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Penloc® GT series - 1

Penloc® GT Series 2-Part Performance Structural Adhesives System Properties ● Acrylic-based structural adhesives ● Adhesives for a wide range of materials ● Wide range of applications – from trade to mass production ● Multipurpose ● Ideal for automated application ● High strength and stability

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Penloc® GT series - 2

The Penloc® GT Series: Two-Component Performance Structural Adhesives for Superior Strength For Bonding Numerous Material Combinations Easy Application The acrylic-based high-performance structural adhesives of the Penloc® GT series are ideal for bonding materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, wood and many plastics (except PE and PP). The convenient double cartridges are especially well suited for on-site use and manual application. The Penloc® GT adhesives are easy to handle and versatile in use. The series comprises the two-component Penloc® products GTI, GTH-T, GTR, GTI-S and GTR-VT....

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Penloc® GT series - 3

Penloc® GT Series Penloc® Typical Applications All-Purpose Adhesive for Steel, Aluminium, Chrome, Brass, Stone, Concrete, Wood, etc. Structural and Repair Adhesive for Metals, Ceramics, Glass and Plastics Gap-Filling Structural Adhesive, also Bonds Oily Surfaces, Can be Used for Vertical Workpieces Bonds Metals, such as Steel, Stainless Steel, in Combination with Ceramics and FR4, also before Powder Coating Bonds Plastics, Metals and Plastics with Metallised Surface Color, Part A / Part B Green / Pink White / Blue Light Yellow / Blue Brown / Green White / Blue Oil- and Fuelresistant, Strong...

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Penloc® GT series - 4

Penloc® GTI: New 50ml Cartridge The new Penloc® GTI 50 ml system is configurated with two separate outlets to avoid cross-contamination. Part No.: 08301009 Ⅲ The advanced twist lock static mixer guarantees a perfect seal avoiding any unexpected cross-contaminations. Ⅲ The new 50 ml cartridges only can be used in combination with fitting static mixers. We recommend static mixer MB 5406 S, or mixer MB 0312 S for precise dispensing. Further mixers are available upon request. mixing elements Engineered Adhesives Conductive adhesives Curing Vergießen uv-technik speziallampen Panacol-Elosol GmbH,...

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