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SUBMINIATURE SIZE LIMIT SWITCHES QL (AZ4) Micro Limit Switches High precision micro limit switches with excellent environment proofing Quickly upgraded to limit switches with lamps by mounting an LED lamp socket An exposed terminal type model combined with a socket with cord for the built-in LED lamp (sold separately) easily become a limit switch with lamp. Convenient for maintenance such as operations checks. QL exposed terminal type QL limit with lamp Socket with LED lamp L socket type (roller arm) Compliance with RoHS Directive FEATURES 1. Subminiature design The size of the actual unit is approximately 1/10 in the case of the plunger model and approximately 1/6.5 in the case of the arm model, that of the vertical type limit switch. Large-scale miniaturization has been achieved. Ideal for miniaturized machinery designs or highly accurate miniaturized machines. Approx. 1/10 Vertical type 2. A lamp can be easily added for operations checks 3. With appropriate O.T. range display The arm model has a convenient appropriate O.T. range display for attachment adjustment work. This should be set so that the operations display board’s indicated protrusion winds inside the protrusion on the axle receptor, permitting use under optimum conditions. O.T. exceeded Appropriate range Insufficient O.T. range Appropriate range Operating display board 4. Terminal uses both solder and tab (#110) 5. O.P. accuracy of ±0.2 (O.P. repeated accuracy initially ±0.03) achieved Attachment accuracy improved greatly The plunger model has achieved a high O.P. repeated accuracy of within 0.03mm through the development of a unique switch mechanism and a standard attachment surface on the upper surface of the unit (a surface with no slants.) Also, through a unique mechanism that permits adjustment of the O.P. in each individual product at the time of assem- bly, an O.P. accuracy of ±0.2mm .008inch can be safeguarded between lots, so that almost no operating position adjustment is required during either attachment or replacement. 6. A subminiature limit switch with a great stroke margin (O.T./T.T.) The T.T. has been enlarged by using a switching mechanism by coil spring for QL. 7. Long life The unit has a long mechanical life of minimum 107 times and a long electrical life of min. 3 ‫ 501 ן‬times (5A, 250V AC resistance load) by means of a silver alloy contact with excellent solvent-proof characteristics and a guaranteed wiping operation that possesses two hinges and switching method by coil spring. 8. A mechanism with excellent environment proofing • A protective construction equivalent to IEC IP64 The actuator has an axle seal with special packing, and the main case and terminals have both a waterproof ring and an epoxy-sealed mechanism. Also, the entire mechanism is water-proof due to the optional socket. Socket with cord type... IP64 equivalent • A sturdy, shockproof construction The body uses die-cast zinc, and the actuator uses stainless steel. Moreover, shock absorbers have been added to lessen the shock during plunger release. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Any application where compactness, density, and robustness, such as subminiaturized machines and plant machinery, is required. PRODUCT TYPE 1. Switch body Actuator Push plunger Roller plunger Cross roller plunger Roller arm Adjustable rod Adjustable roller arm Notes) 1. Cadmium free contact types are available on a custom-made basis. Please add an “F” to the end of the part number when ordering. 2. *L socket type or socket with cord type is combination of; L socket type = Exposed terminal type + L socket, Socket with cord type = Exposed terminal type + Socket with cord type (cord length: 1m) 3. UL recognized, CSA certified type available. When ordering, add suffix 9 to part No.. (For the socket with cord type, only UL recognized type available with suffix 9 to the part No.) All Rights Reserved © COPYRIGHT Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

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QL (AZ4) 2. Socket Applicable limit switches Specifications L socket Socket with cord (1 m) Socket with cord (2 m) Socket with cord (3 m) Socket with cord (5 m) Exposed terminal types 3. Socket with LED Applicable limit switches Lamp connection Normally open connection Exposed terminal types Normally closed connection Notes) 1. Types with 24 to 48V DC lamp rating are recommended for PC input use. 2. The following cord lengths are also available and lot-produced upon request. The 5th digit (boxed) of product code denotes the length of cord. Numerals come in the asterisked (*) digits, which...

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QL (AZ4) 2. Actual load life curve (relay coil load) DATA 1. Life curve (Set with AZ4003 exposed terminal type and AZ3806 L socket.) M12(P=1.25) head section M8 (Between side 7.5 distance 13) .295 (Set with AZ4004 exposed terminal type and AZ3806 L socket.) PT 15°±3° 15° 12.5‫ 8.3ן‬dia. .492‫ 051.ן‬dia. stainless steel roller Presettable at any angle in the 360° range Mounting metal M3 socket fastening screw Note) The following types are also available. Roller plunger: AZ4002 Cross roller plunger: AZ4003 Roller arm: AZ4004 Adjustable rod: AZ4007 Adjustable roller arm: AZ4008 Adjustable...

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L socket Terminal case Socket fastening screw .197 Terminal body Waterproof ring Rubber packing Socket with cord Socket body Waterproof ring Rubber packing Socket fastening screw AZ3807 (cord length: 1m) weight: 85g Cord color B (Black) R (Red) W (White) Socket body Rubber packing Socket fastening screw Cord color B (Black) R (Red) W (White) LAMP LIGHTING CIRCUIT 1. Load at N.O. side Use normally open (N.O.) connection terminal. LED will be turned on when switch is in free position, when switch is on, LED will be turned off. 2. Load at N.C. side Use normally closed (N.C.) connection...

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QL (AZ4) MOUNTING METHOD 1. L socket type 1) After loosening the L socket fastening screws, grasp the terminal cover and pull it away from the switch body. 2) Remove the fastening screw from the terminal block. (Remove with the 3 terminal receptacle.) 8) After the terminals have been properly crimped in the terminal body, insert the body into the terminal case. (When inserting the body, be careful not to block the hole for the fastening screw with the wires.) 2. Socket with cord (including socket with lamp) 1) Apply the rubber packing over the terminals, then insert the socket with cord...

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