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Programmable Controller FP2

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_Programmable Controller Machine Cybernation High Speed & High Capacity Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

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Compact body loaded with functions equivalent to a medium-scale PLC Superior cost performance, and ideal for built-in use FP2/FP2SH is a compact PLC series (W 140 x H 100 x D 110 mm W5.512 x H3.937 x D4.331 inch when using five modules) loaded with multiple functions, achieving superior cost performance. The CPU units have an RS232C port as standard equipment, which allows for communications with external equipment, such as a computer or a display panel, and advanced "communications" for remote monitoring and remote maintenance via a modem. Furthermore, the new intelligent units support...

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Equipped with an adequate program memory and operating memory capacity The body is compact; however, the capacity of the standard program memory of FP2/FP2SH is as large as 16 k/60 k steps, and, when optional memory is added, 32 k/120 k steps. A variety of operation memory types are also available. The maximum number of controlled I/O points is 2,048 (2,048/8,192 for FP2/FP2SH when using remote I/O units), which is sufficient for medium-scale control. FP2: Addition of optional memory to the CPU unit allows it to store up to 32 k program steps, provides it with the clock/calendar function,...

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Programmable Controller Motor control ■ "RTEX" positioning units Compatible with Realtime Express MINAS i A4N*1 network servo systems Facilitate multi-axis high precision positioning • High-accuracy multi-axis positioning control achieved by high-speed 100 Mbps j P"er^3ut • Compatible with commercially-available LAN cables, significantly reducing wiring costs • Two-axis unit available in addition to the four and eight-axis units Data from a maximum of 600 points can be registered for each axis. ; (transmission) port • Three-axis helical interpolation supported in addition to two-axis linear...

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High-speed, high-accuracy pulse output type positioning unit Speed command: 4 Mpps, Startup time: 0.005 ms K Support pulse-input type stepping motors, and servomotors. The speed command range is up to 4 Mpps, allowing for high-speed and high-accuracy positioning. The startup time is as high as 0.005 ms, allowing for a reduction of the tact time. (Startup time: Time between reception of a command from a CPU unit and pulse output from a positioning unit) 1 The feedback pulse count function counts output pulses from encoders or other devices. 1 The jog positioning function widens the supported...

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Programmable Controller Analog control units Multi-range control of a variety of equipment is possible. The units can be directly connected with thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors. • Support voltage/current/temperature sensor ranges. The analog input unit supports voltage, current, and temperature sensors. The analog output unit supports voltage or current output. Different voltage/current ranges can be controlled concurrently. • Equipped with multiple channels. The input unit has eight channels, and the output unit has four. Space-saving multiple-channel control is...

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Networking units Support a wide variety of networks, such as open networks, PLC links, remote I/O systems, and S-LINK. (1) Supports three communications interfaces: 100BASE-TX, (2) Supports TCP/IP and UDP/IP. (3) Communications among a maximum of eight connections (4) Compatible with user-friendly MEWTOCOL. (5) Supports remote programming. Transparent communication function FL-net is a responsive high-performance network for factory automation based on Ethernet. The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association started FL-net certification in April 2000. FL-net is now rapidly spreading into...

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Programmable Controller MEWNET-F mode The number of I/O points can be increased up to 8,192, and the transmission distance can be extended up to 700 m 2,297 ft. by using the multi-wire link units. • MEWNET-F is a remote I/O system that connects I/O units in separate locations with twisted-pair cables. • The remote I/O master unit serves as a master station. Slave stations can be selected from the units shown on the next page. Up to four wiring routes are available, allowing for a complicated layout of slave stations. • This network system is ideal for cases where I/O units need to be...

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Serial communication control The CPU units have an RS232C port as standard equipment. The communication unit enables connections with RS232C/RS485/ All CPU units have an RS232C port as standard They can be directly connected to a host computer or a display panel, and can also be connected to a modem to collect data from and change programs in devices in a remote location. • Direct connection to a control panel or a computer Host computer Display panel • Remote monitoring via a modem Commercially available straight cable Straight cable • "PCWAY" for easy data collection managing software...

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The functions for a medium-scale PLC are squeezed into a compact body. Perfect when combining various devices. I Power supply / I/O specifications Performance specifications Special network functions The functions for a medium-scale PLC are squeezed into a compact body which requires minimal installation area for an overall reduction in the device mm) High design frexibility for number of modules. Module specifications that allow you to available, and since the units have the same width, you can choose the most economical design for your Standard equipped with RS232C port. RS232C port...

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Scanning time of 1 ms for 20k steps. A high-performance model for high-speed operation. 1. Scanning time of 1 ms for 20k steps. With an operating speed at the top of its class, super high-speed processing is made possible. The result is a dramatically decreased tact time 2. Large programming capacity of up to Both the large programming capacities of 60k and 120k are available depending on the model. 3. Optional small PC card is also The small PC card is available for programming backup or data memory expansion. This allows data processing of great amounts of data. 4. Built-in comment and...

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