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Safety Precautions • Important Notes on exporting this product or equipment containing this product; If the end-user or application of this product is related to military affairs or weapons, its export may be controlled by "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law" of Japan where export license will be required before product can be exported from • This product is designed and manufactured for use in General Purpose Industrial Equipment and it is not intended to be used in equipment or system that may cause personal injury or death. • All servicing such as installation, wiring, operation, maintenance and etc., should be performed by qualified personnel only. • Tighten mounting screws with an adequate torque by taking into consideration strength of the screws and the characteristics of material to which the product will be mounted. Over tightening can damage the screw and/or material; under tightening can *Example: apply 2.7 - 3.3 N-m torque when tightening steel screw (M5) to steel surface. • Install safety equipment to prevent serious accidents or loss that is expected in case of failure of this product. • Consult us before using this product under such special conditions and environments as nuclear energy control, aerospace, transportation, medical equipment, various safety equipments or equipments which require a lesser air contamination. • We have been making the best effort to ensure the highest quality of our products, however, some applications with exceptionally large external noise disturbance and static electricity, or failure in input power, wiring and components may result in unexpected action. It is highly recommended that you make a fail-safe design and secure the safety in the operative range. • If the motor shaft is not electrically grounded, it may cause an electrolytic corrosion to the bearing, depending on the condition of the machine and its mounting environment, and may result in the bearing noise. Checking and verification by customer is • Failure of this product depending on its content may generate smoke of about one cigarette. Take this into consideration when the application of the machine is clean room related. • Please be careful when using the product in an environment with high concentrations of sulfur or sulfuric gases, as sulfuration can lead to disconnection from the chip resistor or a poor contact connection. • Do not input a supply voltage which significantly exceeds the rated range to the power supply of this product. Failure to heed this caution may lead to damage of the internal parts, causing smoke and/or fire and other troubles. • The user is responsible for matching between machine and components in terms of configuration, dimensions, life expectancy, characteristics, when installing the machine or changing specification of the machine. The user is also responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations. • Manufacturer's warranty will be invalid if the product has been used outside its stated specifications. • Component parts are subject to minor change to improve performance. • Read and observe the instruction manual to ensure correct use of the product. Consult to the dealer from whom you have purchased this product for details of repair work. When the product is incorporated to the machine you have purchased, consult to the machine manufacturer or its dealer. Electric data of this product (Instruction Manual, CAD data) can be download from the following web site; Panasonic Corporation, Appliances Company, Motor Business Division 1-1 Morofuku 7-chome, Daito, Osaka 574-0044, Japan The contents of this catalog apply 1 Printed colors may be slightly different from the actual products 1 Specifications and design of the products are subject to change without notice for the product improvement Ml NASE series Catalog

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Servo motor that brings out potential of Two-degree-of-freedom control system All-in-one type 17 bit absolute/ incremental encoder All-in-one: Speed, Position, Torque*1, *1 Not applicable to two-degree-of-freedom control system All-in-one type 17 bit absolute/ incremental encoder • All-in-one: Speed, Position, Torque, Full-closed control type Two-degree-of-freedom control system Position control type Position control (pulse train commands) Position control type Position control (pulse train commands) position control type Ultra-small design and pulse train command type only i Real-time auto...

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Two-degree-of-freedom control system All-in-one type Realizes quick and accurate movement. Fast response & High-precision positioning Adopted New Algorithm “Two-degree-of-freedom control” (2DOF) to improve productivity and machining accuracy. In the conventional model, because we could not adjust separately feedforward control and feedback controls, in other words even if we only adjust “Approach” of feedforward, it had connection with “Settling” of • Full-closed control and torque control are not applicable to 2DOF control system. Belt device • Conventional model schematic settling time...

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Highly Functional Real-time Auto-Gain Tuning A5 Example application Semiconductor production equipment, packaging, etc. Operation speed up by new developed LSI and high responsible control. By the industry’s leading speed and positioning response, a highly advanced system can be created. What’s more, the shorter response delay will realize an extremely lower vibration. Conventional Product 20 bits/revolution, 1.04 million pulses (At incremental type) A5 Example application Machine tools, textile machinery, etc. Example application Semiconductor production equipment, food processing...

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Damping filter Chip mounters, food processing machinery, robots, general production machinery, etc. Equipped with a damping filter featuring simplified Without Damping Filter automatic setup. Example application Manual/Auto Damping Filter Safe With Damping Filter Complies with European Safety Standards. The setup software features automatic setup of the damping filter. This filter removes the natural vibration frequency component from the command input, greatly reducing vibration of the axis when stopping. The number of filters has been increased to four from the conventional two filters...

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