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New Products Autumn 2012 - 1

Power Tools for Professionals New Products Autumn 2012 You can select best power with dual voltage

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 2

The new 18V and 14.4V Power Tools further enlarge the TOUGH TOOL IP* family with their high levels of dust and water protection. With 4.2Ah capacity and a new dual voltage battery interface they offer a new solution for higher performance, robustness and compact dimensions in professional Power Tools. The complete Tough Tool IP* family The Conditions Jobsites make tough demands on Power Tools. Unexpected incidents, like sudden water contact or exposure to dust, can cause a malfunction of the tool which often leads to trouble and delay on the job. Panasonic has developed the Tough Tool IP*...

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 3

perfect protection for tool and battery The Tough Tool concept includes features such as sensors which monitor batteries and protect against overheating and ‘over-discharge‘. This technology ensures reliable, safe and powerful operation for the user. Switch Increased sealing helps seal and protect against water and dust. Electronics The electronic circuits of control panel and battery pack are covered by an urethane layer for dust and water protection. Battery The battery cells are designed to avoid intrusion of moisture.

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 4

For highest performance: A new level of battery capacity BAttery total performance (Index comparison 14.4V N-Type at 100%) A range of features ensure panasonic battery packs are tough and long-lasting Individual Monitoring of Battery Cell Voltage Each 3.6V segment monitored by sensor to ensure optimal discharge control, preventing both overcharging and overdischarching. Overdischarge Prevention Sensor A sensor works to prevent overdischarging (discharge of the battery until voltage falls below a minimum threshold), a disadvantage inherent with Li-ion cells. Battery Overheat Protecting...

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 5


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New Products Autumn 2012 - 6

You can choose the power with the new Li-ion battery packs 14.4v or 18V with 4.2Ah With Panasonic Li-ion, the future fits the past, meaning that you can use any of your existing Li-ion 14.4V and 18V batteries in our five new Power Tools with dual voltage interface. For highest performance, the new 4.2Ah LS battery range will provide unrivalled capacity and endurance whilst working. Dual voltage circuit Detecting the battery pack voltage for best performance. Special circuits detect voltage when battery pack is inserted. It then applies controls to allow correct current and voltage flow to...

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 8

Powerful and fast for large holes in wood In steel and metal too due to high rotation speed universally applicable The all new EY 74A1 LS2G is the ideal choice for most applications. Powerful and durable with a compact design and weight of only 1.95kg (when fitted with EY 9L51 B - 18V battery pack). You can even use the existing batteries from 14.4V / 18V Panasonic Li-ion units too. Effortless, fast assembly due to ergonomic optimized shape

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 9

DRIVER AVAILABLE 18V Cordless Drill & Driver ■ Dual voltage interface allows unit ■ New 4.2Ah high capacity battery pack ■ 18 stage clutch plus drill mode ■ Variable speed control / reverse

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 10

Compact and powerful The new EY 75A1 Impact Driver offers power, versatility and durability. A variable impact rate (3 speed) gives you the power and control for virtually any screwdriving application. The slow start mode enables precise start to screwdriving without gliding off and a powerful impact mechanism working in the direction of rotation will finish the screwing with minimal effort from the user. Drives self cutting screws efficiently and accurately Effortless screwdriving allows easy assembly Smooth overhead assembly powerful without strain to user

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 11

18V/ U.4V Cordless Impact Driver ■ Dual voltage interface allows unit ■ 18V or 14.4V battery Impact Driver ■ New high capacity 4.2Ah battery ■ 3 speed (high / medium / low) ■ Longer life time by brushless motor ■ Variable speed control /reverse

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 12

Easy re-assembly: Effortless, high speed performance Powerful support Work with less fatigue, let the tool do the work With up to 205Nm of tightening torque the new EY 75A2 Impact Wrench is ideal for almost all assembly applications. It features 3 impact speed settings which reduce or increase drive power. The ergonomic shape feels comfortable in operation reducing work fatigue for the operator. Versatile support with 14.4V or 18V options

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 13

SIMPLE, EASY. POWERFUL 18V/ U.4V Cordless Impact Wrench ■ Dual voltage interface allows unit with 1/2" square drive ■ New high capacity 4.2Ah battery ■ 3 speed (high / medium / low) ■ Longer life time with brushless motor ■ Variable speed control / reverse

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 14

Advanced ergonomic design - gives comfortable handling in all positions Difficult to reach areas are no problem High Capacity Power Packs Suitable for disassembly and fast cutting of a wide range of materials. With 18V and 4.2Ah this unit will give simple, trouble free cutting for a host of applications.

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 15

EY 45A1 LS1G 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Dual voltage interface allows unit to be used as 18V or 14.4V New high capacity 4.2Ah battery for 18V and 14.4V range Stroke length 28mm Light weight 3.4kg Ideal for sites without power supply: The EY 45A1 LS1G 18V Reciprocating Saw with 4.2Ah Li-ion battery pack

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 16

Durability now combined with flexibility With proven durability and performance, this application designed compact hammer drill now has the flexibility of dual voltage. This allows the existing high performance and versatility to become even greater while hardly adding size or weight. Drill hard materials and drive fastener all from one tool with clutch facility for total control. Ideal for drilling above head (with correct accessories and safety wear) due to low weight and getting into tight areas is also made easy with compact body size.

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New Products Autumn 2012 - 17

ROTARY HAMMER Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver ■ Dual voltage interface allows ■ Slow start switch for accurate drilling with a clean finish

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