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Panasonic Electric Works Fire & Security Technology Europe AB Citadellsvägen 23, SE-211 18 Malmö, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)40 697 70 00 • Fax: +46 (0)40 697 70 99 info@mfstech.com • www.panasonic-fire-security.com Fire alarm systems External power supply 3366 • Connected to a COM loop. • Monitored from the c.i.e. • Space for batteries inside the housing. General The Ext. power supply 3366 consists of a rectifier (the main power source) and a charger board mounted in a grey metal housing, which also has space for two maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid backup batteries, rated 12 V, 6.5-7.5 Ah (the second power source). Larger batteries (up to 60 Ah) have to be placed outside the housing. The unit is addressable, i.e. it is connected to a COM loop and monitored from the c.i.e. and e.g. loss of the main power source (230 V AC) will generate a fault in the c.i.e. There are many cable inlets in the housing, see figure on the opposite side of this page. Two compression glands are attached. Charging mode Low current charging mode is used for batteries < 27 Ah. 24 V DC output < 2.2 A. High current charging mode is used for batteries 28-60 Ah if EN54-4 is to be fulfilled. 24 V DC output < 0.85 A. A fire alarm in the system will automatically turn off the battery charging, i.e. the output current can then be up to 4 A. Inputs / Outputs / Connectors All connections are done on screw terminals except for the batteries, which have tab terminals. - Mains (230 V AC) - Battery no. 1 (12 V, 7.5-60 Ah) - Battery no. 2 (12 V, 7.5-60 Ah) - 24 V DC output, 2.2 A alt. 0.85 A (4 A) - Earth connector - /Mains OK output (Output designed for the 3364 unit.) - COM loop (in) - COM loop (out) Settings The COM loop address is set with an Address setting tool 3314. The unit has an address label where the address is to be written. 3314 is also used to set the mode: NORMAL mode: This mode can be used in system EBL512 with S/W version > 2.3 and in system EBL128. 2330 mode: This mode is used in system EBL512 with S/W version < 2.2.x and in system EBL1000. The unit has to be programmed in Win512 and PLAN1000 respectively as "SU4 Addressable 4 voltage outputs unit 2262 / 2263". The unit will in Win512 via "Check all loop units" be identified as an "SU4 Addressable 4 voltage outputs unit 2262 / 2263". 2312 mode: Not used for 3366. Product applications The 3366 unit is used in the systems EBL128, EBL512 and EBL1000 when an external power supply monitored from the c.i.e. is required. Two "Addressable 2 voltage outputs unit" 3364 connected to one power supply 3366 are intended to succeed the current 2262 unit with four voltage outputs.

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All technical features and data are subject to changes without notice, resulting from continuous development and improvement. Product Leaflet Date of issue Revision / Date of revision MEW00515 2005-09-15 2 / 2006-08-31 Type number 3366 External power supply (batteries are not included) External power supply (3366) inside view: Rectifier 230 V AC / 24 V DC (1537), Charger board (3367) and space for two batteries rated 12 V / 6.5-7.5 Ah (size 150 x 65 x 94 mm). JP2 open = low current charging mode. JP2 shunted = high current charging mode. Jumper JP2 is situated on the charger board, see...

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