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TOTAL CONTROL MANUAL SELECTION OR AUTOMATICALLY THE RIGHT SPEED AND POWER Power Tools for Professionals EY 7443 AUTO Drill &Driver The working mode of the EY 7443 AUTOGEAR is completely selectable by the user and offers three gear settings: HIGH, LOW and AUTO. On long and difficult drilling applications, the AUTOGEAR mode always selects the best speed ... AUTOMATICALLY. Three gear settings available: AUTO Best performance depending the load of application – without stop HIGH Actuator High speed, less power – for fast working The high quality actuator selects gear smoothly reducing wear and increasing reliability. Circuit Board Panasonic Power Tools ’Panasonic House’ Willoughby Road Bracknell, Berkshire RG12, 8FP, United Kingdom Telephone: (01344) 85 31 87 Facsimile: (01344) 85 32 17 LOW Low speed, full power – for heavy drilling Panasonic Electric Works AG The design and specification of products are constantly changing in the interest of improvement. Whilst every care has been taken in preparation of this catalogue, some changes may not have been indicated and may have occurred after publication. Please check with your Panasonic dealer for details. Panasonic Electric Works AG cannot accept responsibility for any errors and omissions. Produced in Germany 12/2012 © 2012 Panasonic Electric Works AG Dealer’s stamp DYNAMIC INNOVATION AUTOMATIC PERFORMANCE

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DYNAMIC SPEED CONTROL THE 7443 AUTOGEAR DRILL &DRIVER AUTOMATICALLY DELIVERS The 7443 AUTOGEAR features an automatic gear selection mechanism which changes to suit the application AUTOMATICALLY – economising time and power. EY 7443 LS2S / X Benefits and other functions: Speed Faster application as automatic gear selection will also work when unfastening so will start with high torque and then switch to high speed. Overload Protection By sensing that it requires more torque, the unit will change gear to accommodate and reduce load on motor. In extreme overload situations, this sensor will...

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