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Elecolit® Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesives • TCA: thermally conductive adhesives • ICA: isotropically conductive adhesives • ACA: anisotropically conductive adhesives • 1-part and 2-part epoxies • Suitable for manual production and automated production lines • Application with dispenser, screen printing and pin transfer possible • UV-curing or curable at room and/or high temperature • Easy to process

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Elecolit® - 2

Elecolit® is our brand of electrically and thermally conductive adhesives. The products of the Elecolit®-series are an innovative solution for many applications. Elecolit® conductive adhesives are synthetic resins filled with metallic or inorganic filler materials. The Portfolio Comprises: • ICA isotropically conductive adhesives • TCA thermally conductive adhesives • ACA anisotropically conductive adhesives 1-Part Products Benefits: simple processing with dispenser, screen printing or needle transfer - no mixing required. 2-Part Products Benefits: long shelf life, curing at room...

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Elecolit® - 3

Thermally Conductive The highest thermal conductivity can be achieved with metallic fillers, which are not only thermally but also electrically conductive. If only thermal conductivity is needed, non-metallic filled products should be utilized. Applications Applications that release heat energy: • Bonding of power modules • Bonding of heat sinks Advantages As Compared to Other Techniques: • Simultaneous dissipation of high thermal energy and mechanical fixation in contrast to pastes • Solvent-free • Fast curing • High purity and low ionic content • 1-part, easy processing Processing...

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Elecolit® - 4

Dr. Honle AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial UV technology. Innovative Honle UV systems have been applied worldwide - as gas discharge lamps and also as LED versions. Honle und Panacol attach great importance to joint research and development. They have combined their knowledge and extensive experience, which has led to comprehensive high-tech solutions for bonding applications. Honle UV-LED Curing Technology for Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives UV-LED lamps by Honle are the perfect choice for UV curing anisotropic conductive adhesives. The spectrum of our LED devices...

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