relevant inspection programs are stored in the device’s memory, hence changing programs is instantaneous. Numerical calculation The PV500 offers comprehensive evaluation possibilities. The results of individual checkers can be combined and computed in the numerical calculation menu using arithmetic, trigonometric and geometric functions (e.g. circle defined by three points, etc.). Also, you can...

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