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COMPACT SIZE HIGH PRECISION POWER ON-DELAY TIMERS • Using a dedicated IC, the operation time variance is ±0.5%. • Using the slide, time range switching is easy. Moreover, the scale numbers on the dial and time units can be switched automatically. Button position Type 10M type 30M type 10H type 30H type • You can use for embedding if you use together with the appropriate ush type mounting frame designed for that purpose (sold separately). Time selectable Product types Product name Operating voltage Notes: 1. 24 V AC type can also be ordered. Please inquire about pricing and any other details. 2. If embedding, please use the ush type mounting frame for that purpose. 3. Please order with a “9” at the end of the part number for UL and CSA certied products. Please inquire about pricing and any other details. Time range Time range 1.0 3.0 10 30 Operation mode Set time ON OFF Power supply Timed-out contact (NO) Timed-out contact (NC) All Rights Reserved © COPYRIGHT Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

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PMH PMH Timers AC operating type DC operating type 100 to 120V, 200 to 240V (50/60Hz common) 12V, 24V, 48V, 100 to 110V Max. 3VA Max. 2W 7A 250V AC (resistive load) ON-delay Type Rated operating voltage Rated power consumption Rated control capacity Operation mode [Except 1s range] Within ±0.5%* [1s range]: Within ±(0.5%+10ms) (power off time change at the range of 0.1 s to 1 h) [Except 1s range] Within ±0.5%* [1s range]: Within ±(0.5%+10ms) (at the operating voltage changes between –20 to +10%) Within ±5% (at 20°C 68°F ambient temp. at the range of –10 to +50°C +14 to +122°F) Within ±10%...

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PMH TIMER OPTIONS Flush Type Ⅵ Flush type mounting frame Appearance Model number *Distance between parallel drilled holes: 5 mm or more *Distance between parallel drilled holes: 13 mm or more 43.5 +0.5 0 1.713 +.020 0 *Distance between parallel drilled holes: 8.5 mm or more *Distance between parallel drilled holes: 11 mm or more Silver Gray Applicable Mounting Hole (For installing in the old hole) *Distance between parallel drilled holes: 6.5 mm or more Silver Gray Recommended Hole (For newly designed frame) Mounting Hole Dimensions (Unit: mm inch) Silver Gray Front View (Installing onto...

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PMH TIMER OPTIONS Installation 1. Insert the mounting frame surface into the panel from its front surface. 2. After installing the panel, insert the timer to be used from the back of the panel. When an applicable timer comes in contact with the collar of the mounting frame, stop the timer by pressing the upper and lower hooks in the direction indicated by arrow. Use rear terminal socket (AT78041) or 8P cap (AD8-RC) for the connection wiring. Note: The panel which is installed onto the ush type mounting frame for the timer cannot be inserted. (However, the installation order is not specied...

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PMH TIMER OPTIONS Ⅵ Applicable for the exposed type plug-in and stand-up type timers (PMH) • DIN terminal socket: M3.5 Tolerance: ±0.5 ±.020 When installing Mounting hole dimensions the terminal socket: Without DIN rails Model number: AT8-RFD All types of our compact size timers can beeasily installed on the DIN rail by using this terminal socket. Wire holding clip Wiring diagrams (TOP VIEW) 2-M4 2-M.157 screw hole (or 4.2±0.1 dia. .165±.004 dia. hole) Approx. Approx. 87.2 91.6 3.433 3.606 The height of the DIN rail should be added to the overall height A. • Mounting rail (Applicable for...

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PMH TIMER OPTIONS Ⅵ Accessory Used for the exposed type (Unit: mm inch), General tolerance: ±1 ±.039 • Timer rear terminal socket Model number For details, please refer to “PMH TIMER OPTIONS” on page 170. Used for the flush type Flush type mounting frame • Compact timer rear terminal socket Mounting plate • Compact timer protective cover Mounting plate Rear terminal socket (AT78041) Frame Timer Mounting frame Protective cover Frame Timer Model number For details, please refer to “PMH TIMER OPTIONS” on page 168. All Rights Reserved © COPYRIGHT Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

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PRECAUTIONS IN USING PMH TIMERS PRECAUTIONS IN USING PMH TIMERS Precautions during usage Ⅵ In order to maintain the characteristics of PHM timer, do not remove the case. Ⅵ Please use within an ambient temperature range of –10 to +50°C +14 to 122°F and in humidity no greater than 85% RH. Ⅵ Prevent using PMH timer in such places where ammable or corrosive gas is generated, a lot of dust exists or considerable shock and vibration occur. Ⅵ Since the main body cover is made of polycarbonate resin, prevent contact with organic solvents such as methyl alcohol, benzene and thinner, or string alkali...

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