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High-speed 360Rotation and ReverseRotation Inspections Red LED guide light enables High accuracy Easy installation > Special softwareenables Simple setting >

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All components for lighting, optics, image acquisition (camera) and signalprocessing (CPU) are combined in one unit and are mutually optimised to ensure that reading codes is performed quickly, reliably and with virtually nomaintenance. > PD50 can be used in harsh industrialenvironments.Its compact aluminium housing and robust connectors conform to theprotection class IP67. > Two LEDs project red spots on the working surface.The correctworking distance is indicated when the two spots intersect and appear as one.This combined spot also shows the centre of the inspection area, which is useful...

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Flexible setup > PD50 can be setup in two different ways.If you prefer to configure PD50 with a PC or a notebook, our free software PDTOOL will quickly and easily assist you step-by-step.Automatic teach-in and other useful functions allow even un-experienced users to configure the PD50.Alternatively, if you dont use PCs in your production environment, settings can be done with the Operation and Finder Unit.These small, panel-mountable devices can also monitor images and results during inspection. 360Ұhigh-speed reading > PD50 can read codes, regardless of their rotation angle. As long as...

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You can configure the PD50 with the optional Operation and Finder Units or even more comfortably ֖ with our free-of- chargeWindows-based software PDTOOL.First-time users easily grasp the settings principles and are aided by such functions as auto- teaching. Just use the mouse to move the inspection areaposition or change the size. After setting the inspection area, you can perform teaching withone click using a non-defective code sample.The exposure timeand the 2D code type are automatically detected, eliminatingcomplicated setting processes. The setting flow indicator showsyou what to do...

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PD50 reads Data Matrix ECC200 and QR codes.The codes can be created by printing, laser marking, engraving, etching andstamping.Furthermore, even distorted, displaced or inversed codes can be read reliably. > Being equipped with a dedicated image memory, PD50 allows real-time image storage during inspection.Up to 8 images can be saved in a ringbuffer.You can define whether to save each inspection image or onlyimages with negative inspection results.These images can be transferred to PDTOOL, where they can be viewed or stored as Bitmap files, e.g.forquality control reports. > Thanks to its...

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Our newly developed LightPix AE20 combines the ease of use of a conventional photoelectricsensor with the inspection possibilities of an entry-level vision system.It is fast, cost effective and suitable for various two-dimensional sensing tasks. > A100/200 Machine Vision systems are our entry-level compact system with multi-purpose functionality.With dimensions of just 120 x 40 x 70mm, the A-Series Imagechecker is one of thesmallest of its kind.It allows high-speed, dual-camera processing (A200) with a robust and maturestand-alone hardware. > Once colour-related product failures require...

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Europe HeadquartersPanasonic Electric Works Europe AG Rudolf-Diesel-Ring 2, 83607 Holzkirchen, Tel. (08024) 648-0, Fax (08024) 648-111, AustriaPanasonic Electric Works Austria GmbH JosefMadersperger Str. 2, 2362 Biedermannsdorf, Tel. (02236) 26846, Fax (02236) 46133, PEW Electronic Materials Europe GmbH Industriehafenstrae 9, 4470 Enns, Tel. (07223) 883, Fax (07223) 88333, Benelux Panasonic Electric Works Sales Western Europe B.V. De Rijn 4, (Postbus 211), 5684 PJ Best, (5680 AE Best),...

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