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P400MA and P400 Imagecheckers Industrial Machine Vision 08/2008

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Panasonic Machine Vision systems Overview One-stop Machine Vision solutions Thanks to our wide product range, from the easy vision sensor to the high-end system, we can offer you the most efficient solution for your particular Machine Vision application. Compact Machine Vision systems Our newly developed vision sensors combine the ease of use of an conventional photoelectric sensor with the inspection possibilities of an entry-level vision system. They are fast, reliable and cost-effective. For more sophisticated demands, our compact Machine Vision systems range bears some impressive...

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Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Overview xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx P400 The P400 is a PC-based, multi-purpose, high-end Machine Vision system. It is the ideal inspection tool if your application requires: P400MA The P400MA is a compact, PC-based Machine Vision system that comes with an all-round set of inspection tools and interfaces. It supports up to four cameras and uses exactly the same software and powerful inspection routines as the full-size system P400. 08/2008 H igh processing performance V arious inspection functions M ulti-camera processing with up to 12 cameras E xtensibility in hard- and...

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Extremely user-friendly. Multi-purpose for a wide range of industrial inspection applications. High performance and cost effective. Expandable in hard- and software. A reliable and flexible partner: P400MA and P400 are complete PC-based vision systems. By selecting only high-quality components and developing a specially dedicated driver software, P400MA and P400 hardware and software have been optimized to yield maximum performance and reliability. Furthermore, these systems prove that ease of use and flexibility are not contradictory. P400 Hardware (Page 6-9) Vision P400 Software (Page...

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Imagechecker P400MA Hardware P400MA A reliable and compact system The system’s hardware and software are delivered fully configured, which saves you time setting up your system. Standardized hardware and several protective features ensure safe and reliable operation for many years – even in a harsh industrial environment. Latest Vision technology A careful combination of the latest computing technology and selected image processing hardware yields robust, fast and precise industrial Machine Vision. The system comes equipped with our Vision P400 software, which is based on one of the most...

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Highlights: Cost-efficient and precise checking with up to 4 CCD matrix cameras S everal universal checkers that can be parameterized to handle your individual checking tasks – today and tomorrow uick and easy creation and modification of qualitatively superior checking Q routines – without requiring expert knowledge asy, time-saving integration into your overall plan and/or existing systems E D esigned for industrial applications P owerful, compact complete system at an attractive price Interfaces: 2 x RS232 Flashlight control 2 x Ethernet Four cameras Firewire IEE1394 08/2008 4 x USB 2.0...

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Imagechecker P400 Hardware P400 Expandable The system can be upgraded with up to two additional camera boards, which will be detected automatically by the software. P400 comes equipped with standard interfaces such as RS232, USB, Ethernet and even a digital I/O card. Futhermore, several unoccupied PCI slots offer added flexibility for your future needs. Fast The combination of carefully selected, fast hardware components and a specially developed driver software gives P400 real high-speed inspection capabilities. For example, extracting more than 1000 object features takes less than 50ms....

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Highlights: recise inspection with up to 12 CCD matrix cameras P High performance and multi-purpose system E xpandable thanks to modular concept I ndustrially proven with excellent connectivity S everal outstanding features of Imagechecker P400MA Multi-camera processing The P400 is able to operate with up to 12 cameras in serial input mode or 6 cameras while capturing images in parallel. Users may select from different CCD-matrix camera types, from basic types to megapixel types. Designed for use in industry During the development of the Imagechecker P400, Panasonic attached great...

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Vision P400 - Graphical user interface Vertical toolbar used to select a checker. With an icon from the right-hand bar, the checker window shape can be selected. The size and position of the window defined can be modified at will using the mouse. parameters and results. The drag & drop facility can be used to optimize limit values. Statistics can be prepared and checking results assigned to the interfaces. Action commands assist in analysing test objects which have been recognized as being faulty. Information about the effect of selecting a menu item or icon is provided here. Here all basic...

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Horizontal toolbar Includes various icons, e.g. to start the application or test the checkers. From here the inspection program can be started manually, and helpful diagnostic tools such as an error display or interface monitors can also be launched. les', Panasonic MEW Vision',,Vision P400 Demo 4.1\Applications\gutteil. alil>.)| Lower Limit| Upjjgi Limit] Min Result] MAX Res<.ilt| Avei^<j Image area In this window the video image toggled between the direct live image and the saved image. checkers set. This is also where the order in which the checkers checker by simply clicking on This is...

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Imagechecker P400MA and P400 Vision P400 Software – Features Two systems – one software Although P400MA and P400 are different with respect to hardware features, their “intelligence” – the Vision P400 software – is the same. Thus users benefit from a uniform GUI with the same range of inspection tools in both systems and a scalable hardware power. Vision P400 inspection programs are rendered interchangeable between both devices. Fully equipped Vision P400 includes a wide range of checkers which are ready-to-use inspection routines adjustable with a few mouse clicks. Presence checking,...

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