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The Standard of Flexible, Functional, Energy- Efficient Lighting Multiplex transmission FULL-2WAY remote control system uses just two ± 24 V signal wires for all the switches on a network, and controls lighting using pulse signals. This makes for a simple and flexible system that requires little maintenance. We've proven that highly functional systems do not require complex wiring. In wide use in many office buildings, these systems provide the standard for simple, efficient, and effective control. An outline of our systems System Outline System Principle Functions and Features of FULL-2WAY...

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The Bigger the Building, the More Labor-savingthe Installation. The Key is Our Special Switching System. Multiplex transmission FULL-2WAY wiring is designed differently than common wiring methods. Commands are signaled from remote locations and lighting is controlled using just two ±24V non-polarized wires, so installation labor costs decrease despite the increasing of building size. FULL-2WAY Daylight Sensor Ceiling Unit (with Separate Setting Unit) •The difference in switching methods The separate setting unit is easy to set up because it is built into the wall. The switch is located...

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System Principle Switch FULL-2WAY remote control system Transmission Unit Relay Control Terminal Unit (T/U) Customized CPU 20A HID Relays Lighting fixtures 15-1 15 2 15 2 15 2 or 15-1 15 2 Circuit #15-2 15-3 15-4 2 4 The ON signal is sent from switch #15-2. •The multiplex transmission system allows 2 signal wires to control multiple loads. •Load address for switches and T/Us need to be matched according to the load addressed. Switches 15-3 6 The control signal to turn on #15 is sent out. The relay control T/U generates the current pulse to the relay connected at #2 output lead wire. 15-4 1...

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System Outline Centralized monitoring and control Functional display of lighting status Timer and sensor controlled An LED displays lighting status. Centralized monitoring and control Control and monitor all lighting from a central location. Examples of Building Applications Recommendation Number 1 The system interconnects devices like passive infrared ceiling units, Daylight Sensor Ceiling Unit Timer setting unit. On: Red LED is lit Save-Energy, Save-Cost Timers and sensors can control the system to provide light only when needed. This cuts energy use and costs. The ability to carry out...

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Examples of Building Applications Recommendation Number 2 Basic control System Outline •Control room •Emergency center •Reduced labor for control and management •Lights always get turned off automatically Group control Combined use of timers and sensors Basic control Lighting in entire sections of the factory or warehouse can be turned on or off all at once. Uses Effect •Individual sections of factories •Individual sections of warehouses •Offices •Conference rooms Option control Energy saving can be achieved by responding to the arrival pattern of customers and the amount of natural light....

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WRT9600-8 Wireless Programming Unit Recommending Renovation to Save Energy and Enhance Comfort Realize greater energy savings by using a "Program Timer Unit" to control fixed-schedule, reduced lighting 1 Switches (Infrared I/O) (COSMO Module) ( 2 WRT9500K-8 Address setting is available even with Wireless Address Setting Unit. ) Switches (Infrared I/O) (Eight Free Module) System Outline System Outline For spaces such as offices and entire buildings Necessary for address setting of Infrared I/O address setting type devices Operating Switches Normal conditions Running cost comparison Annual...

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Cautions: •For a function comparison with the WRT2000 series,WRT2040 series and WRT2050 series Transmission Unit, see page 41. •Dimmer, group, and fade controls using individual address are not available for the WRT2000-82 Transmission Unit. Number of circuits to be controlled by one transmission unit: Up to 256 circuits plus 16 dimmer circuits can be centrally monitored and controlled. Multiple location operation: Control from multiple locations is possible if you set the same address in the switches. Number of circuits to be controlled Max. no. of circuits • Turns the load of each circuit...

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Basic Functions Caution: The FULL-2WAY remote lighting control system cannot be used in combination with other systems. Do not use remote control relays or remote control transmission systems from other manufacturers. Circuit Design for Individual Control Notes on design • When using dimmer address setting switches, install an amplifier for approximately every 50 circuits. See page 22 for details. • When using the WRT2050-80 Transmission Unit, use the WR3913K-80 Amplifier, when using WRT2040-894, WRT3912-894 is applicable Basic wiring diagram for individual control Individual control:...

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•Any of the individual, group or pattern switches may be used to control a given load in an overlapping manner. Priority is given to the switch used most recently for remote lighting control. •The load remains unchanged even when the same pattern switch is pushed again. WRT9600-8 Wireless Programming Unit Circuit Design for Group Control Circuit Design for Pattern Control Group control: The basic circuit design is the same as the individual control. Up to 127 groups may be configured per system or per transmission unit Pattern control: The basic circuit design is the same as the individual...

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Relay Selecting Chart by Load Capacity WR6161K-84/WR61613K-84 : Contact Output Specifications + Relay Control T/U Electrical life Mechanical life Transformer Small-capacity loads OUTPUT contact side : • General use • Tungsten • (Standard) Ballast • Motor starting , single phase • Motor starting , single phase • Performance frequency : 20 cycles (40 operations)/min (6A max.) 6A Contact Output T/U Note: Cannot be used with HID loads. Basic Functions • Because the 6A Contact Output T/U (4-Circuit) does not require a transformer, relay control panels are compact and equipment costs are lower....

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