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CHEMICAL INDUSTRY DIVISION The smartest designer for powder handling

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 2

EXPERTISE & TECHNOLOGY CHEMICAL INDUSTRY DIVISION Our clients are often faced with the relative competitiveness and requirements relating to the product quality. Palamatic integrates into its production line designs equipment to meet the constraints of traceability, precision dosing, mixing quality and high production rates. From the reception of raw material to the packaging of «finished products», we guarantee an optimal process ensuring consistent quality of production and performance under control. Our innovative and high quality equipment is perfectly adapted to the high standards of...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 3

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY RECOGNISED EXPERTISE Optimal knowledge of the world of chemical Together we shall define the technical solutions adapted to your production goals, manufacturing customers an assurance of quality for the success requirements and security constraints (ATEX, of their production line, and / or integration of new inerting, toxic). equipment. Our offer includes : The wide variety of products used in this sector • Atex standards therefore requires adequate treatment according • Easy cleaning with «Clean In Place» CIP / NEP to the nature of the product (solid, liquid, flammable,...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 4

FACTORIES & PRODUCTION LINES DESIGNER Clarcel n S ilicone n Carbon black n Titanium dioxyde n Zinc coating n Nylon n T hermo - plastic n G raphite n Sodium oleate n Resins n Sulphur n Epoxy-polyester n Antimony n Our engineering team and technicians are trained on different technologies and attentive to our customers Containers or pneumatic conveyor ? in order to deliver adequate optimized installations with specifications that are imposed upon us. Based on your production, our engineers select batch and continuous techniques. Our conception is modelised in 3D with SolidWorks to give our...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 5

2 planning 3 manufacturing-production 4 automation & electricity 5 assembly 6 commissioning Contained unit: deconditioning, transferring, dosage, reaction, filtration 1 TURNKEY SYSTEMS Your product is unique! Palamatic integrates innovative optimal solutions with custom equipment contractual delivery dates. defined by our highly skilled experienced engineers. Upon receipt of order, PALAMATIC edits a program With attentiveness, reflection, and projection, our and plans for approval. Scheduling is updated on a sales engineers provide you, through on-site visits, regular basis in order to meet...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 6

SolidWorks software representation of Atex cyclofilter, 30t./h. Final realisation 2 Big bag conditioning in an inert atmosphere « ENGINEERING / AUDIT » To better fulfill your needs, Palamatic proposes rate, equipment layout configurations, building volumes, standards and regulations (ATEX) and approach specialist precise budgeting of your project. engineer or team of engineers to your site at any stage in your project: simplified preliminary draft (SPD), detailed preliminary draft (DPD), detailed technical specifications (DTS), tender package (TP), construction monitoring... With this...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 7

rEalisations ExAmples Quality control Contained loading PACKAGING LINE Raw materials deconditioning area Reactors loading LOADING RESINS INTO ATEX20 PRESSURISED REACTORS CLIENT: petrochemical plant for the manufacture of varnishes and Gelcoat CLIENT: raw material manufacturer OBJECTIVES: 1 - Stop loading through the manholes to ensure complete safety OBJECTIVES: Conditioning the raw material without damaging the particle 2 - Set up a booth on the ground for the discharge of raw materials size at a rate of 25 t./ h. with detection and elimination of foreign bodies. (flakes & powder) ensuring...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 8

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY DIVISION Power cabinet AUTOMATION & ELECTRICITY Pal’Touch® technology As a designer of complete production lines, Palamatic associates ergonomically and visually programmed PLCs with its production units. Production monitoring is as important as the result. This is why Palamatic’s automation and computer engineers include fool-proofing in raw material inputs, lot traceability, operator identification and dosing reliability. The production line steering screens provide ergonomics and comfort with continuous dialogue during the project execution phase between your production...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 9

AUTOMATING Trough and tubular screw conveyor Pal’Touch Lot traceability, operator identification and dosing reliability... Production monitoring is as important as the result Manual sack opening system Automatic sack opening system Truck loading spout To facilitate the flow and containment ensuring ergonomics and operator safety Bags opening, handling with manipulator, reduced size device Automatic opening with respect for fragile products and high cadence deconditioning Efficient loading of powdered and granular materials into tankers or open trucks. MIXING Mixer Mixing 100% solid...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 10

TEST PLANT Thus, we validate the parameters required for your own products. This allows you to judge the performance of the Palamatic We perform or supervise every step equipment and secure your investment. of your project from assembly to final Always with the aim to satisfy and provide you, the client with the best solutions for complete quality service with respect for powders, Palamatic can perform tests your deadlines. The installation of our thanks to its in house test centre and its equipment in your premises is performed demonstration equipment. by our technicians anywhere in the...

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Palamatic Process | Chemical Industry Division - 11

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY DIVISION SERVICE Customer services and maintenance on site We guarantee after-sales service and quick delivery of spare parts and worn parts. Our service also proposes maintenance contracts adapted to your need. Palamatic move on site to provide the best solutions to your problems. Regular visits from one of our technicians guarantees operating efficiency and extends the life span of your installation. Each technicians technical received Remote diagnostics are integrated into the automatons for increased reactivity. Palamatic uses teleservice systems allowing remote...

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