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owMatic®_10 Rate: 30 to 50 big bags/hr. Weight capacity: 2 tons/big bag Objectives: high flow rate & maximal hygiene |AVAILABLE| CUSTOM MADE HIGH RATE LOADING WITH MAXIMUM HYGIENE Developed for pharmaceutical and agro-food industries, the FlowMatic® 10 model is designed for filling big bags in white room and extract them towards the storage area. A compartment (grey area) closed by two sealed doors can make the link between the two areas and prevents the pallets from being introduced into the sensitive area. The commercial weighing associated to feeding pallets and big bag extraction line allows the preparation of big volume ready to ship with little intervention from operator. -O TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Flow rate: 30 to 50 big bags/hr. Manufacturing materials: painted steel, SS 304L, SS 3161-Finishes: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing Installed power: 15.0 kW Average power consumption: 3.8 kW Compressed air consumption: 4.9 Nm3/hr. Service pressure: 6 bars Input 4 - 20 mA: 1 Input TOR: 23 Output TOR: 17 Weighing precision: ± 500 grams Dust collecting rate: 300 m3/hr. Maximum dimensions of big bags: Length x width x height: 1,300 x 1,300 x 2,400 mm White room: maximum hygiene Filling head Suspended trolley for big bag removal Grey area: big bag extraction compartment with sliding door and fast lifting door Weighed frame Storage area Vibrating lifting table Conveyor on-board on lifting table

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