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DIGITAL FIBER SENSOR FX-500 SERIES Ver.2 Conforming to EMC Directive Listing Certified At the industry’s leading edge FX-SERIES HIGH END MODEL 2012.08

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CONCEPT Industry leading stability Decrease the variation among fiber sensors High stability! “Why are the values different even for the same detection?” “If we try to forcibly unify all the display values of incident light intensity, we will not be able to read the actual changes.” SUNX focuses on the variation among fiber sensors and aims for absolute digitalization. When the FX-500 series is used together with our super quality fiber, the incident light intensity variation among units is decreased to only 1/4 of that of conventional models. By being close to absolute values instead of...

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“Stabilized incident light intensities” even in multiple units CONCEPT “Super quality fiber” with stable emission amount A quality that surpassed standard fiber Introducing super quality fiber g with w b r d v o e using new manufacturing method adopted b u own a o y New fibers developed u i a n w m n f t r g m h d a o e by our o n factory along w h ers ten uality control system pe sistent qua ty cont ol system a persistent quality control sys em Th basic performan Th bas c performa ce of standard fiber is gre tly enha ced The basic performance of a standard fiber is greatly enhanced! he si...

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CONCEPT Industry leading sensing performance Ultra high-speed & Ultra long range detection The exclusive detection IC combined with the high intensity beam emitted from the active coupling emission device provides the capability of offering high-speed response time over a longer sensing range, opening up new possibilities for fiber sensor detection. FX-500 with its ultra high response time improves productivity. Performing minute object detection when using a small diameter fiber is now possible with a high response time and longer sensing range. Hyper HYPR mode incorporated FX-500 in...

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CONCEPT Sharp detection with suppressed hysteresis A different accuracy! FX-500 with its accurate detection catches fractional difference in light intensity, fulfilling high precision and low-hysteresis applications. Retroreflective type fiber H-02 mode Long range detection of small objects with small difference in light intensity FX-500 series achieves a long sensing range by its suppressed hysteresis and high intensity beam. Detection of minute objects over a long range is now more accurate compared to the past. Optimal sensing region Short Sensing renge Long Comparison image of optimal...

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OPERATION Class leading form and operability New form! Pr ev iou ss pa ce Flat display with wide viewing angle The large and high-contrast 7-segment display of high luminance provides clear visibility from a wide angle of view. Compact cover does not get in the way Reduced to 1/3 of that of previous Clearly visible even from sideways R23 mm R0.906 in fiber l h Streamlined fib clutch MO MODE NAVI + Direct setting While the conventional fiber installation is done after opening up the cover, the FX-500 series adopts a guard structure, eliminating the cover so that the fiber installation can be...

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FUNCTION A variety of functions at the industry’s leading edge Resolves variation in incident light intensity display Display adjustment setting Display adjustment setting Even if there is no problem in detection, the variation in display may make it difficult for an operator to verify proper operation. By using the display adjustment setting, random values can be adjusted, and the visual variation can be resolved to help define proper operation in an operation manual. Variation in incident light intensity Stable detection over long and short periods Stable sensing comparison Stabilized...

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FUNCTION A variety of functions at the industry’s leading edge Stable detection while being eco-friendly Emission power & gain setting For cases when the incident light intensity saturates the receiver, the light intensity can be attenuated to the optimal level by AUTO without changing the response time. This allows for stable detection while maintaining an optimal S/N ratio and saves energy by controlling the emitting electric current. Detecting a transparent sheet AUTO Normal Object present Object absent Saturated Auto mode (AUTO) and 3-level manual mode (3 levels: H / M / L [adjustable])...

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FUNCTION Selectable interference prevention In addition to the automatic interference prevention function which is enabled through the optical communication of cascade connected amplifiers, an alternate frequency interference prevention function is also incorporated. So even for layouts where optical communication cannot be carried out, switching of emission frequencies allows interference prevention. Automatic interference prevention The optical communication function allows the data that is currently set to be copied and saved all at once for all amplifiers connected together from the...

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FX-500 ORDER GUIDE Quick-connection cable is not supplied with FX-501(P) and FX-502(P). Please order it separately. Appearance Emitting element Model No. Standard type Type FX-501 Output External input NPN open-collector transistor – 2-output type FX-501P PNP open-collector transistor FX-502 NPN open-collector transistor 2 outputs Incorporated (Switchable with Output 2) Red LED PNP open-collector transistor 2 outputs FX-505-C2 NPN open-collector transistor 2 outputs analog output FX-505P-C2 Cable type FX-502P PNP open-collector transistor 2 outputs analog output Incorporated Type Model No....

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FX-500 SPECIFICATIONS Model No. Type Item Standard type 2-output type Cable type NPN output FX-501 FX-502 FX-505-C2 PNP output FX-501P FX-502P FX-505P-C2 Supply voltage 12 to 24 V DC +10 –15 % Ripple P-P 10 % or less Power consumption Normal operation: 960 mW or less (current consumption 40 mA or less at 24 V supply voltage, excluding analog output of cable type) ECO mode: 680 mW or less (current consumption 28 mA or less at 24 V supply voltage, excluding analog output of cable type) Output (2-output type and cable type: Output 1, Output 2) NPN open-collector transistor PNP open-collector...

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