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Automation Controls Group Catalog Automation Controls Group Catalog Measurement/ Telecommunication “, “PhotoMOS” and “PHOTOMOS” are registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Machine tools/Robots/ Industrial equipment OA and transportation equipment/ Medical

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Panasonic’s proud lineup of semiconductor devices Semiconductor Device Optical Insulation Coupler Phototriac Coupler MOSFET Driver PhotoIC Coupler Solid State Relay Triac output Transistor output MOSFET output PhotoMOS® MOSFET output Products listed in this catalog For information on Phototriac Couplers and Solid State Relays, please refer to the Solid State Relays catalog or our website,

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n ratio gu onfi ls lc nne anne a h ch ch Ric re at cur ffst kage ) O a le F type n ptio ity um itiv cons ed LED s sen rrent ommenrdrent h ec t cu Hig w cu A R inpu S type) (H Lo 2m l use) ) e C dua (AC/D ltage typ tanceV load vo is n-res 30 Low ogh Capacity Hi (HE n ty aci curre p h caA loade type Hig 10 -sensitiv o age up t/Power Voalctity type l -leve w ls lo ls o ontr signa yp.) C g (T nalo a Powerful Lineup meets all your needs ASCTB311E 201703-T

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Panasonic’s world’s leading PhotoMOS by offering a great lineup. Load current, A

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support various core industries • Energy • Photovoltaic power generation Power High Capacity type • Storage battery Power DC only type • Robots • Machine tools • Industrial Power AC/DC dual use type • Office equipment • Industrial Slim & Power Flat & Power machines • Measuring instruments HF AC/DC dual use type HE type • Game machines • Security systems • Data High sensitivity Low on-resistance & Low output capacitance Low current consumption & Guaranteed performance at high temperature • Data communications • Measuring instruments • Medical equipment • Probe cards • Measuring instruments...

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1: 1 Form A (DC) 2: 1 Form A (AC/DC) 2 Form A (AC/DC) 4: 1 Form B (AC/DC) 2 Form B (AC/DC) 6: 1 Form A & 1 Form B (AC/DC) A = Normally open B = Normally closed Power type Slim and power 1: GU type Wide variation GE type General use and Economical 2: RF type Low on-resistance and low output capacitance 3: HS type High sensitivity 5: HE type Low on-resistance & Economical 6, 9: Power High Capacity type Slim and power 7: PD type Flat and power C: CC type Capacitor coupled isolation type Nil: Current-sensitive D: Power type voltage-sensitive F: Small size type voltage-sensitive (Recommend...

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Product search by package and features Thin Small Outline No lead Package Small Outline No lead Package Very Slim Small Outline Package Control circuit Output Configuration Rectifier circuit Oscillation circuit (Only 1 Form A and 2 Form A types are shown below. For other types of output configuration, please see the selector chart, page 18.) *1 Form A type the above. ● SOP6 Small Outline Package *1 Form A type the above. SOP8 Small Outline Package 2 Form A / 1 Form B 1 Form A / 2 Form B 8 1 2 *1 Form A type the above. 238 Low on-resistance and Economical (1 Form A) 251 High capacity 264 *1...

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PhotoMOS® Quick Reference

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PhotoMOS® Quick Reference

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Now Available for Isolation Devices of Panasonic Transfer rate Typ.50Mbps 50Mbps Type (Length: 4.3mm x Width: 4.4mm x Height: 2.1mm) (Length: .173inch x Width: .169inch x Height: .083inch) High Speed Communication Contributes to Improvement in Equipment’s Function using PhotoIC Coupler A PhotoIC coupler is now available that can handle high speed communication of signals, a need that has been increasing in recent years. Capable of high-speed communications at a transfer rate of Typ.50 Mbps in a small SOP package. This new product line up can handle high-speed communications, high noise...

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PhotoMOS Catalog - 14

PhotolC Coupler 50Mbps type Part No.: APS1551S (SOP 5pin) High speed communication and High noise immunity achieved. High speed Photo Coupler with receiver Circuit IC Suitable for high speed communication and isolation of industrial equipment and of other equipments (Ex. I/O of high-speed communication) • Transfer rate: Typ.50Mbps • High noise immunity: CMTI: Min.15kV/gs • Guaranteed performance at high temperature: Max.105°C (221°F) CC TSON 1 FORM A CxR Part No.: AQY2C1R6P AQY2C1R2P (TSON) Capacitor coupled isolation type achieved small size, guaranteed performance at high temperature...

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PhotoMOS Catalog - 15

Application Example and Products for Smart Grids E.g. houses For Photovoltaic Power Generation System Solar panel Smart meters Solar panel Built-in relay for junction box Solid state relays Power conditioner Equipment receptacle Smart meters Power distributor Electric power measurement unit Storage battery DC power relay Power conditioner Eco-POWER METER Programmable DC power relay Display Programmable Display E.g. schools, city halls, community centers, hospitals, buildings For Power Storage System For Quick Charger Stations Programmable Display Ground outlet for EV/PHEV charging Eco-POWER...

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■ Product Features for PhotoMOS®/AQ-A (DC only) MOSFET, phototriac coupler, etc., is used inside internal element. This facilitates customer needs for “High load voltage”, “High capacity”, and “Long life”. [PhotoMOS®/SSR Lineup] High load voltage Compared to other markets, there is a need for high load voltage products in the energy management market. Therefore PhotoMOS®/SSRs can handle maximum load voltages up to 1,500 V. AQV258 (I/O isolation voltage: 1,500V), AQV259 (I/O isolation voltage: 1,000V) High capacity It supports large current control of DC loads, a need that has been...

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Guide for our Automation Controls Website to your current Let’s start loT! Automation u,1BU«' Control Components & lndustrialj!)evices m — Programmable | Controllers) Interface Terminal I Laser Markers / 2D 1Code Readers Components I Timers I Counters > CONTACT US BY EMAIL Please elicit your area to select country or region O Europe Africa Middle East Asia-Pacific East Asia The Americas Albania ^ CO BY PHONE U.SA +1 -800-344-2112 Europe *49-89-45354-1000 China +86-10-59255988 Singapore +65-6299-9181 -> Global Sales Network • Support ■ Technical/Sales support ■ Product support • RoHS...

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