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UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives - 1

UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives ● Advanced reliability ● High temperature resistance ● Low shrinkage ● Low ionic content ● High glass transition temperatures High energy efficiency Less thermal radiation Long operating life No stand-by times No warm up or cool down phases

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UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives - 2

UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives Curing with UV-LED-light has helped to elevate light curable adhesive bonding to new levels of advancement. Until recently UV-LED-hardening adhesives were limited to free-radical curing acrylates. With the recent development of new and innovative photoinitiators, cationic curing epoxy systems can now also be hardened in seconds. Advantages of Epoxies ● Proven reliabilty against environmental effects ● Withstand effects of wide temperature excursions Advantages of LED Technology ● High energy efficiency ● Less maintenance and significant reductions in energy...

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UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives - 3

Small dots of adhesive in the cavities of a tube-shaped housing fix a magnetic ring A pink bead of flurorescing adhesive is applicd as corner bonding to protect the wire contacts on a PCB At a wavelenght of 365nm epoxies cure at low intensities. The higher the intensity of the LED light source, the faster the adhesives cure. The following table shows the different epoxy adhesives in an overview: All adhesives were cured with LED equipment from Hönle AG at a wavelength of 365nm Typical curing times 100mW/cm2 Typical intensities The adhesives used in this table had a layer thickness of 2mm...

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UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives - 4

Absolute Curing of Adhesives and Sealing Compounds with High Performance UV Equipment from Hönle Point source bluepoint LED eco Typical intensity in mW/cm2 at 365nm* * measured at focus-distance with a Hönle UV Meter and LED sensor bluepoint LED eco Compact and powerful LED point source, with four LED heads that can be independently driven. Flood lamp LED Spot 100 Typical intensity 300mW/cm2 at 365nm* * measured with Hönle UV Meter and LED surface sensor LED Spot 100 Light emitting aperture: 100 x 100mm. For larger irradiation areas, several LED Spot 100 can be joined together without gaps...

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