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AQZ SIL 1 Form A DC High Capacity

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Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) Max. high capacity 10A in a slim SIL package Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) Height includes standoff RoHS compliant TYPICAL APPLICATIONS 1. High capacity type power PhotoMOS. Can switch a wide range of currents and voltages. Can control various types of loads, from very small loads to a max. 10 A DC current for sequencers, motors, and lamps. 2. Low on-resistance and high sensitivity. Low on-resistance of less than typ. 8 mΩ (AQZ192). High sensitivity LED operate current of typ. 0.7 mA. 3. 4-pin SIL type (L) 24.5 mm × (W) 4.5 mm × (H) 20.5 mm (L) .965 inch × (W) .177 inch × (H) .807 inch. 4. Low-level off state leakage current of max. 10 µA 5. Controls low-level analog signals The triac, photocoupler, or SSR cannot be used to control signals of less than several hundred mV. The high capacity type power PhotoMOS feature extremely low closed-circuit offset voltage to enable control of low-level analog signals without distortion. • Photovoltaic power generation system • Battery system • Measuring instruments • Power supply unit • Industrial machines * For the latest information on compliance with international standards, please visit our website. TYPES Output rating** Load voltage Load current 60 V 10 A Packing quantity Inner carton Outer carton 20 pcs 500 pcs Note: Please refer to the cautions for use regarding the recommended operation load voltage. **Load voltage and load current of DC type: DC RATING 1. Absolute maximum ratings (Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F) Item LED forward current LED reverse voltage Input Peak forward current Power dissipation Load voltage (DC) Continuous load current (DC) Output Peak load current Power dissipation Total power dissipation I/O isolation voltage Temperature limits Operating Storage Symbol IF VR IFP Pin VL IL Ipeak Pout PT Viso Topr Tstg Panasonic Corporation Automation Controls Business Unit

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Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) 2. Electrical characteristics (Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F) Item Initial I/O isolation resistance Maximum operating frequency LED turn off current LED dropout voltage On resistance Off state leakage current Turn on time* Turn off time* Transfer characteristics LED operate current Input Typical Maximum Minimum Typical Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Minimum IFon IFoff VF Ron ILeak Ton Toff Ciso IF = 50 mA IF = 10 mA, IL = max. Within 1 s on time IF = 0 mA, VL = max. IF = 10 mA, IL = 100 mA, VL...

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Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) 4. Turn on time vs. ambient temperature characteristics 5. Turn off time vs. ambient temperature characteristics 6. LED operate current vs. ambient temperature characteristics LED current: 10 mA; Load voltage: 10 V (DC); Continuous load current: 100 mA (DC) LED current: 10 mA; Load voltage: 10 V (DC); Continuous load current: 100 mA (DC) Load voltage: 10 V (DC); Continuous load current: 100 mA (DC) 7. LED turn off current vs. ambient temperature characteristics 8. LED dropout voltage vs. ambient temperature characteristics 9. Current vs. voltage...

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Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) DIMENSIONS (mm inch) The CAD data of the products with a mark can be downloaded from: External dimensions PC board pattern (Bottom view) 4.5 max. .177 max. SCHEMATIC AND WIRING DIAGRAMS E1: Power source at input side, IF: LED forward current, VL: Load voltage, IL: Load current Output conguration Wiring diagram PhotoMOS® Cautions for Use SAFETY WARNINGS • Do not use the product under conditions that exceed the range of its specications. It may cause overheating, smoke, or re. 1. Applying stress that exceeds the...

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Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) 5. LED current vs. ambient temperature characteristics Please keep the LED current to within the range given below. 6. Ripple in the input power supply If ripple is present in the input power supply, observe the following: 1) For LED current at Emin, please maintain 5 to 10 mA. 2) Please make sure for Emax. is no higher the LED current at than 50 mA. 7. Output spike voltages 1) If an inductive load generates spike voltages which exceed the absolute maximum rating, the spike voltage must be limited. Power type Add a clamp diode to the load 4 Load Add...

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Power 1 Form A DC High Capacity (AQZ192) Panasonic Corporation Automation Controls Business Unit Head Office: 1048, Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8686, Japan Telephone: +81-6-6908-1050 Specifications are Unit Automation Controls Business subject to change without notice.

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