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Panasonic Electric Works Fire & Security Technology Europe AB Citadellsvägen 23, SE-211 18 Malmö, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)40 697 70 00 • Fax: +46 (0)40 697 70 99 • Fire alarm systems Addressable siren 3377 • High sound output but low current consumption • Three different tones and priority levels • Connected directly on the COM loop General The siren is a general purpose sounder that consists of a horn (incl. all electronics) and a back box, which has double cable entries. It is made of red ABS plastic. The COM loop is connected directly to the siren via a plugin 4-way terminal block (2 in/2 out). High sound output The siren has a high sound output but a low current consumption. The volume can be adjusted via a potentiometer. Tones Three tones are available: • Continuous 990 Hz • Pulsed (Intermittent) 990 Hz, 0.5s / 0.5s • Two-tone (Alternating) 980/645 Hz, 0.25s / 0.25s Priority levels Three priority levels are available in system EBL512 and two in system EBL128. For each level an output control expression and a tone is programmed (via Win512 / Win 128). The siren can, for example, be used for prewarning, fire alarm and general fire alarm, with a different tone for each type of alarm. Address & Mode setting For COM loop address setting, the address setting tool 3314 is used. The siren has an address label where the address is to be written. 3314 is also used to set the mode: • NORMAL mode: 3377 (3377 in Win512 / Win128). • 2330 mode: Can not be used. • 2312 mode: Can not be used. Miscellaneous The address setting tool 3314 is connected directly to siren's connectors when the terminal block is unplugged. The siren is power supplied via the COM loop, i.e. the number of sirens is depending on the type and number of other units connected to the same COM loop. Product applications Used in the systems EBL512 (SW version > 2.2) and EBL128. The siren is intended for indoor use and in dry premises.

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All technical features and data are subject to changes without notice, resulting from continuous development and improvement. Product Leaflet Date of issue Revision / Date of revision MEW00128 2003-06-30 4 / 2006-08-31 Type number 3377 Addressable siren 50 50 60 Technical data Voltage (V DC) rated allowed normal 24 12-30 24 Current consumption from COM loop at norm. volt. (mA) quiescent active 1 <13 Ambient temperature (°C) operating storage -10 to +55 -25 to +70 Ambient humidity (% RH) Max. 95, non condensing Ingress Protection rating (estimated) IP 42 Sound output (dB (A) @ 1 m) 100 ±2...

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