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Die-attach adhesives – Taking the lead with know-how System properties ● Die-attach ● Electrically conductive adhesives ● Thermally conductive adhesives ● Panacol bond-line control ● Customised system solutions Advantages ● Excellent thermal conductivity ● High TG ● Suitable for long-term storage at + 5 °C ● Long pot life ● Short curing times

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Die-attach LED adhesives - 2

Innovative adhesive technology for optimised LED assembly. Bond-line control – exclusive to Panacol. Die-attach LED adhesives Developed specially for LED production, Panacol’s electrically conductive die-attach adhesives offer several benefits: Available in three performance classes that are individually adaptable for specific requirements. Thermal conductivity: Excellent thermal conductivity High TG Electrically conductive 1C adhesives Low ionic content Short curing times Long pot life Cost-effective production Simple handling Ⅲ 1 - 2 W/mK Ⅲ 2 - 5 W/mK Ⅲ > 5 W/mK Glue application Ⅲ With...

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