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Vitralit® UV and Light-Curing Adhesives System Properties ● Short production times ● Excellent electrical properties ● Outstanding temperature and chemical resistance

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The Vitralit® System - a Comprehensive Product Range for Numerous Applications. Our comprehensive range of Vitralit® systems covers a multitude of applications and offers many advantages:Vitralit® systems are used in many fields in both trade and industry. Vitralit® adhesives and sealants are single-component systems that cure within a few seconds, only. The Main Advantages of the Vitralit® Systems are: • Simple dosing, immersion, spray, roller application, etc; No mixing of several components and no pot life • Depending on the application, curing times of 0.5 to 60 seconds can be achieved...

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Dome Coating Wire Tacking Typical Applications Dome Coating Epoxy Based Decorative Anti Scratch Coating, Dome Coating Dome Coating Epoxy Based Wire tacking, Ferrite Bonding, Bonding and Sealing Screw and ThreadElectric. Compon. locking Adhesive First Fixation of Metall Viscosity (mPas) Curing mit UVA Hand 250 Color Clear, Colorless Clear, Colorless Clear, Colorless Light Green Slighly Flexible, Good Adhesion to High Strength, High Glossy, Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance , Many Materials Coating, High-Gloss Surface Surface Polishable Good Adhesion to Many Plastics...

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The curing of Vitralit® products can be best optimized with Hönle UV equipment. In addition to conventional UV curing technology with gas discharge lamps Hönle is also a leading supplier of UV-LED systems. Hönle provides custom-made products adjusted to the individual requirements: ● You can find further information about our product groups in our special product data sheets. For our comprehensive range of accessories for each product series, please ask for detailed information sheets. Conductive adhesives Curing Potting uv-technik speziallampen Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Daimlerstr. 8, 61449...

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