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Compact Power Meter Eco-POWER METER KW SERIES Conforming to EMC Directive (Excluding KW1M-R) Certified (Some models only) Get In-depth Support for Saving Energy by Visualizing Each Power Consumption Inverter air-conditioning power consumption Refrigerating power consumption and temperature* * When analog input is used Lighting power consumption and illumination* KW2G Eco-POWER METER Standard type KW2G-H Eco-POWER METER SD memory card type KW2G / KW2G-H * When analog input is used Eco-POWER METER Expansion unit (Power measurement and Pulse output) KW1M Eco-POWER METER Standard type KW1M-H Eco-POWER METER SD memory card type (Master unit) (Slave unit) KW1M-R Eco-POWER METER Built-in wireless type KW7M Eco-POWER METER DIN rail

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Visualizing energy consumption is the first step toward energy savings. Install Eco-POWER METERs in lighting equipment, air conditioners, and production equipment to measure power consumption and check the current status. Then, with specific targets in place, the implementation and management of an energy savings plan is quick and simple. Visualizing target achievments improves the energy usage cycle and allows for changes to be made to maximize efficiency. Inverter air-conditioning power consumption Refrigerating power consumption and temperature* * When analog input is used Lighting power...

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Small retailers e.g. convenience stores Convenience stores Air-conditioning Lighting Display cases for freezers and refrigerator Plants with large equipment You can add only the required number of units in a small switchboard. Ideal for small stores. Connector-expandable type KW2G Eco-POWER METER Display cases for freezers and refrigerator Wiring work not required. Ideal if the layout is frequently changed. (Master unit) Built-in wireless type KW1M-R Eco-POWER METER Mountable on a panel surface. Applicable to 400 V equipment. Panel surface mount type KW8M Eco-POWER METER Mountable on a...

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Selection Guide Eco-POWER METER SELECTION GUIDE Needs ■ Need to measure power of general- purpose CT installed at facility ■ Need to measure high current circuits ■ Need to measure multiple points ■ Need to measure micro-power such as standby power ■ Need to measure existing equipment without line stoppage ■ Need to load analog data or pulse data Recommended model KW8M 1 A / 5 A CT input type • Capable of direct input from 1 A / 5 A CT in the secondary side and up to 4,000 A CT in the primary side without using a dedicated CT KW2G Series • Expandable, as needed, to up to 7 expansion units....

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USEFUL FUNCTIONS 1 A / 5 A CT input type When you want to use a general-purpose CT Without using a dedicated CT, direct input from up to 4,000 A CT in the primary side, 1 A or 5A CT in the secondary side is possible. You can measure with a direct connection to an already-installed large-capacity general-purpose CT. Other Eco-POWER METER Series When taking dedicated CT measurements of more than 600 A When taking large-capacity general-purpose CT measurements of more than 600 A Power source K Secondary side current Power source Short circuit or less than 0.1 Ω resistance CT (Secondary side...

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USEFUL FUNCTIONS Unit expansion possible function Up to 8 units! expandable to suit conditions of use without waste! Main unit Expansion Expansion unit unit Power Power measurement measurement and Pulse output Expansion unit (Pulse input) Expansion unit (Analog input) You can get pulse output from each measurement circuit Application example Expansion unit (AKW2160G) can be used to monitor integrated electric power value according to measured power or to issue alarms from pulse output, and can be controlled by PLC or other host system. Using pulse output it is easy to connect to other...

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Easy wire-saving expandability brings diversity of measurement Eliminate excess wiring by using up to seven expansion units to add-on the required number of CT inputs for your application. 8 units in total Connector for easy expansion! Up to 7 expansion units can be added Main unit Expansion unit Power supply Space saving Single-phase two-wire system Measurement data Maxi- 16 circuits (single-phase two-wire system) mum 8 circuits (single-phase three-wire system and three-phase three-wire system) Connectable to various sensors as well as electric power Application example Air/water...

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USEFUL FUNCTIONS SD memory card function Easy to implement, visualization of energy usage made easy! KW1M-H Measurement data is automatically saved to an SD memory card. Data collection is possible without a network. • Data can be saved at intervals of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. • Previous power usage is displayed on screen (For KW1M-H: up to 1.5 years worth, for KW2G-H: up to 8 days worth). • Lithium battery backup eliminates worries during power outage. • Data is stored to memory of main unit when an SD memory card is not inserted. Measurement data that is saved to the SD card can...

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Wireless capability Easy wire-saving in existing facilities where wiring is difficult KW1M-R Going wireless reduces the labor and installation cost for implementation Cost of power meter Labor and installation cost About half! Cost of wiring materials and labor Cost of power meter Labor and installation cost * Based on internal research Actual costs depend on site conditions. Wireless auto routing allows easy communications setting via the built-in screen. Using RS485 connection also enables wireless communications other Eco-POWER METERs besides the KW1M-R Master unit Wired devices can also...

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USEFUL FUNCTIONS Micro-power measurement function You can even visualize standby power Standby power is a key to saving energy By understanding both operating power and standby power, you can reduce non-operational energy wastage and initiate power-saving activities that go beyond what was formerly possible. KW2G and KW2G-H can also measure fine currents. When the load current declines, micro-power measurement mode is automatically activated (auto range switching function). With improvement Measurement of standby power Wastage eliminated Integrated electric power (kWh) Integrated electric...

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