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VL-T - 2

COMPACT VL TYPE TOUCH LIMIT SWITCHES VL-T Mini Touch (AZ84) Limit Switches Operate just by touching lightly. Comes with sensitivity adjustment function and Indicates operations. FEATURES Free attachment type 1. Compact Same size as the VL mini limit switch: a compact limit switch perfectly suited to this era of space-saving. 2. Sturdy construction A sturdy construction comparable to any limit switch which uses a zinc die-cast body, a glass-weave reinforced plastic head, and a cover. The terminal cover also boasts excellent dust-proof and drip-proof capabilities. 3. Easy wiring Because this...

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VL-T - 3

VL-T (AZ84) SPECIFICATIONS 1. Rating 3. Protective characteristics 12/24V DC (at 12V DC: approx. 6 mA, 24V DC: approx. 11 mA) Max. 10ms Max. 150 mA Rated control voltage Response time Output current Protective construction IEC IP60 IP64 Note) When used as a direct load, any DC type relay may be applied. VL-T Mini touch limit switches ć ć 2. Characteristics Allowable operating voltage Adjustable sensitivity Vibration resis- Functional tance Destructive Shock resistance Initial insulation resistance (At 500V DC) Breakdown voltage Expected life (min. operations) Power source ripple factor...

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VL-T - 4

VL-T (AZ84) mm inch WIRING If the wiring is miswired, the unit may be damaged. Ensure that the power B is connected to the red screw, and the ground v is connected to the black screw. • Analysis figure • Cable treatment Cover screw Cable Sealing 9 11 .354 .433 Wiring diagram Cover VL-T Mini touch limit switch 3(Red) Terminal screw • Applicable connectors Projection Max. 5.5 .217 Load Max. 5.5 .217 3.2 to 3.7 dia. .126 to .146 dia. Body circuit Internal 2(White) Antenna 12/24V DC 20 .787 Sensitivity adjustment knob Operation indicator 150mA Max. Antenna Max. 10 .394 1(Black) 3.2 to 3.7 dia....

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VL-T - 5

3. Construction of logic circuits Load R will operate only when both A and B touch limit switches are in detect- Load R will operate when either A or B touch limit switch is in detecting condi- Any kind of material is usable if it is con- ductive. Protect it from oil, dirt and rust which may lead to non-conductivity. 4) Limitation of free attachement antenna Any kind of shape is usable. If it is too large, switches may malfunction. Total area should be within 500 mm2 and max- imum length should be 300 mm Lead diamater 1) Avoid using VL-T switches in the fol- lowing conditions: • In...

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VL-T - 6

SELECTOR CHART Classification Subminiature size Product name SL (AZ3) Micro Limit Switches Compact size HL (AZH) Limit Switches (Die cast case) HL (AZH) Limit Switches (Die cast case) HL (AZH) Limit Switches (Plastic case) ML (AZ7) Limit Switches (standard) ML (AZ7) Limit Switches (Epoxy-Sealed terminal type) Appearance AZH20 AZH10 22 AZH23 12 AZ7 AZ7 • A limit switch with • Switches installed • An ML compact limit • High sealability that • High sealability that • Bifurcated type available. satisfies IEC IP67. high-density mounting satisfies IEC IP67. with both economical switch with an •...

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VL-T - 7

Classification Subminiature size vertical type Product name QL (AZ4) Micro Limit Switches Compact size vertical type DL (AZD1) Mini Limit Switches Vertical type VL (AZ8) Mini Limit Switches Touch type AZ5 Limit Switches Door switch VL-T Mini Touch Limit Switches Compact Magnelimit Magnelimit Appearance Head code With lamps Protective construction AZ4 AZD1 AZ8 AZ5 AZ84 AZC3 AZC1 • A subminiature, highly accu- • Excellent safety even if the • In addition to the • Built-in dedicated • Operate just by • Secured by magnet • Secured by magnet rate limit switch with built-in contact point is...

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VL-T - 8

ACTUATOR SELECTION Classification Pretravel (P.T.) Push plunger type Small Medium Large Roller plunger type (includes cross roller plunger) Type Overtravel Operating Accuracy (O.T.) force (O.F.) Vibration shock Characteristics Excellent Excellent High-level accuracy gives firm detection for position fixing, etc., by using perpendicular movement. Small Medium Large Excellent Excellent Operating range can be widened by mounting accessory actuators like cams, dogs, cylinders, etc. High-level detection for position fixing. Excellent The stroke in the direction of revolution is large at between...

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VL-T - 9

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Ⅵ Standard glossary Ⅵ CONSTRUCTION • Fixed rating values • Actuator • • • • • • The values that guarantee the standards for the limit switch characteristics and functions. For example, the rated current and rated voltage, which are preset conditions (load type, current, voltage, frequency, etc.) Operating object The mechanism and mountings that operate the limit switch actuator. Used for mechanical operators such as cams and dogs. Detective object The unit other than mechanical mountings that operate the limit switch. Products, parts, jigs, etc. Reaction spring...

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VL-T - 10

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Ⅵ Glossary relating to the EN60947-5-1 • EN60947-5-1 • EN standard same as IEC947-5-1 Utilization categories The following examples express the classification of switches by category of use. Current type Category AC-15 Controls electromagnetic loads in excess of 72VA (Volt Amperes.) DC DC-12 Controls resistance loads and semiconductor loads. • Contents AC • Rated impulse withstand voltage • • Rated operational voltage (Ue) • • 6 The maximum rated voltage for switch operation. This must never exceed the maximum ratings insulation voltage (Ui). Rated operational current...

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VL-T - 11

PROTECTIVE CONSTRUCTION Ⅵ Protective construction Expresses the degree of protective construction that guards the level of functionability of the switch against ingress of solid objects, water, and oil. The standards are IEC529 (IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. IEC standards determine the level of protection against both water and solid objects, but not against oil. ⅷ Protection against both water and solid objects IP- □ □ Level Protection level 0 Protection level and test methods — No particular protection Protection against rain fall 3 Rain-proof No damage...

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