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AQY DIP High Capacity Catalog - 1

GU 1 Form A High Capacity (AQY212GH) 4-pin high capacity of 1.1A, I/O isolation voltage of 5,000V GU 1 Form A High Capacity (AQY212GH) (Height includes standoff) • Measuring instruments • Security and disaster-preventing system: use in I/O for alarm and security devices, etc. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS 1. Greatly increased capacity Continuous load current: 1.1A 2. Reinforced insulation I/O isolation voltage: 5,000 V AC 3. Compact 4-pin DIP type 4. The improved performance relative to mercury or mechanical relays RoHS compliant TYPES Output rating* Load voltage AC/DC dual use Load current Part No. Surface-mount terminal Through hole terminal Tape and reel packing style Picked from the Picked from the 1/2-pin side 3/4-pin side Tube packing style Packing quantity 1 tube contains 100 pcs. 1 batch contains 1,000 pcs. *Indicate the peak AC and DC values. Note: For space reasons, the three initial letters of the part number “AQY”, the surface mount terminal shape indicator “A” and the packing style indicator “X” or “Z” are not marked on the device. RATING 1. Absolute maximum ratings (Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F) Item LED forward current LED reverse voltage Peak forward current Power dissipation Load voltage (peak AC) Continuous load current Peak load current Power dissipation Total power dissipation I/O isolation voltage Temperature limits Operating Storage Panasonic Corporation Symbol IF VR IFP Pin VL IL Ipeak Pout PT Viso Topr Tstg Automation Controls Business Unit

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AQY DIP High Capacity Catalog - 2

GU 1 Form A High Capacity (AQY212GH) 2. Electrical characteristics (Ambient temperature: 25°C 77°F) Item Symbol Typical Maximum Minimum Typical Typical Maximum LED operate current Input LED turn off current LED dropout voltage Off state leakage current Typical Turn on time* Transfer characteristics Toff Maximum I/O capacitance Initial I/O isolation resistance Maximum Minimum *Turn on/Turn off time RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS Please obey the following conditions to ensure proper device operation and resetting. Item Input LED current Recommended value ■ For Dimensions. ■ For Schematic...

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AQY DIP High Capacity Catalog - 3

GU 1 Form A High Capacity (AQY212GH) 4. Turn off time vs. ambient temperature characteristics 5. LED operate current vs. ambient temperature characteristics 6. LED turn off current vs. ambient temperature characteristics LED current: 5 mA; Load voltage: 10 V (DC); Continuous load current: 100 mA (DC) Load voltage: 10 V (DC); Continuous load current: 100mA (DC) Load voltage: 10 V (DC); Continuous load current: 100mA (DC) 7. LED dropout voltage vs. ambient temperature characteristics 8. Current vs. voltage characteristics of output at MOS portion 9. Off state leakage current vs. load voltage...

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