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Panasonic Electric Works Fire & Security Technology Europe AB Jungmansgatan 12, SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)40 697 70 00 • Fax: +46 (0)40 697 70 99 info-fste@eu.pewg.panasonic.com • www.panasonic-fire-security.com Fire alarm systems Enclosed heat detectors 6295, 6296, 6297 and 6298 • Fixed temperature alarm level • ATEX compliance • Waterproof (IP67) Fixed temperature alarm level The detectors are conventional fixed temperature heat detectors, i.e. they will give an alarm within a response temperature range in accordance with EN54-5:2000. The sensing element is a heat pick-up shield and a bimetal switch. An LED on the detector (not on 6298) will light up when the detector goes into alarm. The detector also has an output for an external LED 2216 / 2217. The following types are available (static response temperature, class & EN54-5 temp. range): 6295, 57°C, class A2 S (54 to 70°C). 6296, 72°C, class B S (69 to 85°C). 6297, 87°C, class C S (84 to 100°C). 6298, 117°C, class E S (114 to 130°C). Latching The detectors are latching, i.e. they will not be automatically reset if the temperature, after the alarm, falls below the detector's static response temperature. The detector's LED and a connected ext. LED will be lit until the detector is reset via the c.i.e. ATEX classification The detectors 6295 and 6296 complies with the ATEX classification Ex II 3GD EEx nA II T5. See also the opposite side of this page. Waterproof connection box The heat pick-up shield, the LED, all electronics, etc. are mounted in a grey waterproof detector housing, to be mounted on the attached connection box, which has three cable inlets. Three compression glands and a silicon gasket for IP67 are also attached. Label holder A label holder intended for a label showing "zone number", can be mounted in the connection box. Miscellaneous The detectors 6295-6298 are provided with three pairs of flying leads with female pushon connectors, see figure on the opposite side of this page. (Zone line cables (in / out) and an external LED.) Product applications The detectors can be used in the systems EBL500 / 512 / 128 / 1000 / 2000 provided with some zone line inputs for the system respectively (e.g. an 8 zones expansion board 1580 / 4580 input, an addressable zone interface 2226 / 2335 input, an addressable multi purpose I/O unit 3361 input, etc.). Heat detectors are normally used in rooms where the temperature can be expected to rise rapidly in case of a fire or places where smoke detectors can not be used. The detectors are intended for outdoor use or indoor use in high humidity premises.

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Enclosed heat detectors 6295, 6296, 6297 and 6298 - 2

All technical features and data are subject to changes without notice, resulting from continuous development and improvement. Product Leaflet Date of issue Revision / Date of revision MEW00132 2001-10-19 9 / 2008-10-10 Type numbers 6295 Enclosed heat detector, 57°C, class A2 S (54 to 70°C). 6296 Enclosed heat detector, 72°C, class B S (69 to 85°C). 6297 Enclosed heat detector, 87°C, class C S (84 to 100°C). 6298 Enclosed heat detector, 117°C, class E S (114 to 130°C). 3390 Label holder (100 holders per packet, excl. labels). 3391 Labels for 3390 (10 sheets à 132 labels) Detector mounting...

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