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LIGHT TOUCH SWITCH DESIGN GUIDE High Durability Long Life Water Resistant

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Table of Contents Construction Structure Of A Panasonic Light Touch Switch Panasonic's Unique Manufacturing Capabilities Features And Benefits High Durability, Long Life, Water Resistance Panasonic Light Touch Switch Types Light Touch Switch Characteristics Choose The Right Switch Travel And Click Ratios Click Sound Control Design Recommendations Mechanical Design, Click Feel, Reliability Peel Off Strength Stopper Knob Pre-load Knob Material Ingress Protection Waterproof Relays & Connectors • Capacitors • Circuit Protection • Electromechanical • Sensors • Industrial Automation • Resistors &...

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Construction Structure Of A Panasonic Light Touch Switch A Panasonic Light Touch Switch usually consists of a Cover, Push Plate, Film, Metal Dome, Switch Case and Immovable Contactor, shown in Example 1. These parts combine to provide superior tactile feel, push force and travel in the finished Switch. Push Plate Film Metal Dome Switch Case Immovable Contactor Panasonic’s Unique Manufacturing Capabilities Design – All Light Touch Switch parts are designed by Panasonic including the Metal Dome, Panasonic’s core technology. Die Making – Panasonic has extensive experience in high precision die...

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Features And Benefits High Durability Panasonic’s experience in portable electronic devices has provided the expertise to develop Light Touch Switches with one of the highest peel-off strengths in the market. Impact Low Peel Off Strength Static Force (Nominal) Long Life The Metal Dome, Panasonic’s core technology, allows a long cycle life and excellent tactile feel. Water Resistance A patented laser welding technology allows Panasonic’s Light Touch Switches to achieve an IP67 Rating while maintaining a sharp tactile feel. High Peel Off Strength Ingress Protection Through Panasonic’s Laser...

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Light Touch Switch Types Panasonic offers a wide assortment of Light Touch Switches in various direction, push position and size types. SMD Type Direction Switches Half Dive Type Edge Mount Type Panasonic offers both Top Push Type and Side Push Type Light Touch Switches. Side push type Push Position Switches Side Push Switches are available in SMD Type, Half Dive and Edge Mount Types. Small Footprint Switches Side Push Type Panasonic provides one of the world’s smallest Light Touch Switches in both Top Push Type and Side Push Type. Light Touch Switch Characteristics Panasonic Light Touch...

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Choose The Right Switch Travel And Click Ratios Panasonic offers a wide selection of Light Touch Switches with various click ratios. Reference the diagram below showing the relationship between various travel and force, the assembly of different travels and applications for each travel. Short Travel Middle Travel (Metal Dome) Long Travel (Metal Dome + Rubber) (Rubber Dome) (Metal Dome + Rubber) (Metal Dome) Double Action Over Travel Note: Click ratio is the relationship between push force and travel and is primarily used to measure the feel of a Switch. 4 Relays & Connectors • Capacitors •...

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Choose The Right Switch Click Sound Control Click Sound should be considered when selecting a Switch for an application. The charts below show by selecting a Switch with a lower click ratio or lower push force, the Switch will have a lower Click Sound. Click Sound Control by Click Ratio Click Ratio Push Force Push Force Hearable area Click Sound Control by Operation Force Push Force Click Ratio Push Force Hearable area 5 Relays & Connectors • Capacitors • Circuit Protection • Electromechanical • Sensors • Industrial Automation • Resistors & Inductors • Semiconductors • Wireless Connectivity...

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Design Recommendations Structure Of A Panasonic Light Touch Switch When designing in a Light Touch Switch, Mechanical Design, Click Feel and Reliability should be considered. Mechanical Design Thin and Small Design Thin Bezel To Increase Battery Volume Click Feel Click Feel Reliability Life Cycle Deep! Mechanical Design considers the length, width and height of the Switch, along with other dimensional characteristics and push direction. • Thin And Small Switch Package • Various Push Direction and Position Supported By • Molding Technology • Mechanical Design Skill Click Feel considers the...

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Design Recommendations Peel Off Strength All external forces that could be applied to the Switch need to be reviewed when considering which Switch to design in. In general, Panasonic Light Touch Switches have one of the highest Peel Off Strengths in the world. Peel Off Strength is the strength at which the Switch would be sheared off from the PCB due to a high force or impact. Panasonic Switches have various mounting constructions which enhances the Peel Off Strength. Please reference the chart below which displays the Peel Off Strength of various Panasonic Light Touch Switches. 3.5 x...

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Design Recommendations Stopper Even though Panasonic Light Touch Switches have one of the highest Peel Off Strengths in the world, it is important to provide additional mechanical support. Panasonic recommends applying a stopper to the Light Touch Switch to migrate any excessive force, as described in the diagram below. Peel Off Without Stopper The excessive force by dropping or hitting would be directly applied on the Switch Without Stopper The Switch would be peeled off from the PCB (Panasonic Recommended Design) The Stopper migrates the excessive force Note: If the edge of PCB has...

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Design Recommendations Knob Avoid exposing the Set Knob outside of the housing when designing. If the Set Knob drops, the Switch may receive the impact and could become damaged. The excessive force by impact would be directly applied to the Switch. The excessive force by dropping or hitting would be migrated by “the Stopper”. The knob is NOT exposed. (The housing would serve as the stopper.) Pre-Load The Pre-load is force that is applied to a Switch before any user influence, this is especially important to consider for Short Travel Type Switches. There are two proposals below that minimize...

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