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honle group adhesives & more Maximum Strength Multi-Purpose Adhesives System Properties • Maximum strength • Wide range of applications

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Structalit® Multi-Purpose Single and Two-Component Adhesives for Maximum Strength The Structalit® products are one and two-component multi-purpose adhesives that provide maximum strength. Typical Applications Structalit® can also be used in special and high-tech applications, for example in PCB production, where it is used as a black, thermally curing 1-part sealing compound. They are ideal for bonding a wide range of different materials. ● For sheet metalwork, electronic or high-tech applications Single-Component: Bonding Metal Constructions: Two-Component: For Large bonded Parts that have...

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Structalit® Structalit® Typical Applications Glass, Plastics, Metal, Multipurpose Sealant for Electronics Glass, Plastics, Metal, Flexible Adhesive and Sealant Metal Adhesive, Bonding Components to Enclosures Ferrite Bonding Flexible Sealant for Large Components Fibre-Optics, Endoscopes 2-part Epoxy with 1-part Epoxy, 2-part Epoxy Hot-Curing with Short Pot Life Long Pot Life 2-part Epoxy, Hotand Cold-Curing Transparent Transparent Transparent Slight Yellow Tint Slight Yellow Tint Viscosity (mPas) Good Adhesion Low Shrinkage, High Temperature, to Plastics, Impact Resistant Chemical and...

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Adhesion Epoxy resins have good adhesion to metals, glass and many plastics. For optimal long-term reliability, materials with similar thermal expansion coefficients should be used for large surface area bonds. When curing, epoxies generate heat. In small volumes, the heat may not be significant. However, when used in large potting applications, the epoxies will produce significant amounts of heat. The larger the mass, the higher the temperature. Substrates must be evaluated for heat sensitivity before using epoxies for large volume potting or encapsulating. Storage Packaged epoxies require...

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