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COMPACT SIZE LIMIT SWITCHES Compact, high-performance limit switch with superior environmental resistance. Broad lineup covers from die casting cases to economical plastic cases. HL (AZH) Limit Switches Industrie Forum Design Hannover Prize awarded FEATURES 1. Broad lineup Lineup includes reduced-wiring connector type, die casting type with commonlyused screw terminals, and a plastic case type that puts a priority on economy. 2. Superior environmental resistance The die-cast type has high sealing characteristics that satisfy the IEC IP67. 3. Standardized connector type We standardized the...

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HL (AZH) FOREIGN STANDARDS Standard Applicable product E122222 Standard: 5 A, 250 VAC (105 cycles), Pilot Duty B300 Bifurcated: 0.1 A, 30 VDC Certified products: All models File no.: LR55880 Ratings: Standard: 5 A, 250 VAC, Pilot Duty B300 Bifurcated: 0.1 A, 30 VDC Certified products: All models File no.: Plastic case type J9650515 Die-cast case type J9650514 Ratings: Standard for plastic case type: AC–15 2A/250V~, DC–12 1A/30V ... — Bifurcated for plastic case type: DC–12 0.1A/30V ... — ... Standard for die-cast case type: DC–12 1A/30V — Bifurcated for die-cast case type: DC–12 0.1A/30V...

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HL (AZH) Panel mount cross roller plunger mm inch General tolerance: ±0.4 ±.016 Pretravel 1.5 max. .059 Operating position 23.4±0.8 .921±.031 17 .669 10 .394 8 .315 4.2 +0.2 dia. +0 .165 +.008 dia. +0 44.5 1.752 33±0.15 10.5 .413 dia. × width 4 .157 10 1.299±.006 Stainless steel roller .394 Appropriate total-travel range M14 (P = 1) threaded 2-panel mounting nut Thickness 3 .118 Length of opposite side 17 .669 4.7 .185 0.5 4.2 +0.2 +0 .020 .165 +.008 +0 4.5 .177 20.4 .803 28.4 1.118 AZH2333 AZH233316 15 dia. .591 dia. LED 57.6 2.268 M12×1 18 .709 LED type on the photo Operating force, max....

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HL (AZH) MOUNTING METHOD Side mounting 1. Die casting case M4 screw is used for mounting on side. Mount it firmly with washer. Mounting torque is 1.37 to 1.57 N·m {14 to 16 kg·cm}. Remove the hexagonal nut when plunger type is used in side mounting. Side mounting hole dimensions 2. Plastic case M4 screw is used for mounting on side. Mount it firmly with washer. Mounting torque is 1.18 to 1.47 N·m {12 to 15 kg·cm}. Side mounting hole dimensions 33±0.15 1.299±.006 Panel mounting (Panel plunger type) When the panel mounting type is fixed on the panel, the torque of hexagonal nut is set under...

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HL (AZH) HOW TO CHANGE THE CORD OUTLET DIRECTION FOR CONNECTOR TYPE The cord outlet direction is interchangeable both right and left sides. The direction of connector cord is set to the right when it is shipped. When it is used left side direction, follow the next procedure. Cord outlet direction (Right side) Step 1 Fitting metal Step 2 Cramp Body Terminal cover Push down the fitting metal while pulling it horizontal direction. Step 3 Turn the terminal cover at an angle of 180 degree. Follow the step 3. • Do not pull the terminal cover. • Do not rotate the terminal cover many times. • Do...

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HL (AZH) CAUTIONS Common for all types 1. There are limits to what type of environment can be tolerated. This limit switch is designed under the premise that it will be used in a standard industrial device. Accordingly, there are limits as to what can be tolerated if used outdoors or where water and oil, etc., may get on the device. The following table indicates how much water and oil can be withstood (classification of protective structure). Plastic case (AZH1*) Die casting case (AZH2*) Protective classification IP64 IP67 Testing method No harmful effect when sprayed with water for 10...

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SELECTOR CHART Classification Subminiature size Product name SL (AZ3) Micro Limit Switches Compact size HL (AZH) Limit Switches (Die cast case) HL (AZH) Limit Switches (Die cast case) HL (AZH) Limit Switches (Plastic case) ML (AZ7) Limit Switches (standard) ML (AZ7) Limit Switches (Epoxy-Sealed terminal type) Appearance AZH20 AZH10 22 AZH23 12 AZ7 AZ7 • A limit switch with • Switches installed • An ML compact limit • High sealability that • High sealability that • Bifurcated type available. satisfies IEC IP67. high-density mounting satisfies IEC IP67. with both economical switch with an •...

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Classification Subminiature size vertical type Product name QL (AZ4) Micro Limit Switches Compact size vertical type DL (AZD1) Mini Limit Switches Vertical type VL (AZ8) Mini Limit Switches Touch type AZ5 Limit Switches Door switch VL-T Mini Touch Limit Switches Compact Magnelimit Magnelimit Appearance Head code With lamps Protective construction AZ4 AZD1 AZ8 AZ5 AZ84 AZC3 AZC1 • A subminiature, highly accu- • Excellent safety even if the • In addition to the • Built-in dedicated • Operate just by • Secured by magnet • Secured by magnet rate limit switch with built-in contact point is...

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ACTUATOR SELECTION Classification Pretravel (P.T.) Push plunger type Small Medium Large Roller plunger type (includes cross roller plunger) Type Overtravel Operating Accuracy (O.T.) force (O.F.) Vibration shock Characteristics Excellent Excellent High-level accuracy gives firm detection for position fixing, etc., by using perpendicular movement. Small Medium Large Excellent Excellent Operating range can be widened by mounting accessory actuators like cams, dogs, cylinders, etc. High-level detection for position fixing. Excellent The stroke in the direction of revolution is large at between...

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION Ⅵ Standard glossary Ⅵ CONSTRUCTION • Fixed rating values • Actuator • • • • • • The values that guarantee the standards for the limit switch characteristics and functions. For example, the rated current and rated voltage, which are preset conditions (load type, current, voltage, frequency, etc.) Operating object The mechanism and mountings that operate the limit switch actuator. Used for mechanical operators such as cams and dogs. Detective object The unit other than mechanical mountings that operate the limit switch. Products, parts, jigs, etc. Reaction spring...

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