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Best Fit to Small Drives Further evolution in down-sizing, by 47% in size (Note) Exclusively designed for Positioning Control Easy to Handle, Easy to Use DIN-rail mounting unit (option) improves handling/installation. User-friendly Console makes the setup easy. High functionality Real-Time Auto-Gain Tuning enables adjustment-free operation. High-Speed Positioning with Resonance Suppression Filters Built-In notch filter suppresses resonance of the machine. Built-in adaptive filter detect resonance frequency and suppress vibration. Smoother operation for Low Stiffness Machine Damping control function suppresses vibration during acceleration/deceleration

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Features Contents Features Details of Features List of Specifications Model Designation Wiring Example Table of Part Numbers and Options Conformity to CE and UL Motor MUMA Motor with Gear Reducer/MUMA Driver Options Recommended components Remarks : Instruction manual is available as an option as Japanese version : DV0P3680 and English version : DV0P3700 MINAS E Features / Contents

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Details of Features Easy to Handle, East to Use High-functionality Real-Time Auto-Gain Tuning (Note 1) DIN-rail mounting unit (option) Offers real automatic gain tuning to low and high stiffness machines with a combination of an adaptive filter. Easy to mount and easy to dismount. Supports the vertical axis application where the load torque is different in rotational direction. Further Reduction of Vibration Notch filter (Note1) Adaptive filter (Note1) Makes the notch filter frequency automatically follow the machine resonance frequency in real-time auto-gain tuning. 1-channel notch filters...

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Further Flexibility and Multiplicity Console (Option) You can set up parameters, copy and make a JOG run. Convenient for maintenance at site. Refer to Page E25, Options. Wave-form graphic function With the setup support software, "PANATERM ", you can monitor the "Command speed", "Actual speed", "Torque", "Position deviation" and "Positioning complete signal". Helps you to analyze the machine and shorten the setup time Command control modes *Note) Refer to page "F4" for setup support software. Offers 2 command modes, "Position control" and "Internal velocity control". You can make a 4-speed...

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List of Specifications Motor series Rated rotational speed (Max. speed) (r/min) Rotary encoder 2500P/r incremental High Holding precision IP65 (Except shaft throughhole and connector) SMT machines Inserters Small capacity High repetitive Ultra low inertia positioning application

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Model Designation List of Specifications Model Designation Servo Motor Special specifications Type Ultra low inertia (100W-400W) Motor structure Design order 1 : Standard Motor rated output Shaft Holding brake Oil seal Round Key-way, without with without with center tap Voltage specifications Symbol Rated output Motor with oil seal is manufactured by order. Rotary encoder specifications Symbol Format Pulse counts Resolution Wires Incremental 2500P/r 10000 5 See page, E11 for motor specifications Motor with gear reducer Gear reduction ration, gear type Symbol Type Ultra low inertia...

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Wiring example For details, reter to the Instruction Manual. Wiring of main circuit Console (DV0P4420) Circuit Breaker (NFB) Protects the power lines. Shuts off the circuit when overcurrent passes. Personal Computer Setup support software "PANATERM " (DV0P4460) Noise Filter (NF) Prevents external noise from the power lines. And reduces an effect of the noise generated by the servo driver. Magnetic Contactor (MC) Turns on/off the main power of the servo driver. Surge absorber to be used together with this. Reactor (L) Reduces harmonic current of the main power. Pin-5 and Pin-3 of CN POWER ....

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Wiring example Table of Part Number andOptions MINAS E List of recommneded prripheral equipments Power supply Power capacity (at rated output) 0.3kVA Noise filter Magnetic Contactor (Contact Composition) Circuit breaker (Rated current) . Select the single and 3-phase common specifications corresponding to the power supplies. . Circuit breaker and magnetic contactor listed are manufactured by Matsushita Electric Works. To conform to EC Directives, install a circuit breaker which conforms to IEC and UL Standards (UL listed and marked) between noise filter and power supply. . For details of...

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Conformity to CE and UL Compliance to EC and EMC Directives EC Directives The EC Directives apply to all such electronic products as those having specific functions and have been exported to EU and directly sold to general consumers. Those products are required to conform to the EU unified standards and to furnish the CE marking on the products. MINAS AC Servos conforms to the EC Directives for Low Voltage Equipment so that the machine incorporating our servos has an easy access to the conformity to relevant EC Directives for the machine. EMC Directives MINAS Servo System conform to...

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Noise filter When you install one noise filter in the power supply for multi axis application, consult with the manufacture of the filter. Part No. Okaya Electric Industries Co. Main body Surge absorber Install a surge absorber at primary side of the noise filter. Option part No. Driver voltage spec Driver voltage spec Okaya Electric Okaya Electric Circuit diagram Circuit diagram Remove this surge absorber when you perform dielectric test on the machine, or serge absorber might be damaged. Noise filter for signal lines Install noise filters for signal lines to all cables (Power line, motor...

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Motor Specifications and Ratings 50W to 200W Small drives Applicable driver Frame symbol Power supply capacity (kVA) Rated output (W) Momentary Max. peak torque (N.m) Rated current (Arms) Max. current (Ao-p) Regenerative brake frequency Note)1 (times/min) Without option Rated rotational speed (r/min) Max. rotational speed (r/min) Moment of inertia of rotor ( x 10 4 kg.m2) Without brake With brake Recommended moment of inertia ratio of the load and the rotor Note)3 Smaller than 30 times 2500P/r Rotary encoder specifications Incremental Resolution per single turn Protective enclosure rating...

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