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ABOUT PANASONIC Bringing strategic innovation and industrial technology expertise to our customers. Many products sold by Fortune 500 companies are powered by Panasonic technology. We are proud to provide manufacturers with the performance, quality, and reliability that are synonymous with the Panasonic brand. Panasonic began its existence by developing component and material technologies that still serve as the building blocks for the wide range of advanced products for which our company is best known today. Panasonic is a leading supplier of batteries, offering advanced cell manufacturing...

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FEATURES • High energy density • Higher voltage • Light weight • High power APPLICATIONS • Power tools Lithium Ion Batteries High Energy Density, Safe Operation and Long-Life Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) is a high energy density battery that is widely used in portable equipment. Lithium Ion uses lithium metallic oxide in its positive electrode (cathode) and carbon graphite material in its negative electrode (anode). All Panasonic Lithium Ion batteries are covered by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation's (RBRC) recycling program. *CG-425A and CG-435A are still under development

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION Panasonic NiMH batteries are a robust rechargeable option that can tolerate harsh conditions while still outperforming other battery chemistries. FEATURES • Low Self Discharge | Batteries maintain capacity during idle periods • Button Top Options | Replace standard AA and AAA primary batteries • Temperature Tolerance | Outperforms Li Ion and VRLA batteries at extreme temperatures • High Rate Discharge | Meets power tool requirements • Long Life | Outperforms other rechargeable chemistries in backup applications

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION Panasonic Vanadium Pentoxide (VL Type) rechargeable lithium batteries are compact, high energy secondary batteries that have nearly twice the energy of conventional button-shaped Ni-Cd batteries. Lithium Rechargeable Coin Batteries FEATURES • One high-voltage battery can serve your backup needs • Can provide the voltage equivalent of two or three 1.2V Ni-Cd's or two capacitors • Months of continuous use as a backup • Self discharge rate less than 2% a year • Superior reliability; withstands overcharging and discharging VANADIUM RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERIES (VL COIN...

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Model Number With Insulation Wrap Without Insulation Wrap Configuration Type Model Number With Insulation Wrap Without Insulation Wrap Configuration Type 1Also available as a bare cell. Please refer to the Panasonic website for exact tab dimensions. Minimum order requirements may apply. Please refer to the Panasonic website for exact tab dimensions.

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COIN TYPE Panasonic coin type lithium batteries are high energy, high reliability batteries for a variety of applications. The full 3 volts in these high energy batteries is about twice that of conventional dry batteries. Panasonic coin type lithium batteries are available in two types: poly-carbonmonofluoride lithium batteries (BR Series) for users requiring extended reliability and safety, and manganese dioxide lithium batteries (CR Series) for users requiring high voltage and strong load pulse characteristics. FEATURES    APPLICATIONS • Remote Keyless Entry • Tire Pressure Monitor...

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION High Temperature Manganese Dioxide Cells APPLICATIONS • Automotive • TPMS MANGANESE DIOXIDE (CR COIN) *Nominal capacity shown is based on standard drain

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION Panasonic's coin type high temperature batteries are high energy, high reliability batteries for applications that require a wider operating temperature range. The full 3 volts in these high energy batteries is about twice that of conventional dry batteries. APPLICATIONS • Automotive electronic systems • Tollway transponders • RFID FEATURES • Wide operational temperature range • Good storage stability • Constant operating voltage • Available with Tab terminals for PCB mounting Please refer to the Panasonic website for exact tab dimensions.

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION Panasonic cylindrical lithium batteries are density, durability, and stable operation. FEATURES • High energy density • Long shelf life • Stable operation • High rate discharge • Strong leakage resistance • Excellent durability known for their high voltage, energy APPLICATIONS • Memory back-up • Utility meters • Emergency signal light • Electric locks • Electronic measurement equipment Note: * G Versions are higher capacity. ** Nominal capacity is based on standard drain & cutoff voltage down to 2.0V at 20 degrees C.

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION Panasonic's tough Valve Regulated Lead Acid rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, over-discharge, and resisting vibration and shock. Compact, these batteries save installation space, while providing full and reliable power. The use of special sealing epoxies, tongue and groove case and cover construction, and long-sealing paths for posts and connectors, assures that the Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery will offer exceptional leak resistance, and allows them to be used in any position. Panasonic Valve Regulated...

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TERMINAL TYPES: (B) Faston type 187 (C) Faston type 250 (D) M5 bolt and nut type (E) M6 bolt and nut type (G) M5 threaded post type (H) M6 threaded post type Indicated by model # suffix: P Indicated by model # suffix: AP Indicated by model # suffix P=187 P1 =250 P2=250(+)/187(-)

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