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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 3

3 The Systems at a Glance AX30 AX40 Compact and industrial stand-alone hardware Fast and reliable Time-saving setup thanks to an easy-to-use graphical interface Two colour-CCD cameras connectable Serial, parallel and Ethernet interfaces VGA-monitor connection Data storage of Compact Flash memory cards Support dual language menu Optional project management software AXTOOL Contents: The Sytems at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Hardware Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Software Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 4

4 Compact and industrial With their dimensions of just 130 x 59 mm, AX30/AX40 Imagecheckers help you realise the growing demand of downsizing equipment.They permit space saving DIN-rail installation in a switching cabinet or direct mounting at the inspection site. All interface connectors are located on the front side, which makes it easy to install and service the systems. Furthermore, they have an impressive record in industrial safety, which results also from the fact that they do not employ any mechanical parts such as fans or hard disks. Precise and reliable Being the successors to our...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 5

Two serial ports1) ¡ Communicate with PCs and/or PLCs ¡ Direct connection to various PLCs without programming efforts Indicator LEDs ¡ Display of all essential signals on the controller DIN rail installation ¡ One touch at the rear, is all that is required for DIN rail installation Ethernet port ¡ 100 Base-Tx ¡ Several backup/restore functions ¡ Optional: AXTOOL software Compact flash memory card slot ¡ Backup/restore of camera images, screenshots and project data ¡ Very reliable, rugged and cost efficient storage media Keypad interface ¡ Easy video-game-like setting with a four-button...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 6

6 Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 Software Highlights Human eye-like sensitivity The colour recognition/extraction algorithms of AX30 and AX40 are based on the LCH (luminosity, chroma and hue) mode, which covers all colours a human eye can recognise. This mode allows for colour recognition more similar to that of the human eye than conventional RGB-mode colour extraction. Colour Detection, Presence Checking Measures the area of the specified region or pre-defined colours to detect foreign objects, perform presence checking, sort or count objects. Inspection examples Size Measurement Grey-scale...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 7

7 Position detection Several algorithms in the systems are made for precisely detecting the position of an object. x/y coordinates and the rotation angle are typically output. Matching Advanced matching functions such as contour-matching and smart matching1) can be used to identify or to validate object details reliably and efficiently. 1) AX40 only Fast and easy setup Our newly designed user interface allows you to set up your inspection routine quickly. The clearly structured screen with its pull-down menus, semitransparent spreadsheets and indicators makes it easy to configure the AX30...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 8

8 Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 Special Features Colour tone diagram Fine adjustment for color inspection is possible. Even when colors resemble each other, the target color alone can be extracted to enable highly accurate inspection. Mask The shape of the inspection area can be set to match particular targets. Also, mask area settings can be combined so that efficient inspection can be carried out just for a required part. Print screen You can save setting displays or displays that occur during operation as bitmaps on a memory card. This is convenient for creating documents or for verifying...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 9

Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 Additional Features of the AX40 9 Smart matching Grey scale matching makes sub-pixel positional detection possible Furthermore, shape inspection, such as for the detection of chipped objects, can be carried out simultaneously with the grey scale difference processing function Full colour LCH mode for human-eye like colour inspection Suitable for various inspection tasks such as sorting, counting, parts recognition, etc. Grey scale 256 grey tones for precise measurement, positioning, etc. Binary A reduction of the image data to black and white pixels allows...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 10

10 Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 User-friendly User Interface Intuitive and clearly arranged Our newly designed user interface saves you time and allows you to set your visual inspection routine efficiently. The clearly structured screen with its pull-down menus, semitransparent spreadsheets and indicators makes it easy even for non-experts to adjust AX30/AX40 to each individual application. The big overall good/bad display as well as the status indicators give you reliable output information any time during the setting and inspection procedure. Since AX30/AX40 has a standard VGA interface,...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 11

Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 Inspection Functions 11 AX30/AX40 Imagecheckers can be used for a wide range of visual inspection applications such as 2D measurement, presence/absence checking, object position detection, object identification, sorting, counting, print inspection, colour discrimination and much more. Here are the inspection tools available in detail: Detect the object position relative to a specified reference point, detect rotations or displacements of objects. Output object position or adjust other checkers accordingly. Identify objects and their position based on significant...

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Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 - 12

12 Micro-Imagechecker AX30/AX40 Software AXTOOL AXTOOL This new software tool makes it very convenient to administer and organise your AX30/AX40 projects comprehensively by drag & drop. AXTOOL allows direct access to AX30/AX40 project data and images. It is easy to back up and to restore inspection program information from/to your computer and to organise this data. An integrated image viewer allows you to display and print out saved images. Last but not least the ‘Documenter’ gives you a detailed insight into each inspection program and simplifies project documentation and archiving....

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