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A35S Catalog

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Narrow pitch connectors (0.35mm pitch) FEATURES 1. Small size (Terminal pitch: 0.35 mm, width: 2.5 mm and Mated height: 0.8 mm) When mated, the footprint is reduced by approx. 10% from A4S series (60 pin contacts), contributing to the functionality enhancement and size reduction of end equipment. 2. “ ” ensures high resistance to various environments in lieu of its spacesaving footprint. Ni barrier construction Bellows contact construction (Against solder rise!) (Against dropping!) Header Suction face: 0.7mm Porosity treatment (Against corrosive gases!) ) ts) cts tac ta on con c n pin 0 pi (60 (6 Socket m mm m 0 .85 .5 12 S 14 A4 Soldering terminals at each corner RoHS compliant ) ) cts cts nta ta co con pin pin (60 (60 Header mm mm .15 .8 12 S 13 A4 Soldering terminals at each corner V notch and Double contact constructions (Against foreign particles and flux!) 3. Low-prole connector with up to 100 pin contacts. 4. Soldering terminals at each corner enhance mounting strength. 5. Simple lock structure provides tactile feedback to ensure excellent mating/unmating operation feel. 6. Gull-wing-shaped terminals to facilitate visual inspections. APPLICATIONS Suitable for board-to-FPC connections in mobile equipment that requires size and thickness reduction and functionality enhancement. 7: Narrow Pitch Connector A35S (0.35 mm pitch) Socket 8: Narrow Pitch Connector A35S (0.35 mm pitch) Header Number of pins (2 digits) Mated height / 1: For mated height 0.8 mm Functions 2: Without positioning bosses Surface treatment (Contact portion / Terminal portion) 7: Base: Ni plating, Surface: Au plating (for Ni barrier available) 4: Base: Ni plating, Surface: Au plating Panasonic Corporation Automation Controls Business Division

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AXE7, 8 PRODUCT TYPES Mated height Outer carton Notes: 1. Order unit: For volume production: 1-inner carton (1-reel) units Samples for mounting check: 50-connector units. Please contact our sales ofce. Samples: Small lot orders are possible. Please contact our sales ofce. 2. Please contact us for connectors having a number of pins other than those listed above. SPECIFICATIONS 1. Characteristics Item Rated current Rated voltage Contact resistance Mechanical characteristics Breakdown voltage Insulation resistance Electrical characteristics Specications 0.25A/pin contact (Max. 4 A at total pin...

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The CAD data of the products with a mark can be downloaded from: Socket (Mated height: 0.8 mm) 0.70 (Suction face) CAD Data Terminal coplanarity (Contact and soldering terminals) Number of pins/ dimension 10 Note: Since the soldering terminals has a single-piece construction, sections Y and Z are electrically connected. Header (Mated height: 0.8 mm) 0.70 (Suction face) CAD Data Terminal coplanarity 0.65 (Post and soldering terminals) Soldering terminals Soldering terminals Dimension table (mm) Number of pins/ dimension 10 • Socket and Header are mated...

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AXE7, 8 EMBOSSED TAPE DIMENSIONS (Unit: mm) • Specications for taping (In accordance with JIS C 0806-3:1999. However, not applied to the mounting-hole pitch of some connectors.) Tape II Top cover tape Embossed carrier tape Leading direction after packaging • Specications for the plastic reel (In accordance with EIAJ ET-7200B.) Embossed mounting-hole Taping reel • Dimension table (Unit: mm) Type/Mated height Common for sockets and headers 0.8mm Tape I Tape I Tape II • Connector orientation with respect to embossed tape feeding direction Type Common for A35S Direction of tape progress Socket...

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Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors Regarding the design of devices and PC board patterns 1) When connecting several connectors together by stacking, make sure to maintain proper accuracy in the design of structure and mounting equipment so that the connectors are not subjected to twisting and torsional forces. 2) With mounting equipment, there may be up to a ±0.2 to 0.3-mm error in positioning. Be sure to design PC boards and patterns while taking into consideration the performance and abilities of the required equipment. 3) Some connectors have...

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Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors Regarding soldering Soldering conditions Please use the reow temperature prole conditions recommended below for reow soldering. Please contact us before using a temperature prole other than that described below (e.g. lead-free solder). • Narrow pitch connectors (except P8 type) Upper limited (Solder heat resistance) Lower limited (Solder wettability) Temperature Peak temperature 260°C 230°C 180°C 150°C 4) Consult us when using a screenprinting thickness other than that recommended. 5) When mounting on both sides of the PC board and the connector is...

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Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors Handling Single Components 1) Make sure not to drop or allow parts to fall from work bench 2) Excessive force applied to the terminals could cause warping, come out, or weaken the adhesive strength of the solder. Handle with care. 3) Repeated bending of the terminals may cause terminals to break. 4) Do not insert or remove the connector when it is not soldered. Forcibly applied external pressure on the terminals can weaken the adherence of the terminals to the molded part or cause the terminals to lose their evenness. 5) Excessive prying-force applied...

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Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors Regarding sample orders to conrm proper mounting When ordering samples to conrm proper mounting with the placement machine, connectors are delivered in 50piece units in the condition given right. Consult a sale representative for ordering sample units. Please refer to the latest product specications when designing your product. Condition when delivered from manufacturing Reel Embossed tape amount required for the mounting Required number of products for sample production (Delivery can also be made on a reel by customer request.) Panasonic Corporation...

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