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PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR ADJUSTABLE RANGE REFLECTIVE PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR Multi-voltage Amplifier Built-in EQ-500 SERIES Conforming to Low Voltage and EMC Directive DC-voltage type conforms to EMC directive only UL Recognition Long sensing range 2.5 m 8.202 ft Series expanded to include the new 1 m 3.281 ft long sensing range and DC-voltage types !

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Long range sensing capability to 2.5 m 8.202 ft. Stable sensing unaffected by color or gloss. Long sensing range ! An adjustable range to 2.5 m 8.202 ft allows plenty of space for installation. 1 m 3.281 ft sensing range type also available. Adjust the volume easily to suit your needs when using at close range. Multi-voltage EQ-50Ⅺ Not affected by background objects Because it can function with 24 to 240 V AC and 12 to 240 V DC, almost any power supply anywhere in the world will do. Because the sensor doesn’t detect objects outside the preset sensing field by using the 2-segment photodiode...

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Introducing the 1 m 3.281 ft sensing range type! Convenient timer function models An easy to set adjuster with indicator Convenient terminal block type Types with an ON-delay / OFF-delay timer available. OFF-delay, e.g. useful when the response of the connected device is slow, ON-delay, e.g. useful to detect objects that take a long time to move. Equipped with a 2-turn adjuster with indicator, making it easy to set for short or long distances. Cabling enabled by way of a terminal block that eliminates waste. Distance adjuster (2-turn) Adjuster indicator Terminal block • Operation: ON-delay,...

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Stable sensing even in harsh environments prone to water or dust. Little affected by contamination on lens Even if the lens surface gets somewhat dirty from dust particles, there is very little change in the operation field, rendering stable and consistent detection even for objects appearing close to the front surface of the unit. Waterproof IP67 protection permits use in environments where water may splash. APPLICATIONS Level check within the hopper The distance to the object can be set to enable residual amount sensing in the hopper regardless of color. 3 Confirmation of the passage of...

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EQ-500 BGS / FGS functions make even the most challenging settings possible! For details on the operation of the BGS / FGS functions, refer to p.9, ‘PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE’. The BGS function is best suited for the following case Background not present BGS When object and background are separated BGS (Background suppression) function The sensor judges that an object is present when light is received at position A of the light-receiving element (2-segment element). This is useful if the object and background are far apart. Not affected if the background color changes or someone passes...

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EQ-500 ORDER GUIDE Type Appearance Sensing range Model No. Supply voltage Output Timer function With timer EQ-501T EQ-502 With timer Multi-voltage EQ-501 0.1 to 2.5 m 0.328 to 8.202 ft 0.1 to 1.0 m 0.328 to 3.281 ft 24 to 240 V AC ON-delay / OFF-delay timer (Timer period: 0.1 to 5 sec.) ‫% 01ע‬ or 12 to 240 V DC ‫% 01ע‬ Relay contact 1a ON-delay / OFF-delay timer (Timer period: 0.1 to 5 sec.) EQ-502T With timer EQ-511T EQ-512 With timer DC-voltage EQ-511 0.1 to 2.5 m 0.328 to 8.202 ft 0.1 to 1.0 m 0.328 to 3.281 ft EQ-512T 12 to 24 V DC ‫% 01ע‬ NPN open-collector ON-delay / OFF-delay timer...

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EQ-500 SPECIFICATIONS Multi-voltage Type DC-voltage With timer Item Model No. EQ-501 EQ-501T With timer EQ-502 EQ-502T With timer EQ-511 EQ-511T With timer EQ-512 EQ-512T Adjustable range (Note 1) (Note 2) 0.2 to 2.5 m 0.656 to 8.202 ft 0.2 to 1.0 m 0.656 to 3.281 ft 0.2 to 2.5 m 0.656 to 8.202 ft 0.2 to 1.0 m 0.656 to 3.281 ft Sensing range (at maximum setting distance) (Note 2) 0.1 to 1.0 m 0.328 to 3.281 ft 0.1 to 2.5 m 0.328 to 8.202 ft 0.1 to 1.0 m 0.328 to 3.281 ft 0.1 to 2.5 m 0.328 to 8.202 ft Hysteresis Supply voltage Power / Current consumption Output 10 % or less of operation...

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EQ-500 I/O CIRCUIT AND WIRING DIAGRAMS EQ-501(T) EQ-502(T) I/O circuit diagram Terminal arrangement diagram Terminal No. 1 Supply voltage 24 to 240 V AC‫% 01ע‬ or 12 to 240 V DC‫% 01ע‬ Sensor circuit Multi-voltage circuit 1 2 3 2 4 Output relay 3 Relay contact output (1a) 4 Internal circuit EQ-511(T) EQ-512(T) I/O circuit diagram D 1 Sensor circuit ‫ם‬V ZD2 Tr2 100 mA max. 4 3 Tr1 ZD1 Internal circuit Terminal arrangement diagram Terminal No. Load Output (PNP) Load Output (NPN) 1 ‫ם‬ ‫מ‬ 12 to 24 V DC ‫% 01ע‬ 2 3 4 100 mA max. 2 0V Users’ circuit Symbols... D : Reverse supply polarity...

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EQ-500 SENSING CHARACTERISTICS (TYPICAL) EQ-502(T) EQ-512(T) White nonglossy paper Sensor 0 20 0.787 Sensor 10 0 10 20 0.394 0.394 0.787 Center Left Right Operating point ?(mm in) 0 20 0.787 Sensing range L (m ft) These bars indicate the sensing range with the respective colors when the distance adjuster is set to a sensing range of 1 m 3.281 ft / 0.5 m 1.640 ft long, respectively, with white nonglossy paper. The sensing range also varies depending on material. 1m ⅐ ⅐ ⅐ 3.281 ft 0.5 1.640 0 10 0 10 20 0.394 0.394 0.787 Center Left Right Operating point ?(mm in) Correlation between color...

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EQ-500 PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE Part description Wiring • Make sure that the power supply is off while wiring. • Check all wiring before applying power since incorrect wiring may damage the internal circuit. Also, carefully tighten the terminal screws so that the wires of adjacent terminals do not touch. • The mounting hole for the terminal cover fixing screws inclines 70 degrees to the terminal cover, as shown in the figure below. To avoid damaging this product or screw, take care when tightening or loosening a screw. Stability indicator (Green) Distance adjuster (2-turn) OFF-delay timer...

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EQ-500 PRECAUTIONS FOR PROPER USE Distance adjustment Timer function (EQ-5ⅪT only) • Turn the distance adjuster gradually and lightly with the attached adjusting screwdriver. Turning with excessive strength will cause damage to the adjuster. • EQ-5ⅪT incorporates an OFF-delay timer, which is useful when the response of the connected device is slow, etc., and an ON-delay timer, which is useful for detecting objects that move slowly, for example. • The OFF-delay and ON-delay timers can be used simultaneously. • For DC-voltage type, set the DIP switch for the timer mode to ‘Timer ON’ side....

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