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LT4H-W - 1

20 LT4H-W Features • Wide time range The operation time range covers from 0.01 sec. to 9999 hours. The individual setting can be performed on each of 1 and 2 timers. 99.99s 99min59s 99h59min 999.9s 999.9min 999.9h 9999s 9999h • Bright and Easy-to-Read Display A brand new bright 2-color back light LCD display. The easy-to-read screen in any location makes checking and setting procedures a cinch. • Simple Operation Seesaw buttons make operating the unit even easier than before. • Short Body of only 64.5 mm 2.539 inch (screw terminal type) or 70.1 mm 2.760 inch (pin type) With a short body, it is easy to install in even narrow control panels. • Conforms to IP66’s Weather Resistant Standards The water-proof panel keeps out water and dirt for reliable operation even in poor environments. • Screw terminal (M3.5) and Pin Types are Both Standard Options The two terminal types are standard options to support either front panel installation or embedded installation. • Changeable Panel Cover Also offers a black panel cover to meet your design considerations. • Compliant with UL, c-UL and CE. 48 1.890 48 1.890 64.5 2.539 8-pin type 11-pin type Screw terminal type UL File No.: E122222 C-UL File No.: E122222 mm inch Product types Time range Operating mode Output Operating voltage Power down insurance Terminal type Part number 99.99s 999.9s 9999s 99min59s 999.9min 99h59min 999.9h 9999h Pulse input: • Delayed one shot • OFF-start flicker • ON-start flicker Integrating input: • Delayed one shot • OFF-start flicker • ON-start flicker Relay (1 c) 100 to 240 V AC Available 8 pins LT4HW8-AC240V 11 pins LT4HW-AC240V Screw terminal LT4HW-AC240VS 24 V AC 8 pins LT4HW8-AC24V 11 pins LT4HW-AC24V Screw terminal LT4HW-AC24VS 12 to 24 V DC 8 pins LT4HW8-DC24V 11 pins LT4HW-DC24V Screw terminal LT4HW-DC24VS Transistor (1 a) 100 to 240 V AC 8 pins LT4HWT8-AC240V 11 pins LT4HWT-AC240V Screw terminal LT4HWT-AC240VS 24 V AC 8 pins LT4HWT8-AC24V 11 pins LT4HWT-AC24V Screw terminal LT4HWT-AC24VS 12 to 24 V DC 8 pins LT4HWT8-DC24V 11 pins LT4HWT-DC24V Screw terminal LT4HWT-DC24VS * A rubber gasket (ATC18002) and a mounting frame (AT8-DA4) are included. Part names T2 T1 T2 DOWN T1 UP SET/LOCK RESET LOCK h m s OP. TIMER LT4H-W Fourth digit First digit Controlled output indicator Lock indicator Reset switch Set/Lock switch T1/T2 Operation display Display for change-over Set time display Time units display Up keys Down keys (Subtraction elapsed time display) Elapsed time display between T1/T2 settings (Same for 8-pin and screw terminal type) 1 DIP switches 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ON DIN 48 SIZE DIGITAL TIMER LT4H-W Digital Timers 09/2009

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LT4H-W - 2

21 LT4H-W Specifications Type Item Relay output type AC type 100 to 240 V AC, 24 V AC 50/60 Hz common Max. 10 V A 5 A, 250 V AC 99.99s, 999.9s, 9999s, 99min59s, 999.9min, 99h59min, 999.9h, 9999h (selected by DIP switch) Addition (UP)/Subtraction (DOWN) (2 directions selectable by DIP switch) Pulse input: Delayed one shot, OFF-start flicker or ON-start flicker Integrating input: Delayed one shot, OFF-start flicker or ON-start flicker Min. input signal width: 1 ms, 20 ms (2 directions by selected by DIP switch) (The 8 pin type does not have a stop input.) Min. input signal width: 20 ms (The...

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LT4H-W - 3

22 LT4H-W Dimensions • LT4H-W digital timer (units: mm inch) Tolerance: ..1.0 ...039 • Dimensions for flush mount (with adapter installed) • Dimensions for front panel installations • Installation panel cut-out dimensions The standard panel cut-out dimensions are shown below. Use the mounting frame (AT8-DA4) and rubber gasket (ATC18002). • For connected installations Note) 1: The installation panel thickness should be between 1 and 5 mm .039 and .197 inch. Note) 2: For connected installations, the waterproofing ability between the unit and installation panel is lost. LT4H-W SET/LOCK DOWN T2...

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LT4H-W - 4

23 LT4H-W Setting the operation mode and time range Setting procedure 1) Setting the time range (Timer T1/Timer T2) Set the time range with the DIP switches on the side of the LT4H-W timer. Setting procedure 2) Setting the operation mode Set the operation mode with the keys on the front of the LT4H-W timer. DIP switch Item DIP switch No. 1 2 3 ON ON ON 0.01 s to 99.99 s OFF OFF OFF 0.1 s to 999.9 s ON OFF OFF 1 s to 9999 s OFF ON OFF 0 min 01 s to 99 min 59 s ON ON OFF 0.1 min to 999.9 min OFF OFF ON 0 h 01 min to 99 h 59 min ON OFF ON 0.1 h to 999.9 h OFF ON ON 1 h to 9999 h Table 1:...

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LT4H-W - 5

24 LT4H-W PULSE Delayed one shot A PULSE : P ulse input INTEGRATION : Integrating input • The pulse input mode starts the operation by starting the start input. • When using the unit by starting it with the power on, shortcircuit the start terminal (8-pin: Q to R, 11-pin: E to Y and screw terminal: 6 t o 9 ). • Each signal input such as start, reset, stop and lock inputs is applied by short-circuiting its input terminal and common terminal (8-pin type: terminal Q, 11-pin type: terminal E and screw terminal: terminal ) respectively. • The 8-pin type does not have a stop input or lock input....

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LT4H-W - 6

25 LT4H SERIES CAUTIONS FOR USE 1. Terminal wiring 1) When wiring the terminals, refer to the terminal layout and wiring diagrams and be sure to perform the wiring properly without errors. 2) When using the instrument with an flush mounting, the screw-down terminal type is recommended. For the pin type, use either the rear terminal block (AT78041) or the 8P cap (AD8-RC) for the 8-pin type, and the rear terminal block (AT78051) or the 11P cap (AT8- DP11) for the 11-pin type. Avoid soldering directly to the round pins on the unit. When using the instrument with a front panel installation, use...

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LT4H-W - 7

26 LT4H SERIES CAUTIONS FOR USE values, malfunctions or damage to the internal circuitry may result, so take the necessary precautions. Noise wave form (noise simulator) Rise time: 1 ns Pulse width: 1 ìs, 50 ns Polarity: ± Cycle: 100 cycles/second 5) When connecting the operating power supply, make sure that no leakage current enters the timer. For example, when performing contact protection, if set up like that of fig. A, leaking current will • Surge wave form [± (1.2x50) ìs uni-polar full wave voltage] 100 90 50 30 0 0 1.2 Time (..s) Surge voltage (%) 50 Peak T T R C (Fig. A) (Fig. B)...

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