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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 2

2D code readers PD60/65 Overview [Stationary type] Field of view From 2×1.6mm [Hand-held type] to 30×25mm (12 different models) Integrated light Light configuration Protection construction Read method Pre-processing White LED 4 control sections IP67G * 1 Triggered by I/O FPGA pre-processing + Software pre-processing *1 Fulfils IP67G only when USB connector cap is fitted. 2 Field of view 12×10mm or Integrated light White LED 25×20mm Light configuration Protection construction Dual side lighting/diffuse lighting IP67G *1 Read method Triggered by button push Pre-processing FPGA pre-processing...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 3

All-in-one design: LED lighting, optics, camera, CPU and interfaces in one compact unit Suitable for Data Matrix ECC200 code and QR code Particularly suitable for direct marks on metal (DPM) Can read 2D codes made by inkjet printing, laser marking, stamping, engraving, etc. Easy installation and easy setup Accurate, high-speed reading Real time image transfer and storage Rugged IP67G metal body *1 3

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 4

Common features Integrated design All components for lighting, optics, image acquisition (camera) and signal processing (CPU) are combined in one unit and are mutually optimized to ensure that reading codes is performed quickly, reliably and with Compact and place-saving solution Reliable code reading for DPM Various original pre-processing algorithms are applied to allow decoding even 2D codes that are difficult to read. Reading area Make the darker/brighter cells black/white ^ | Make the darker cells black Make the brighter cells white Make the darker/briahter cells black/white Highlight...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 5

Read Error Improvement of read accuracy due to pre-processing. Read OK Preprocessing Detergent is caught in the code, making donuts shapes. The stamp is restored by correcting the image. Read OK No detergent Detection Error 1 Read Error Read OK Pre-processing Pre-processing Blacken cells Make black points larger Equalize Equalize With detergent Code reading even under difficult conditions Real time image transfer and storage Images with read errors (or all images) can be stored in the main unit. In addition, using the free utility tool - PDTOOL– images can be transferred to a PC and stored...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 6

Stationary 2D code reader PD60 The hardware Illumination control The integrated LED illumination of PD60 can be activated completely or only partially. Without light control With light control Evenly illuminated objects for reliable reading Easy installation LED Two LEDs project red spots on the working surface. The correct working distance is indicated when the two spots intersect and appear as one. This combined spot also shows the centre of the inspection area, which is useful for aligning the sensors’ field of view. Suitable distance and position Too close Too far (blurred) Easy and...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 7

Hand-held 2D code reader PD65 The hardware Automatic light switching Reading under the optimum lighting conditions is made possible by the automatic light switching function. It switches between two lighting patterns which grants greater reading. Side lighting Diffused lighting Optimum reading conditions Dual signal notification Whether reading is possible or not will be confirmed visually during operation. Read OK Green light + buzzer Read not possible Orange light OK NG Instant reading confirmation Handy and robust Due to its ergonomic design it can also easily be used with gloves. For...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 8

Easy-to-use setup software PDTOOL You can configure the PD60/65 with our free-of- charge Windows-based software PDTOOL. First-time users easily grasp the settings principles and are aided by such functions as auto-teaching. PDTOOL provides the customer with several convenient 1. Clear and well structured user interface 2. Simple setup - one step automatic settings 3. Individual adjustments possible if necessary Just use the mouse to move the inspection area position or The easy setting mode allows even inexperienced users to come to a suitable setup in a short time. The detail setting mode...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 9

Technical specifications Main units PD60 (stationary) Part number ANPD060-02 ANPD060-04 ANPD060-05 ANPD060-06 Installation distance 15 ± 0.5mm 50 ± 2.5mm 27 ± 1.0mm 30± 1.5mm Field of view X x Y 2 x 1.6mm 4 x 3.2mm 5 x 4mm 6 x 4.8mm ANPD060S10 ANPD060-10 ANPD060-12 ANPD060-15 Installation distance 45 ± 2.0mm 100 ± 5.0mm 110 ± 5.5mm 65 ± 3.0mm Field of view X x Y 10 x 8mm 10 x 8mm 12 x 10mm 15 x 12mm Part number Part number ANPD060-20 ANPD060S25 ANPD060-25 ANPD060-30 Installation distance 80 ± 4.0mm 105 ± 5.0mm 200 ± 10.0mm 55 ± 2.5mm Field of view X x Y 20 x 16mm 25 x 20mm 25 x 20mm 30 x...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 11

Related products Vision sensors Our LightPix AE20 combines the ease of use of a conventional photoelectric sensor with the inspection possibilities of an entry-level vision system. It is fast, cost-effective and suitable for various two-dimensional sensing tasks. Compact Machine Vision systems Imagechecker A100/200 A100/200 Machine Vision systems are our entry-level compact system with multi-purpose functionality. With dimensions of just 120 x 40 x 70mm, the A-Series Imagechecker is one of the smallest of its kind. It allows high-speed, dual-camera processing (A200) with a robust and mature...

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2D Code Reading Sensor PD60 / 65 - 12

Global Network Services Global Network North America Europe Asia Pacific China Japan Panasonic Electric Works Please contact our Global Sales Companies in: Europe ▸ Headquarters ▸ Austria Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG Panasonic Electric Works Austria GmbH PEW Electronic Materials Europe GmbH ▸ Benelux ▸ Czech Republic ▸ France ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Panasonic Electric Works Sales Western Europe B.V. Panasonic Electric Works Czech s.r.o. Panasonic Electric Works Sales Western Europe B.V. Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG Panasonic...

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