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KW8M Eco-POWER METER 1 New Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. KW8M Eco-POWER METER ARCT1B306E ’08.5 PRODUCT TYPES 1. Main unit MEASUREMENT ITEMS * Eco-POWER METER is designed chiefly for managing energy saving. It is not intended to be used for billing. Lineup with new energy saving and environmentally friendly features! KW8M Eco-POWER METER Phase and wire system Operating power supply Measured voltage input Measured current input Current transformer Terminal type Log function Model No. Single-phase two-wire system Single-phase three-wire system Three-phase three-wire system Three-phase four-wire system 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz • 400 V AC • 100/200 V AC 5 A, 100 A, 250 A, 400 A Dedicated CT type [5 A, 50 A (common)/ 100 A/250 A/400 A] Screw terminal (M3 “+” screw) Not available AKW8111 Available AKW8111H Item Unit Data range (Display range) Integrated electric power Active power kWh 0.00 to 9999999.9 Reactive power kvarh 0.00 to 9999999.9 Apparent power kVAh 0.00 to 9999999.9 Instantaneous electric power Active power kW 0.00 to 999999.99 Reactive power kvar –99999.99 to 0.00 to 999999.99 Apparent power kVA 0.00 to 999999.99 Current CT1 current A 0.0 to 6000 CT2 current A 0.0 to 6000 CT3 current A 0.0 to 6000 Voltage Voltage between P1 and P0 V 0.0 to 9999 Voltage between P2 and P0 V 0.0 to 9999 Voltage between P3 and P0 V 0.0 to 9999 Electricity charge* 0.00 to 99999999 Power factor Display 0.00 to 1.00 (Distiguishes if ahead (LEAD) or behind (LAG).) Communication –1.00 to 0.00 to 1.00 (Within range of phase angle è = –90 to 0 to +90°) Frequency Hz 47.5 to 63.0 Hour meter ON time Time 0.0 to 99999.9 OFF time Pulse counter 0 to 99999999 (DIN48 × 96 size) RoHS Directive compatibility information FEATURES of AKW8111 1. Direct measurement of 400 V power loads 2. Three-phase, four-wire system available 3. Improved measurement function • Instantaneous electric power • Integrated electric power • Each phase voltage and current • Frequency • Power factor 4. Simultaneous power and pulse measurement 5. Supports Networking (Up to 99 units can be connected.) • RS485 • MEWTOCOL/Modbus (RTU)* * Modbus Protocol is a communications protocol developed for PLCs by Modicon Inc. 6. KW8M series complies with CE marking. FEATURES of AKW8111H 1. Includes all the features of AKW8111. 2. Built-in memory Log data can be saved to memory of main unit. 3. Built-in battery (for memory backup) Protects log data and time measurements against power failures. 4. Optional functions (3 items) added • Each integrated electric power by month, day and hour • Arbitrary integrated active electrical power • Calendar timer function New 2. Dedicated current transformer (CT) Rated primary current Model No. 5 A AKW4801 50 A 100 A AKW4802 250 A AKW4803 400 A AKW4804 3. Tools * Customer registration is required to download data. Download from Product name Descriptions KW Monitor* Data collection software (free of charge) for parameter settings, editing of measurement values, and monitoring, etc. KW8M Eco-POWER METER User’s manual Detailed explanation of Eco-POWER METER usage (PDF) 4. Options Product name Model No. Terminal cover AKT8801 Battery AFC8801 06/2008

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KW8M Eco-POWER METER 2 SPECIFICATIONS 1. Main unit *1 Analog input terminals: No.11 to 20 / Pulse input terminal: No.4 and 5 *2 Without mounting bracket 2. Input specifications Item Specifications Rated operating voltage 100 to 240V AC Rated frequency 50/60Hz common Rated power consumption 8VA Inrush current 30 A or less (200 VAC at 25°C) Allowable operating voltage range 85 to 264V AC (85% to 110% of rated operating voltage) Allowable momentary power-off time 10ms Ambient temperature –10 to +50°C (–25°C to +70°C at storage) Ambient humidity 30 to 85%RH (at 20°C non-condensing) Breakdown...

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KW8M Eco-POWER METER 3 5. Communication Specifications Factory settings *1 Please check with the actual devices when some commercial devices with RS485 interface are connected. The number of connected devices, transmission distance, transmission speed may be different according to using transmission line. *2 For RS485 converter on the computer side, we recommend SI-35 and SI-35USB (from LINE EYE Co., Ltd.). *3 When using SI-35,SI-35USB or PLC from Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (which can be connected up to 99 units), up to 99 Eco-POWER METER can be connected. In case using this system...

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KW8M Eco-POWER METER 4 PARTS NAMES DIMENSIONS (unit: mm) Q W E R T Y U I O P { } Display indicator LOCK indicator TX/RX indicator OUT indicator Display each value MODE key SET key ITEM / key SHIFT / key Left / Right ( / ) keys OPTION key START/STOP key Lighting or blinking according to the display Lighting while in lock mode Blinking while communication Lighting when pulse output Display each measured value, Display each setting value MODE SET OPTION START STOP SHIFT ITEM Q W T Y U E R I O { } P 1. Main unit 2. Dedicated CT 1) For 5A/50A (AKW4801) 3) For 250A (AKW4803) 2) For 100A (AKW4802)...

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KW8M Eco-POWER METER 5 TERMINAL ARRANGEMENT AND WIRING DIAGRAMS 1. Main unit terminal arrangement Be sure to wire according to the terminal arrangement or wiring diagrams. 2. Wiring diagrams (wiring for electrical power measurement) • Terminal arrangement The input voltage to each terminal is as follows. • Caution for Wiring 1) Terminal fastening torque should be 0.6 to 1.0N·m. 2) This has no built-in power switch, circuit breaker for power supply part. To protect the device, it is necessary to install power switch and circuit breaker in the power supply circuit. And this has no built-in...

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KW8M Eco-POWER METER 6 3. VT (Voltage transformer) is needed when you measure a load with voltage over 440V system. (Use commercial VT, those secondary rating is 110V.) Battery for Backup Memory (Only AKW8111H) • Single-phase two-wire system No.13, 14, 17 to 20 are not wired. • Single-phase, three-wire system No.14, 19, 20 are not wired. • Three-phase, three-wire system No.14, 19, 20 are not wired. • Three-phase, four-wire system 11 12 13 14 15 16 P1 P0 k l CT1 VT L N 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 P1 P0 P2 k l l k CT1 CT2 VT R N S 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 P1 P0 P2 k l l k CT1 CT2 VT R S T 11 12 13...

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