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owMatii GROSS WEIGHT - COMMERCIAL WEIGHING Rate: 10 to 20 big bags/hr. Weight capacity: 2 tons/big bag Ojectives: dosing & flexibility depending on powder characteristics • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS I OPERATING SEQUENCE CONTAINMENT, DENSIFICATION AND GROSS WEIGHING The whole adjustable structure provides flexibility to accommodate a range of bag sizes. The filling head is designed with a double envelope to ensure volume balancing and avoid dust contamination of the workplace. The tension cylinder, fan and vibrating table gives an optimal shape to the big bags. Vibrating table provides material densification with low density. Handling filled big bag is safe and without any tipping risk. _| Flow rate: 10 to 20 big bags/hr. Manufacturing materials: mild steel, SS 304L, SS 3161-Finishes: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing Installed power: 1.7 kW Average power consumption: 0.2 kW Compressed air consumption: 0.9 Nm3/hr. Service pressure: 6 bars Input 4 - 20 mA: 1 Input TOR: 6 Output TOR: 6 Weighing precision: ± 500 grams Dust collecting rate: 300 m3/hr. Maximum dimensions of big bags: Lenght x width x height: 1,550 x 1,550 x 2,400 mm " U " version forks: allows big bag removal with straps (optional) AVERAGE TIME FOR A COMPLETE CYCLE: 3 MIN. TEST CENTER 1. The big bag is placed on the filling station 2. The big bag inlet is connected to the filling head by an inflatable gasket ensuring the sealing 3. The height of the filling spout is adjusted by pneumatic cylinder according to the size of the big bag 4. A fan inflates and shapes the big bag 5. Another fan is used to exhaust the air through a reverse jet filter 6. Big bag filling process at high flow rate 7. The big bag is laying on the pallet: bottom shaping (big bag stability during handling process) 8. The vibrating table provides material densification (operated by sequence during the filling process) 9. Weighing control: low filling flow rate to adjust final dosing 10. When the big bag filling sequence is completed, the sealing gasket is deflated. The big bag is ready to be removed 11. The big bag can be removed using either a forklift or a pallet truck FlowMatic® 03 Filling head with a double envelope Advantages Pre-forming Inflating seal for a complete sealing Support framework U forks with adjustable width F Dosing and weighing enable business transactions for your products F Fan and tension cylinder ensure big bag pre-forming and internal shaping F Vibrating table provides a com- F "U” shaped forks to remove pacted material by means of vibration big bag with straps ensuring a maximum of volume reduction of the material in the big bag Options Palamahc PROCESS Electric vibrator pneumatic cylinder stroke : 300mm Vibrating table for densification Load cells www.palamaticprocess.com/powder-machine/f ibc-solutions/ big-bag-filling-systems/flowmatic-03 Q0 Download videos & layouts from our website

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